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Big 3 make it clear: This is our show

"I thought Houston was pretty much the last straw for us. That's why
we decided to go out after that game and talk about it," explained
captain Paul
, as Kevin
nodded in affirmation at their joint postgame news
conference following Sunday's 117-113 triumph over the Cleveland
at the TD Garden.

"We said, 'If we're going to go anywhere [in the postseason], we gotta
be the leaders.' The other guys have to step up also, and we don't want
to take anything away from [Rajon] Rondo and [Kendrick
], but we have to go out there and be consistent, on a
night-in and night-out basis."

ESPN Boston: Big 3 talk it out

I'm all for it… so long as they're leading by example.  As in… not taking plays off… not trying to do it all by themselves… not bitching and moaning whenever something doesn't go wrong.

Yes, this team will only go as far as the Big 3 takes it.  I just want the Big 3 to know that they are asking for the added scrutiny and spotlight.  The team's failings are now going to be ALL on them.  When this team falls asleep in the 4th quarter… it's got to be on the Big 3 to wake them the hell up… not settle for jump shots.

Just sayin' boys… this is going to be a tough postseason.  You have your work cut out for you.

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  • I wonder how Rondo is going to take this. I think he is their best player now and he should be leading as well.

  • CFH

    Good for them. Somebody (or three somebodies) needed to step up and say “I’m in charge.” And these three know how to handle the spotlight perfectly from years and years of experience, whereas the younger Rondo– while generally the best player now– can’t always manipulate the attention to his advantage.

  • Jason

    1) It only took 75 games to get fed up, huh? Not exactly a ringing leadership endorsement guys.
    2) The 3 don’t need to worry about Rondo and Perk because those two have stepped up this year and lead without needing a “talk” or 75 games to realize they have disappointed. If anything Rondo and Perk are the bankable players; it’s these 3 that are the wildcards and need to refocus. So they should be talking to only themselves. Everyone else on this team (well, not Quisy) is giving their all.

  • Great point Reds.
    BUT…I think you need to leave Ray out of the majority of the criticism and put ‘Sheed in it.
    Ray has been killing himself all year and however hard he’s been playing, ‘Sheed has been trying equally as hard NOT to play low.

  • Joseph

    the big 3 is old and done. It breaks up after this year.