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I just realized we’re pinning our hopes on this guy

Tony allen upfaked

Sometimes you get so caught up in certain aspects of a story line that the most glaring thing out there manages to slip by you.

With all this talk about who's not getting minutes… I've kinda looked past who will be.

Ladies and Gentlemen… if the Celtics are to hoist banner 18, we're going to need a significant contribution from Tony Allen in the playoffs.

Yes, I know he's played fairly well this year.

Yes, I know he's capable of being very good at both ends of the floor.

But I also know what else he's capable of.

So if you'll excuse me, I've got to go change my underwear, grab a set of rosary beads, a rabbit's foot, a necklace of garlic and whatever else I can find to ward off the evil juju.  We're hitching our wagon to Tony "upfake" Allen… and there's nothing we can do about it.

I'm still not putting him in the banner, though.

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  • DRJ

    Lol – still no banner?!?! That’s ok… we’re not REALLY gonna depend on TA entirely. The moment he reverts back to bad-old-TA, the rotation will change again.

  • FSantos33

    Classically LOL – Larry, Curly & Moe right there.

  • who da guy

    i think it was tony allen who got in lebrons face and said something after he missed the potential game winning trey. Either way, the desert shieks will make sure we win it all…jewish pride

  • Paul Pierce:

  • RyanM

    now i know most fans are either partial on tony allen or dislike his game entirely, even when he is playing fairly well, but i personally have always been a fan of tony and his endless hard working mentality and play even with all the fan hate, not playing, and death threats (chicago). obviously he has his share bonehead mistakes when he puts his head down and runs back up the court in humility, but this season has proven he has learned from his mistakes and has shown in countless games that he is always ready to play and can play well after doc has made him a DNP for a couple games. so i think this article isnt very fair to tony because even though we all know his job during the playoffs is going to be HUGE in getting deep into the playoffs, i think he knows this too. the last thing he needs is the great boston fans we have to engage in a full hatred of him and his play and having no confidence whatsoever in his play. we should be encouraging him if anything!

  • Tony has always been a favorite of mine.
    You’ll have to live with some really dumb plays.
    But he contributes so much else.
    Best on the ball defender on the team.
    One of the hardest workers in the entire league…. It’s time Celtics fans embrace Tony Allen

  • mikey

    awesome there isn’t a better guy to depend on, besides maybe our big 3 or big Sheed, or Rondo.
    Tony Allen is Mr. Celtics Basketball TA is the BEST!!!

  • MIke

    TA makes some dumb plays but not having him in the banner? That might be reasonable if u also made sure sheed and scal were absent…to phrase it simply, they both suck

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I’m comfortably going forward with Tony but of course you always worry about the bonehead plays but like DRJ said this rotation is clearly ever-changing and I’m sure TA is on a tight leash.
    Quis I can understand b/c I feel like TA and Quis are pretty interchangeable but Still surprised Nate doesn’t crack the rotation, Tony should be used primarily to spell Ray and Paul and I still feel Nate should get burn behind Rondo… It’s hard to turn away from that scoring capability off the bench in the playoffs. Doc blows my mind sometimes

  • Walk

    I’m shocked so many are sticking up for Tony. The guy is a turnover just waiting to happen. And on the d-side of things…I think the above pic says it all. Dude goes for every ball fake. I’d rather roll the dice with Quis. TA will cost us a playoff game.
    Redsarmy – it’s taken you too long to see the light.

  • James

    A steady mix of TA, Fin wouldn’t be bad. But i HATE not giving nate robinson minutes. They will regret that move.

  • Robby C

    I agree with Scal and Sheed not deserving the banner over TA. Fins too. TA’s been with the Celtics for a while, plays his ass off, and is capable of huge numbers as proven when he was putting up 20 a game when Pierce went down in the pre-big three era.

  • JPD985

    The way he has been playing lately he deserves playing time. He has been playing within himself and hustling.


    TA is more upside than downside, he plays both ends, can finish and if he hits the odd jumper too look out. What I’m hoping for from Nate is a few games of pineriding then Doc chucks him in and he goes off for 30 or 40 like he did for the Knicks and schooled Atlanta – yes that’s right Atlanta for 45…..remember that little nugget – I saw that game and No one could stop Nate on the Hawks team….