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Source: DJ Finally elected to HOF

Well it's about goddam time.

Former Celtic great Dennis Johnson, who helped Boston to two NBA
titles, has been elected to the Naismith Hall of Fame, according to a
source close to the Hall. The announcement will come Monday at 11 a.m.
from Indianapolis and Johnson will be amongst those tabbed.

Johnson, who passed away in February 2007, played 14 seasons in the
NBA, four with the Seattle SuperSonics, three with the Phoenix Suns and
the final seven with the Celtics. He was the team's point guard and
floor leader during the glory years. Johnson played in five All-Star
Game, was the 1978-79 NBA Finals MVP and a seven-time first-team All NBA
defensive selection.

I'm pissed that he's not alive to see this.  DJ deserved this a long time ago.  He should have had the honor he deserved… to stand there in Springfield and make that speech and stand among his peers.  I'm thrilled they got it right… finally.  But I'll never forgive them… whoever "they" are… for taking their sweet-ass time and waiting until he passed to make it happen.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Finally is right. Sad that #3 isn’t with us but at least his family & team-mates can enjoy it. It’ll be interesting to see who makes the speech.
    RIP DJ

  • …I couldn’t agree more.
    This is so long over-due. Dennis Johnson was one of the all-time great point guards and was one of the few players that can “cross over” and still be effective. Let’s not forget that DJ was a 2-guard and primary scorer before coming to Boston. He retired, and will always be remembered, a point guard who gave Magic Johnson his worst fits guarding him while solidifying the last two titles of that era.
    It’s not an exaggeration to say that DJ enabled Larry Bird and Co. to win their last championships and compete on the big stage all FOUR of his first season’s as a Celtic.
    Coincidence? I think not.
    Let’s not forget… the Celtics lost in the EC Finals to the Sixers in 1982, got swept by the Bucks in 1983 and then DJ comes to town and the C’s are champs again in ’84!
    After Johnson joined the Celtics, they reached the NBA Finals or EC Finals 5 of his first 7 season’s in green.
    Without Johnson (and McHale), the Celtics would have never made the playoff’s without Larry Bird in 1989.
    DJ being waived (yes he was waived) perhaps influenced Larry’s style of play as much as the bad back. Bird was forced, against his will, to play “point-forward” and basically run the offense for his final 2 season’s without Dennis.
    Best defender Magic ever had to have…
    Larry Bird’s “greatest teammate”…
    If that doesn’t get you in the HOF nothing will.
    Congrats DJ! Long over-due! #3 baby!
    PS— thanks for letting me rant on ur post. I’ve been holding that in since 1995.

  • irisheyes9302

    Amen! So long overdue, it’s ridiculous. I’m so sad that he’s not alive to see it, but still glad they got it right FINALLY. You’re right, he has deserved it for years.
    Congrats, DJ!!! It’s about friggin time!