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The difference between hope and confidence

When the hot girl walks in the door.  One guy has a shot… another guy doesn't.

Mr. confident has a little something going on with him.  He can let loose.  Be funny.  Be charming.  He knows what he's got to offer… and he carries himself with that look that exudes comfort without crossing into cockiness.

Mr. hopeful might have something to offer, but he's not quite as relaxed.  He thinks he might have a shot, but he's nervous about the whole thing.  He says something that he thinks is funny, but then he beats himself inside over it.  Maybe he can pulls this off and land the hot girl… but it doesn't feel like he's got a great chance.

And that's where I am when it comes to the Boston Celtics. 

I'm no longer confident.  I no longer walk around, even when things seem to be low, with that "don't worry, I got it all under control" feeling.

I'm hopeful that we can win.  I look at this team and still see that we have a chance to do it.  But now I'm nervous about the whole thing.  I no longer think the C's can just snap things into place and go on a run.  I just hope they do. 

When you lose 3 straight home games to the Thunder, Spurs, and Rockets… all decent teams but still very beatable… your confidence takes a vacation.  The Celtics struggles in their own home court are dumbfounding.  It makes zero sense.  So do the mental lapses and lack of effort. I can't explain it.  And I'm sick of hearing the same crap spewed from these guy's mouths.  I feel like I'm in the Celtics version of Groundhog Day.

So here I sit… knots in my stomach, a confused look on my face, and a fuse shorter than Nate Robinson.  The emotions that were held in check by my confidence are now starting to seep through the cracks in the facade. 

Confidence gets you far in life.  You know that what ever you say or do… you can back it up.  Nothing backs up hope.  Hope is just a bitch.   

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  • Good post…. I feel similarly.

  • BostonChris

    best post i’ve read in a while

  • Alex

    I feel the same way. *sighs*
    It sucks that our team isn’t a young team, either… Just a bunch of players past their primes. Only glimmer of hope is Rondo.
    Let’s hope Danny Ainge can pull off something good in the offseason.

  • DRJ

    Reading this post, I found myself nodding my head, and saying to myself “yep, sounds about right.”
    Luckily, unlike in the hot-girl metaphor, how we feel has nothing to do with the end result. It’s how our guys feel that counts.
    And… remember that of their last 7 regular season games, the 1969 Celtics LOST the first 3 (including one to the Lakers, their biggest nemesis), then WON the last 4 of the season. And, of course, the championship.
    We hope, we wait, and we’ll soon see.

  • Perry

    Count me in guys. I’m still hoping and praying too. The hardest part about accepting what’s happening is they have better focus on the road than what they’ve shown at home. As long as they’re healthy there’s always that chance of getting back the groove in the playoffs.
    Happy Easter.

  • Matt

    It’s bad to be a celtics fan, but it’s even WORSE to be a Bucks fan. Bogut is done for the season, and possibly for his career.

  • DRJ

    Unlikely to end his career, matt. But yes, looks like the season’s over for Bogut.
    This does change the playoff picture. I’d say there is little to no difference now for the Cs between 3rd and 4th seed. If anything, they might be slightly better off facing the Bogut-less Bucks.

  • Mikey

    I get hot chicks and championships. 100% confidence.

  • Mikey

    This year is a lock.
    Boston Celtics World Champions 2009-10 18 banners!!!

  • Perry

    Heat have crept into the 5 seed. They’ve won 8 straight. That 5 seed seems to coincide with the NBA’s hottest team.
    Without Bogut I don’t see how the Bucks as 6th seed could take either Boston or Atlanta to more than 5 games. Celtics perhaps could get their mojo back on their own floor in the opening round.