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Doc: Quis and Nate are out of the rotation

"Their role is to work every day in practice but there will be a day or a time you're gonna need them," Rivers said. "Somebody will get in foul trouble or someone may not be playing well. Yeah right now they are (out of the rotation). But that doesn't mean they won't be back in it."

Boston Globe

The Marquis stuff is just disappointing.  Of course, knowing Doc, he'll get the start if Pierce takes a game off before the playoffs.

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  • Very disappointing. It’s no secret I’m big on ‘Quis. Once this guy gets in the paint, it’s almost a guaranteed 2 points. He’s smart, knows the game of hoops well and can also pass and rebound. Now don’t get me wrong.. T.A. has certainly played well and overcome quite a bit, but he can be real unsteady during crucial moments. I am all for whatever will get this team deeper into the playoffs, but at the same time, Marquis is a good player who can def contribute. Will be interesting to see if C’s resign him. Alot of that will depend on how he and T.A. do this postseason. One guy who WILL be happy about this is Nick. Maybe they can trade ‘Quis for Matt Barnes this summer..right Nick?

  • Mauritz

    Why would he do that to Nate? Has he ever watched him getting hot from beyond the arc? Nate has been more than decent imo.

  • nick

    Yeah its dissapointing that we signed a guy who fucking sux and is a joke when compared to what Matt Barnes would of brought to are team. Did any of you see how Barnes attacked the 7’3 Thabeet yesterday? He’s also fought with Kobe and Pierce this year. This guy has so much heart and he knows his role and just d’s up and shoots 3’s. Queez is done with us and hopefully Danny can bring in a GOOD wing next year to back up Pierce and Ray. My vote is for Travis Outlaw. As for Nate.. He’s decent and he can shoot but somebody had to get cut out of the rotation and Finely just doesn’t ever miss and you could argue that Tony Allen is playing the best ball of his career, I’de say he is. SO there you have it Celtic fans, ur beloved pot smoking. head in his ass scrub (Queez) is done. What a bad signing by Danny Ainge.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Its funny how things turn out. Imagine at the beginning of the year someone told you that Quis, Nate, and Finley are all behind TA on the depth chart. Can’t say that TA doesn’t deserve it though, he plays tough D and makes things happen out there. He’s playing great but I gotta say I still expect to see Nate and/or Quis in the playoffs. We’ll just have to wait and see

  • Robby C

    So who gets to run point when Rondo needs a rest? Isn’t that what we got Quis and then Nate to do?

  • Celtsfan33

    This thing with Marquis is definitely unfortunate. We all expected him to play a major role off the bench. I’m not convinced he’s totally out of the rotation yet. He may get another opportunity. In the meantime I’ll enjoy what TA has been bringing b/c I’ve never seen him play so well. I agree with KWAPT though, he scares me in big spots.

  • FSantos33

    POB, Mikki, Marbury, Cut-Powe, Cut-Hudson, Sheed, Sheldon, Nate (Traded House, Giddens, Walker) Daniels, Finley… What? Really Danny.. Really you are 0 – 13 in two years bro. Failure to surround the big 3 with solid talent is the obvious reason why the Celtics have trouble against solid teams all season long. Yes, read it again. 0 – 13 Geez. Anyone else noticed too. Fuck! Start pointing the finger at the top.. Ainge.

  • DRJ

    Gotta take all this with a grain of salt. Truth is Doc’s still figuring it all out, and in the end, there IS NO hard rotation. It’s all soft, subject to change at any moment… and you can bet it WILL change, a lot, from game to game and especially from team to team. And if TA turns bad again (which he almost half did in the Cavs game), he’ll be gone real quick. Bottom line – this doesn’t really change anything.

  • nick

    The problem is that ur thinking of the Daniels of the last few years playa..This years version sucks. I mean if he gets another shot i won’t be upset but to expect anything from this guy at this point is insane. Matt Barnes and Travis Outlaw have to be priority signings this offseason.

  • some reason i can’t post on the TA post all i can say is this “I just want to tell you Tony Allen good luck. We’re all counting on you.”

  • James

    I understand playing TA over Quis. He’s easily our best defender, and has had a great year…but nate?? What the hell did nate do to get himself out of the rotation? Yes he’s a gunner, yes he looks for his own shot…but isn’t that exactly why we brought him in? And it’s worked out for the most part. Bad move, doc

  • It will be an interesting offseason to say the least. And Quis was tearing it up before the hand injury. Barnes signed for $3.2 mil over 2 years so we can't sign him this offseason.

  • Dan from Providence

    Are you guys really still talking about Matt Barnes?? I never comment on here, but I’m an avid reader . . . enough to know Nick would sleep with Matt Barnes if given the opportunity.(Just a joke, relax) Matt Barnes is a BUM. There is a reason he has worn 8 uniforms in 8 years. There is a reason why Cleveland dropped him back in 2002-2003. The guy drops 6 points on a good day. All that “heart” is good and everything, but you need talent to go along with it. The last thing the Celtics need is another guy waiting to chuck up three-pointers and getting a technical foul once a game. We need someone level-headed and consistent . . . a fundamental player. Marquis is a better ball player than Barnes by far.

  • Thanks man. I totally agree. Quis is great in the paint & was doing awesome before the thumb injury. You have a really good knowledge of the C's & the game-hope to hear more from you.