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Your Morning Dump… where it’s enough about the refs already

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“I saw two or three times after he
scored, he turned around looking for calls,’’ Celtics coach Doc
said of Garnett. “But you can’t worry about that. You’ve
just got to play.’’


“It’s a different game from when I was his age, I’ll tell you that,’’
said Allen. Paul Pierce has always been crafty about
drawing fouls and getting to the line. This season he is 20th in the
league with 6.1 attempts per game, but he hasn’t taken more than 13 in a

“We have to be more aggressive going to the basket and fouling
less,’’ Rivers said. “It’s a combination of both of them, it’s not just

“We want to get to the line more, but listen, we shot 60 percent from
the field [Wednesday]. When you shoot that high from the field, you’re
probably not going to get to the line that much because you’re making
everything. So you can’t have a lot of complaints offensively"

Globe: Crying foul hasn't been helping

I'm begging… BEGGING for the Celtics to stop bitching about the calls.  I'm BEGGING fans to do the same.

For every 2 free throws Kevin Durant shot the other night, there's a play the Celtics blew that could have countered it. 

And forget the free throw disparity for a moment.  25 fouls were called on the Celtics.  21 were called on Oklahoma City.  25 to 21 is not a huge disparity.  The difference is that Oklahoma's fouls were on the floor… and the Celtics fouls were on the shot.  

That means the Celtics are getting beat off the dribble and then doing things like fouling when they're late on the rotation to help… or fouling when they try to slap down on the ball for the steal.

Take Pierce's strip for example.  Yes it was clean.  That was a horrible call.  But I can't count how many times coaches have told me that refs will look at a big swipe down on the ball and just expect that there was a foul… especially if you or your team has a reputation of fouling like that.

My entire point is this:  If you play good defense, and stop getting beat off the dribble so damn much, you won't foul as much.  If you rotate over in time, you won't foul so much.  If you stop yapping at the refs after EVERY…. DAMN…. CALL… maybe they'll stop calling stuff on you.

A big misconception is that the Celtics played well enough to win and the refs stole the OKC game from them.  I'm sorry, but that's wrong.  Jeff Green hit 2 big 3's right in front of the Celtics bench on the SAME PLAY… and the Celtics didn't stop it.

104 points should be enough for the Celtics to win.  They gave up 109.  Play better defense.  End of story. 

Coming up, Page 2… where Sheed is spending time on the post.

Photo: Jim Davis/Boston Globe

Getting the second unit, with newcomers Nate Robinson and Michael
Finley, more cohesive will also be focused on in the final eight games.

Rasheed Wallace had one of his best games of the season against the
Thunder, and the Celtics will need more of that once the playoffs begin.
Wallace was more of a post presence, taking only three 3-pointers in 26

"They haven't been together, but they're getting it," said Rivers.
"Michael has really fit in perfectly with that unit and having Rasheed
with that unit gives them a post player.

"Clearly, that was our emphasis (against Oklahoma City) and Rasheed
was phenomenal and did that (down low), and we've got to keep doing
that. They got him the ball."

MWDN: Celtics still searching for rhythm 

Watching that Oklahoma City game, I noticed one thing:  Sheed's 3's seem to come when he's in there with the 1st unit.  When he set picks for Rondo, he flared out to the 3 point line.  In fact, he was running pick and roll plays on that first unit in general… but he was setting up shop down low with the 2nd unit. 

Makes sense because Kevin Garnett is setting up closer to the basket.  Sheed is finding more space further from the hoop with the starters.  With a second team of Nate, Davis, Finley, Daniels and Wallace… Sheed is THE post guy.  He's got to get down low.

So that's when he's going to be Mr. Post Play.  Maybe that's the best we're going to get.

Now if only he can grab a damn rebound.

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  • Donald

    @ Redsarmy
    “25 fouls were called on the Celtics. 21 were called on Oklahoma City. 25 to 21 is not a huge disparity”.
    Again your not looking at the NATURE of the calls!!! If they were fouls because the Celtics were being lazy and not playing D then we could accept that. We’d be pissed but we would accept it. Th fact is they took 7 freethrows they shouldn’t have, and when they only lose by 5 it’s hard to let that go. Not to mention the illegal (screen that most defenitly been called against Perkins) on Greens 2nd 3.
    If those moments didn’t accure and the Celtics still lost I don’t think anyone would be bitching about the refs and how they feel about them steeling the game.

  • Donald

    Sorry meant “stealing”. I never siad my spelling was good.

  • Thanks for the link-up. Enjoyed the show last night. Thanks for letting me steal the mic for a bit. Happy Easter!

  • I know what you’re saying Donald… but we lost by 5 and we let Jeff Green get wide open twice from behind the arc.
    Better defense… challenge those shots… grab the rebound.
    That’s 6 points we gave them on the exact same play… and we lost by 5.
    Sorry… I just don’t think that’s good enough. Blaming the refs is a smokescreen in my opinion.
    I’m not absolving the refs. they made bad calls. But the Celtics could have won that game.

  • Mark

    I definitely agree with the article. It was nice to see the Celtics shoot well, but the defense has been horrid all season except for the occasional games (Christmas Day). This is an old veteran team that is playing slow, lazy defense. The only reason we won in 2008 was because of defensive rotation. Get back to playing D or start planning your vacations

  • Donald

    I see your point but if the refs were calling it the same then Pierce would have gotten the continuation and shot 2 freethrows. So that’s +1 good guy’s. We can go back and forth on this all day but it looks like we’ll just agree to disagree (if that even makes sense).
    I still say the silver lining is that they played uptempo basketball agtainst a young athletic team and should’ve/couldn’ve won.

  • DRJ

    The blogosphere has been termed “the Fifth Estate” (or 6th) by some, because it stands behind the press (who are “the 4th estate”) and seeks to tell the truth when the press does not. With this post, this site has completely failed to do that.
    Let’s be clear. The actual game versus OKC is meaningless, at least to the Celtics. This is not about the game. It’s about speaking truth to power, and not cowering before it.
    Btw… in your view, do refs NEVER steal games? Really?
    After the game, Doc practically BEGGED the assembled press to tell the truth, because he could not. He hoped the press would latch on to the story. But they’re not going to print “the refs stole the game.” They haven’t the cojones. So really, Doc was talking TO YOU, THE BLOGGERS. He wanted SOMEBODY to come out and speak the OBVIOUS TRUTH… which was that THE REFEREES STOLE THE OKC GAME BLATANTLY, AND OBVIOUSLY.
    Many commenters did tell the truth. But at least two blog managers did not. This site is not alone in this failure. Jeff Clark is right there with you. It’s not the end of the world or anything, but it is a crying shame.
    And let’s not get confused over what Doc is doing now. He’s focusing on the team’s game, on things they can change. 1) He’s not permitted to denigrate the refs, and 2) there’s nothing he can do about the refs anyway. So he is right to tell KG not to ask for fouls intra-game, and to harp on rotations, etc. But you will not catch him saying that the refs were right in that game. That he won’t do.
    The closeness of the number of fouls is an irrelevant and misleading stat. Your statement that this was caused by the Cs getting more fouls on the shot is unsupported, actually untrue, and irrelevant. I reviewed this game, and there were MANY instances, right from the start, of uncalled obvious fouls on the Cs and bogus fouls called for OKC. I saw just ONE that went the Celtics’ way. More to the point, many more of the fouls called for OKC were shooting fouls than they were for the Celtics’. This is how refs steal games.
    The perfect case in point – the play that perfectly sums up that game – came when KD was fouled behind the arc. He was nowhere near making a shooting motion, yet, after a referee conference (!), they gave him 3 FTs. Refs see this kind of thing many times per game, hundreds of times per season. I have never seen them award 3 FTs this egregiously before, EVER. But they did in this game. Moments later, Paul was fouled in the EXACT same way, also behind the arc. Two plays, equal number of fouls. Except Paul got zero FTs, while OKC got three. THIS is why comparing foul totals is meaningless, and why comparing FTs is meaningful. If a ref is going to throw a game, he will do it in exactly this way, so people can point and say “but the number of fouls were close.”
    The 109 points that OKC scored, which is pointed to as a sign of poor Celtics defense, was comprised of 81 points from field goals, and 28 from FTs. How this stat argues against ref theft is beyond me.
    As for whether or not the Cs could have played even better and still won the game, despite the refs’ best efforts to steal it from them… yes, that is true. That is always true. The team could have played better. They could have overcome the adversity. And that has NOTHING TO DO with the fact that the refs stole the game.
    If it were just one or two plays, we could excuse it as referee incompetence. But when there are SO MANY plays where the Cs’ get no calls and OKC gets totally bogus calls, over and over and over, starting right from tipoff… it could not be incompetence. It’s theft.
    KG knew it, and said it after the game, insofar as he could. Doc knew it and asked the press – and the blogs – to say what he could not. Sheed knew it, and said it. (Even Paul looked like he wanted to say it, but caught himself in time.)
    Somehow some of us missed it. Even though it practically jumped out of the TV and hit us in the face. Why is that? Are bloggers now trying to emulate the press? Capitulating to “the way things are”? In the case of Jeff Clark, I understand it very well. He has turned entirely negative on the Celtics. And he’s an establishment guy through and through anyway. I expected better from this site.
    The harm done here is not trivial. Until there is a some outcry about NBA refereeing, it will never change. When a blog site fails to speak truth to power in such cases, it becomes part of the problem, instead of helping to find a solution.

  • Whats worse, Complaining about the refs, or complaining about people complaining about the refs?
    Nahhh jk….and I agree with this post wholeheartedly….The celtics arent losing because of refs…yeah the refs in the league suck, but the celtics always hold the key to every game and their season…the refs sucked 2 years ago too

  • Focus less on the refs, and more on defense
    This team can not play defense anymore…can anyone tell me who are best perimeter defender is? rondo? not really, he isnt a lockdown 1-on-1 defender..Pierce? hell no, hes dropped off as much as Garnett on that end fromn 2 seasons ago
    Hell, its ray allen, whos never in his entire career been a great defender
    Marquis Daniels? his effort is as bad Sheeds
    Tony Allen, yeah, but He cant be trusted
    The lowpost defense and rebounding is horrid as well

  • JPD985

    The 9 turnovers in the first quarter hurt us a lot too and cost us points.

  • Perry

    No question the officiating stunk, Free throw discrepancy; Durant’s FTA’s; Pierce and Kevin not getting their share of calls…all of the above.
    However, it’s painfully obvious this team has not put in a consistent performance in their building. So they’re not getting the respect from the officials because they cannot set the tome on their own court. No coincidence that teams no longer fear the uniform either. The Celtics have gone from predator to the hunted.
    @Reds Army
    Spot on comments. Once again they imploded down the stretch. Bad possessions (Rondo 20 footer with no time left on the clock), Ray’s pair of missed 3’s, then Sheed’s launch with 13 seconds remaining on the clock. Hero shots as Doc calls them. Collectively in the final two minutes they settled instead of taking advantage of their size.
    Used to be they could dial up multiple stops on the defensive end. Someone forgot to tell Jeff Green. All season the Celts have done a horrible job guarding the three point line with precious minutes left in the game.
    I would pay to see you whack Hollinger @ ESPN upside his head. Circumstances may look dire at times, but this guy believes the Bucks have a better chance at beating us, than we do beating Cleveland. Just thought you’d wanna know.
    Here’s the link:

  • DRJ

    Yeah, I saw that.
    Truth is, I don’t see the point in making predictions now. All I know is that the Cs CAN win… they have a very legitimate shot if they get their act together. Assigning odds (based, of course, on regular season performance) seems pretty silly to me.
    Btw… Lakers are imploding these days too, apparently. But these games mean as much to them (or even less, maybe) as they mean to us… so it’s pointless to predict anything from what’s happening now. (Unless it’s injuries of course. Health is factor #1, by a mile. )

  • Perry

    Yeah, I don’t see the fakers coming out of the west. I could see the Suns coming out of that bracket or the Mavs beating LA in the finals. Would not surpise me if Ok. City made some noise. Either way it will be wonderful to watch Kobe choke on his own bile.
    Funny thing is the west is better 5 through 8, but the Celts, Cavs, and Magic have a better shot in the finals against either the Suns, Mavs or Jazz.
    Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t jumped off the band wagon. I read a passaage that sums up what my feelings are. We can beat anyone. We can be beat by anyone.

  • DRJ

    Agree with the last 2 sentences. Anyway… I’ve had enough of the regular season already. Let’s do this.

  • So you are trying to say the refs didn’t cost the Celtics 6 points?
    C’mon, that argument goes both ways. You’re sounding more like Doc Rivers than a fan.

  • The refs might have cost the Celtics 6 points… but the Celtics also cost themselves 6 points.
    Don’t overlook the defensive lapses in this game… that’s what I’m saying. The Celtics played well enough offensively to score 104, but they played bad enough to give up 109. Even if you take 6 points off that… it still would have been 103.
    You can blame the refs if you want. They made some bad calls. But I’m just of the opinion that in that game, it shouldn’t have mattered. The Celtics didn’t do enough in the last 2 minutes to win the game. They had a lead, and it wasn’t the refs that left Green that open. He had too much time to shoot. If they made 2 defensive plays, the free throws wouldn’t have mattered.

  • I’m just saying it goes both ways.
    We win the game if its fairly reffed.
    We also win the game if we make plays in the final two minutes.

  • the-green-forest

    dude i thought you was, trying to write a freaking book. good god.

  • Ryan in L.A.

    It’s pretty ironic that Reds Army (love the blog, btw) is imploring everyone not to whine about the refs, two days after you posted a serious of photos mocking the bad calls on Durant, the same ones KG and co. were whining about. I thought that post was hilarious, and spot on. And now you’re telling us not to whine about the refs?

  • Who’s army is this again? Sterns?
    I’m not saying I disagree with some of your points, but I come here looking for blatant homerism not balanced reporting, LOL