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Danno rips the NBA, refs

Chuck - Red's Army April 3, 2010 Uncategorized 21 Comments on Danno rips the NBA, refs

For those don't know, Danno is a loyal and passionate Redsarmy reader. He fired off this rant in the comments of the "KG fined $25K for this little diddy" post. It's too good to leave buried in a post. Danno – I hope you don't mind.

Every time the NBA fines a player or coach for stating the
ABSOLUTE TRUTH about how the officials handle a game, they lose even
more credibility as a professional sports league. What KG said was
perfectly accurate. Durant DID almost have more fouls than the Celtics
entire team. And they were treating him like some superstar. and that
goes against EVERYTHING the rules of the game are about.

At this point, the NBA is no longer a competitive sport. It's Sports
Entertainment. They might as well have Vince McMahon running the show

It's really not any different.

You guys who run this blog and lots of others keep saying "Let's stop
bitching about the refs," but you know what? That's f-ing BS.
That is fully blinded acceptance of their fraudulent calls. It does the
league and every single fan a disservice by telling everyone to "shut up
and take it."

Why should we, as money spending, team supporting, ticket buying,
PAYCHECK FULFILLING patrons of this league be forced to keep our mouths
shut while we get blatantly ripped off by suspect, scam artist
officiating? It's plainly obvious that the "fix is in." Now I don't mean
game outcomes being fixed, but more along the lines of what Tim
Donaghey was doing – affecting Over/Unders or point spreads; keeping it
close whenever possible.

I'm tired of it. I don't spend $3000+ per year on my season seats for
this garbage. Every time I watch a losing game I feel like I walked
into a BMW dealership to buy a new car, and I am then forced to drive
off the lot with a 1979 Ford Pinto with BMW decals stuck to it. It's
Bait and Switch. What they are perpetrating is against consumer laws,
and is a criminal act.

I mean seriously, – every other league seems to get it right. The NFL
especially. They really take the time to get everyone together and
correct things when one rule or interpretation thereof seems to be
counterproductive to the playing of the game. Same thing, to a lesser
extent with MLB. Sure, we all realize there will be a human error factor
involved. But that can account for one or two bad calls in a game, not
an ENTIRE GAME being completely prejudiced in favor of one team.

And it's not just our beloved Celtics, either. It happens all over
the league, to and/or for every team. There is no rhyme or reason to it.

I'm disgusted. I received my playoffs tickets in the mail yesterday,
and really didn't even care. I already know what the outcome will be,
and so does anyone else who might have been paying attention to the
trends in officiating this season. It's a Foregone conclusion: "We're gonna get robbed."

We, as loyal fans should get some kind of massive, grassroots
protest/petition going to force out David Stern and the entire
collection of idiots the NBA currently has officiating games in 2010.
But my fear is that most are just too "casual fans" to make any kind of
commitment to it, and it will be a flash in the pan with no real impact.

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  • Amen Danno

  • DRJ

    Very cool to put this on the front page.

  • Scott

    David Stern is a conniving little man…more so than everybody gives him credit for. It would be beyond easy to have the refs influence games. And like Danno said, who is going to do anything about it? Most casual fans will just say “eh”. Some of the calls these refs are making are absolutely egregious. Pierce’s “block” called a goal-tend against OKC near the end of the half? The ref was looking RIGHT at the play from about 10 feet. It was absolutely clear, watching the game on a sh*tty TV feed that he hit that before it touched the backboard. Now, that play would have resulted in a 2 for OKC either way, but you get the point. There’s no way in hell he could have missed that call.

  • DRJ

    Likewise for the 3 FTs they gave Durant AFTER CONFERRING in the OKC game. I’ve never seen anything so blatant before.
    As for “who’s going to do anything about it?” — the answer is: we are. By speaking up. And paying fans are, by not paying anymore (or paying less, anyway). Eventually change comes, especially in this Hyper-Information Age of ours.
    Now if we could just get more of the media to stop printing the establishment line every time this crap happens…….. That’s what Doc asked them to do after the OKC game… but, of course, they didn’t. The fight goes on, skirmish by skirmish.

  • lakersfan

    Wow still bitching about the refs when it happens to you guys. But when the refs give you the call its alright. For example remember Powe out shooting the whole laker team at the FT line in the NBA Finals and your guys response was he was being more aggressive GTFO. I say Kevin Durant then was being more aggressive like wise like you guys said.

  • DRJ

    Guess you forgot to read before posting. A common problem with trolls.
    It has been clearly stated, here and elsewhere, that the ref problem is league-wide.

  • rodger

    Refs suck all around.
    Sterns been a joke since day one.
    One of the first things he did was put 3 refs out instead of 2 the nba has been under his control since.
    Wont get better till he leaves unless we get someone worse.
    At least mlb has the balls to fire umps over bad calls.
    David stern was and still is michael jordons bitch he aint got no balls.
    It’s like nepotisim he likes jordon he likes kobe and lebron thats it.

  • Great stuff Danno. I always look forward to your brutally honest and sometimes gut-bustingly funny comments. I was one of those who were debating the referee issue after the OKC game. And I totally agree as far as not “shutting up and taking it.” But one thing I have learned as a fan is that some things have been in place before I came around, and will be in place long after I’m gone. And of them is crooked/bad officiating. It gets me pissed me off, but it’s a battle I’ll never win. There have been ,many games (especially last year’s vs L.A. at the Garden) where I was teetering on the brink of throwing my Vitamin Water bottle on the parquet. But it wouldn’t be worth the consequences. I just feel that this season overall has been a disappointing one for myself and all of CelticNation. Alot of these games should never have been so close that a ref’s call(s) had the power to sway it one way or the other. By the way, would love to grab a beer at a game sometime. Hit me up on Twitter. Thx Dan.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    I am pretty sure his name is Jordan.

  • JD

    Great post, brother. Also thought it was interesting last night the way they hit us. Ray Allen, our 90% ft shooting extraordinaire: fouls out of a game. Would be fine if he was the hacking sort of guy, but in all other games he averages 2 personal fouls per 36 minutes of play. I even had to resort to the league pass archives using the map of the espn play by play on this one and only 2 of the 6 fouls were actual fouls. Just heartbreaking and the probable reason Doc decided not to foul when up 3 with little time remaining.
    Now before anyone goes and points out how we got 10 more free throws: there were only 2 plays that looked to be in our favor the whole night and you know for damn sure one of those was canceled out by that Pierce “goaltend.”
    There are always the people that say “yea, but the Celtics just plain old sucked in this one” Yea, this is for the most part true, but the Rockets also sucked on defense. There is always going to be some flaw that a team had on any given night that the losing team’s fans can say to get their brethren off the backs of the refs, but it lets the corrupt refs off the hook. Most telling thing to me is the refs on the Finals games: who should be the best of the bunch. We get people like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDM2eGpf5Hc

  • Perfect Danno! Well said!

  • DRJ

    I think we’re making progress. Last year, when this kind of post went up (here and elsewhere) it got met with a lot of argument, poo-pooing, “whiner” epithets, etc. This year… it’s different.
    Truth has a way of spreading. Eventually, it’ll catch up to the league offices too. (Some improvements might even come with the new CBA, in some way.)

  • jared

    A petition to the league office, by fans who support different teams, ie. not just us, could do a lot of good. If backed up by promises to stop attending games until progress is made, I am fairly confident it would elicit a response from the league. The fact of the matter is I dont think anything like that has ever come across Sterns desk, and in this economic climate the owners are very sensitive to lost revenue.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Is it really league wide?
    I watch alot on games and I do think the C’s get more bad calls than most teams. My personal opinion is that the C’s are in large part (GARNET, Pierce, Perk, Sheed) amongst the worst yappers and smack-talkers in the league, and the refs are sick of it. I’m sure they especially dislike Sheed and his damn conspiracy theory. Last year, as champs, they didnt exactly just hold thier heads high, a la Robert Parish, but this year they have no reason to be arrogant.
    I do agree though that there’s too many bad refs and even worse ass-hole refs like Joey Crawford & Eddie F Rush. I also agree that Stern is a misguided sneaky little backstabbing prick, and that’s the best thing I can say about the guy.

  • prefuse

    Guess you forgot to think before posting.
    A common problem with ignorant fans like you.
    “It has been clearly stated, here and elsewhere, that the ref problem is league-wide.”
    League – wide just like the 2008 playoffs?

  • Shawn-cvd

    Hey Laker Troll! Your right the refs have sucked forever. Including the 2008 Play-offs. Now consider this…No team benefited more from horrid referring than the Lakers when they won that pivotal game over the Spurs. The one where Fisher fouled Barry behind the arc. You ask the refs to swallow their whistle but that was blatant. If Barry hit Kobe’s body like that you got a foul for sure.
    (Not just Kobe btw you could substitute LeBron, Durant, Mello, Wade, Dirk even Pierce. Who gets touched shouldn’t matter as much but it does)

  • Mikey

    The Celtics got hosed in the following games this year.
    Fri, Nov 6, 2009 Phoenix Suns L 103 110
    Fri, Nov 13, 2009 Atlanta Hawks L 86 97
    Fri, Nov 20, 2009 Orlando Magic L 78 83
    Fri, Dec 18, 2009 Philadelphia 76ers L 97 98
    Sun, Dec 27, 2009 @ Los Angeles Clippers L 90 92
    Mon, Dec 28, 2009 @ Golden State Warriors L 99 103
    Mon, Jan 11, 2010 Atlanta Hawks L 96 102
    Mon, Jan 18, 2010 Dallas Mavericks L 90 99
    Thu, Jan 28, 2010 @ Orlando Magic L 94 96
    Sun, Jan 31, 2010 Los Angeles Lakers L 89 90
    Sun, Feb 7, 2010 Orlando Magic L 89 96
    Sat, Feb 27, 2010 New Jersey Nets L 96 104
    Sun, Mar 14, 2010 @ Cleveland Cavaliers L 93 104
    Wed, Mar 31, 2010 Oklahoma City Thunder L 104 109
    Fri, Apr 2, 2010 Houston Rockets L OT 114 119
    Those 15 games were complete hose jobs. They got jobbed from start to finish and including key calls down the stretch. All the games were phony. Its funny how Sheed said they could win 70 games, well you take the 15 games above and turn them into wins and their record would be 63-13 right now.
    Now I’m not saying they should have won all 15 of those games. Take a look at these numbers and tell me how a team with these kind of numbers goes 0-15.
    In these 15 games against their opponents they were +36 in FG, -28 in Rebounds, +59 in Assists, committed only 2 more turnovers and went 0-15.
    How in the world do you make 36 more baskets than your opponents and go 0-15??
    Here is why. They were -157 in FT attempts and +69 in fouls over those 15 games.
    Those 15 games were complete hose jobs.
    Never in NBA history has a team gone +36 in FG and go 0-15. They put the ball in the basket 36 more times than their opponents and went 0-15. The refs gave their opponents 157 more FT attempts.

  • Mike

    Guess why Powe isn’t on our team anymore.
    Because we know he got calls, they did a halftime piece on him in Game 2. It was a great story. So they gave him calls.
    It meant nothing because Tony Allen’s reverse dunk put us up 43 points.
    So when calls don’t affect outcomes don’t complain.

  • DRJ

    When you say that the refs don’t like some of our guys because they yap too much, you may be right, but more to the point is that this exact kind of thing — that we even have to TALK about how refs “feel”, and who “they like” or “don’t like” — is PART OF THE PROBLEM. It’s total BS. The refs should call the damn games, nothing more. We do not want to know or think about who they are, what they’re “feeling”, or anything else related to them personally. Just call the damn games, do it correctly, then disappear. That’s their job, no more no less.
    The technology to implement a near-perfect solution is already built in to every NBA arena. A video ref system solves all problems, if implemented correctly. The missing element is the NBA’s will to do it… or perhaps more accurately, their willingness to give up the power to control game outcomes, in favor of totally transparent, near-perfect officiating.

  • DRJ

    Interesting analysis. I’ve no idea if the Cs were actually hosed in all those games… but the post is definitely interesting.

  • Danno

    WEow. I drew out the Laker trolls when we aren’t playing them any time soon. I feel all powerful.
    And yeah, No prob posting this up there John, Chuck. I’m kind of flattered taht my butthurt little rant was blog-worthy.