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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics played like fools

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"But I didn't think we played very smart tonight. There are so many
little things that I could point out — that I won't — but throughout
the game, taking shots when you should take the final shots at the end
of quarters, and then it leads to them getting a 3-point play; fouling
in penalty when you're up late in the game and there's no need to foul.
We played like a high school team at times, as far as the way our
thought process was….

The other stuff, whatever, but we've been a pretty smart team, and,
tonight, I thought it was April 1," said Rivers, referencing April Fools
Day. "It's amazing how many things we did that were out of character
and that bothers me. I can live with the loss, but when you don't play
right, that bothers me."

ESPN Boston – Rivers bothered by foolish play

Last night's loss was disheartening. I truly thought this team had turned the corner in March. Prior to the San Antonio game, the Celtics held an 11-4 record for the month. While you could find excuses for the losses to the Spurs (one of those nights) and Thunder (the refs did us in), there is no sane reason for last night.

What the hell is going on with the defense?

There were times this year when Rivers chalked up the defensive problems
to his players getting down after missed shots. But now the Celtics [team
are burning up the nets and still not defending to
the required level.

Kevin Garnett is fond of saying, “We hang our hat on defense.”

Well, if that’s true, it’s a pink cap. And it’s falling down over
their eyes.

Herald – Putting D in Debacle

On Page 2, the most shocking quote of the year.

For the first time this season… I feel like
this just isn't happening this year

Red's Army Twitter

Yup, those are the words of John, aka Mr. Optimism. A man who sees roses and rainbows in nearly everything is finally doubting this team.

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  • Perry

    @Red’s Amry
    It’s been a while since they’ve given us a reason to believe. It’s one step forward, and the proverbial two steps back. A week ago Doc told the media they’re turning the corner. Collectively they all talk the talk, but aren’t walking the walk.
    How’s that for two successive, spot on cliches?

  • CFH

    I still have to go with what someone said in the comments yesterday: The Celtics can beat anyone. The Celtics can be beat by anyone.
    If they win the title (possible, if not exactly likely), one day we call all look up at the banners and say
    “The 2008 team. That team was on a mission. The 2010 team. That team was aggravating.”

  • Robby C

    The exact point in the game when I lost complete certainty of a Celtics victory: Scola gets the ball at the top of the key, looks to pass to the right and his defender rotates off of him to where the pass is projected to go, leaving Scola wide open. Scola is mystified for a second at his good fortune and then pulls up for a clear jumper. Splash. This game reversed all of the good mojo the Celtics had built up in me through the month of March. A victory over the Cavs on Sunday might not even restore how bad that loss crushed me, but it won’t hurt.

  • DRJ

    Arguments for and against the Cs trying hard to beat CLE on Sunday:
    FOR: 1) It’ll be good practice, since they know they’re going to meet the Cavs in the playoffs if they go far enough.
    2) It’ll feel good, maybe help their confidence.
    3) The fans will feel better.
    AGAINST: 1) Cs would rather play Miami in round 1, and avoid the Bucks. MIA is currently in 5th place, and very likely to stay there. Whatever happens, the Cs will likely need to beat both the Cavs and the Magic in order to reach the Finals. Therefore, the best position for us to end the season is 4th, and the Cs’ goal should be to lose every game from now on.
    2) Playing their best vs. the Cavs means showing their hand early. Why show the Cavs your best stuff now? Save it for the playoffs, where the element of surprise might help us win one extra game.
    3) A big effort means more stress, more risk of injury. Why go there?
    4) Everybody’s writing the Celtics off already. Why disabuse them? To the extent other teams do not fear the Cs, they will perhaps be less ready when crunch time comes.
    5) Doc seems to be using these last few games to experiment with various configurations. Let him keep it up on Sunday too, against a really good team.
    And the winner is…………?
    (please add or demolish as you see fit)

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Horrible idea in my opinion… You HAVE to try and win the rest of your games. They were building momentum, momentum that was missing all season long and last night kind of ruined that momentum. It’s important to play like it matters against whoever is left on this schedule for the confidence of the team. The real concern wit this team right now is they have no composure and ability to win close games anymore, even at home. That was this teams bread n butter and they seem to lose all close games now. Heading into the playoffs this might get ugly

  • Double P Reppin the B

    The problem with this team is there is absolutely NO tone setter anymore. KG used to be but doesn’t have the ability to anymore. Paul doesn’t look like he wants to or can do it. Ray was never that guy. Rondo is the only one that has the ability but hes young and it’s difficult for him to maintain that or even set a tone for the veterans. We need some true leadership on this team and we are lacking it big time and I hate to say it but Rondo is not this teams leader and that is a real problem. No leadership and no accountability when things go south

  • Double P Reppin the B

    and that leads to the inconsistency we see with this team. The cavs go out and play hard every night because Lebron brings it every night and that is a true tone setter. KG used to bring it every single night and would force the team to raise to his level, we are struggling because there is no one elevating this teams play through his own, Rondo does it spuratically but not consistently

  • Perry

    Yes, it was I who said it, and I still want to believe it.
    I’ve also said despite Rondo’s emergence (magnificent last night), it’s still Kevin’s team in the locker room and Pierce’s in crunch time.
    Simply put — if the Big 3 aren’t performing at high level this team won’t contend.
    So, think of this way.
    Kevin attempts 12 shots, shoots less than 50% and records only 3 rebounds. He also missed the assignment on Scola who nailed a 19 footer to put Houston up by 3 with 51 seconds left in OT. That was the play Doc where called time out as the ball left Scola’s hands. I never seen Kevin so down on himself as he walked back to the bench.
    Ray fouls out early and plays only 16 minutes. The Celtics missed 5 critical free throws in that 4th quarter. Chances are if Ray was on the floor the out come might have been different.
    Looking Pierce’s line last night you would think he had himself a night. But he failed to knock down a 20 footer at the end of regulation, and I counted twice he bungled the last possession at the end of a quarter.
    None of this inspires confidence, and collectively it showed in their body language.

  • DRJ

    I missed last night’s game. But is it possible that this is one of those times that Doc mentioned where KG worked out extra-hard before the game, and therefore couldn’t bring it to the game?

  • CFH

    It was well put, and I hope you can believe it still/again.
    Everything you said above is true as well (KG’s apparent mindset is especially scary), but those are all things that can change. And as changeable as this team has been all year… they could.

  • Perry

    Man, I wished I missed last night’s game –would have gotten a better night’s sleep.

  • CFH

    Lots of good points. I wouldn’t mind the Celtics doing this IF Doc pulled a Popovich and didn’t let the old three dress for the game. But if he’s going to play the old three even a little bit, it’s too dangerous from the team’s mental standpoint. Don’t play with fire unless you have to.

  • DRJ

    These remaining games are just meaningless. I might miss more of them this coming week, because as you said, I’m kinda glad I missed last night.
    That first playoff game will be very telling.

  • Art in L.A

    It’s Just not happening This Year the only bright spot is It’s the Playoffs that matter.

  • The Truth is Here

    I don’t see the magic in this years team. When is the last time you were impressed with the way the celtics played down the stretch? When is the last time we hit a buzzer beater? When is the last time Ray or Paul took over in the last two minutes? This team just doesn’t seem to have that winning at all costs mentality. Sure, it might change in the playoffs, but right now that is hard to believe.

  • NewYorkCeltics

    Anyone find the highlight of the night where Rondo grabs the defensive rebound, falls backward and on one foot launches a spiralling basketball full court straight into Pierce’s hands? That was one of the craziest passes I’ve seen in NBA history…and I can’t find ANY highlights of it!
    Someone has got to have that up on Youtube.

  • brandon

    I am pretty sure I can go back and find in one of your postings that YOU said you have lost faith and that you dont think they are winning it all this year…