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T-Mobile Recap: A depressing loss


The injury-riddled Rockets closed OT on a 9-0 run to beat the Celtics 119-114.

Yup, another game without D.

I HATE the Paul Pierce final-seconds-isolation-play which Doc called on last
possession in regulation. Rondo (23 points, 10 assists, 5 reb) needs the ball in those situations. Let him penetrate and distribute. If he can't, then an elbow jumper is better than Pierce forcing it.

After 3 quarters the Celtics were down 87-83. Houston was shooting a
crazy 9-11 from 3.But thanks to a makeshift unit of Rondo, Finley, Sheed, TA and Shelden
the Cs rattled off a 15-4 run. Doc stayed with this group until 4 minutes left. It was a ballsy move that worked. Too bad the Cs missed two FTs in
the last 30 sec. Fatal misses which allowed Aaron Brooks (30 points) the opportunity to drill a game-tying three with 9 seconds left.

Chase Buddinger (24 points, 6-8 3FG) absolutely killed the Cs. Chase Buddinger?

Thanks to T-Mobile for another fun night in the suite.

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  • Been to some tough losses this year, and this one was in top 3. Knew they were gonna lose though, just got that feeling. Too many easy layups, Ray in foul trouble, yada yada yada. This team is BETTER than this bs. THAT’s why it frustrates me so much. Once again, Mr. Shelden Williams is the bright spot. Dude single-handedly turned things around and really got the crowd back into it, along w/Rondo’s steals. Another exhausting night at the Garden. Damn.

  • Alex

    Almost the playoffs and the C’s are still struggling with each other…

  • JD

    Great game except for the last minute of overtime, I don’t understand why the C’s can’t win close games at home. Thanks again for the tix guys, it was awesome.

  • T0sh

    No defense. Shitty rebounding. Nate seems to be coming back down to Earth after a hot start with the team. Tony Allen pretty much earned a spot on the playoff roster tonight. I love Daniels but his confidence seems to be lacking and he can’t hold on to the ball for shit. -sigh- Cavs on Sunday…

  • JD

    BTW, these last three games have sucked, but I would forgive all if we could just beat the Cavs on Sunday. Game doesn’t mean much in the standings, but you know both teams will be going 100%. It has been over three months since we have beaten any of the best teams from our conference, it’d be nice to get a win against an elite team for some sort of confidence booster going into the postseason.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    this is a joke. the whole team was out with injuries, chase buddinger lights us up? really? Why on earth is this team SO inconsistent??? It is really so frustrating

  • who da guy

    yea wtf….i just want our boys to play some real celtics ball

  • Disheartening, to say the least. Gah. I know it isn’t true, but part of me feels like Paul, KG and Ray notched their rings in the first year and said screw it for the next of their contracts. I’d also like to think that the NBA refs wouldn’t want to anger one of the biggest fan bases of the league by BS calls… but part of me wonders about some of these random calls.
    I wish I could be excited for Sunday, but instead I’m thinking it’s just going to be another LeBron love-fest by the officiating crew that is another harsh reminder of why I don’t watch NBA games unless I’m watching the C’s.

  • larry

    i agree with you reds army..let rondo have the ball in crunch time.!!at least now i feel he has a better shot at winning the game than lets say three months ago…rondo is riding a wave of confidence at this point of the season…..lets face it houston was just throwing up everything and it was going in.!!i’m happy with the bench though, ta is playing some ball now, sheldon needs to find more minutes, as well as finley..robinson..bb..etc..etc..i think the problem now is doc has too many good players and he needs to to find playing time for all of them.!!

  • Patrick C

    yea rondo needs the ball he can make things happen.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    The worst thing is that one almost already knows when they’re gonna lose. The match begins, the opponents set the tone: if C’s slowly take the lead chances are they ‘re gonna win, if it’s a point-to point match, good chances are they’re gonna lose in the end. That was the trend lately, and that’s because it seems no gear shift is possible during the crucial minutes. It’s a mental thing prior to a physical one, like if determination, focusing and determination again are missing before the (old) legs.
    I think it’s pretty much that’s it for this season, let’s not expect miracles for the playoffs.

  • Robby C

    I’m not sure riding the second unit until 4 minutes left in the game was a ballsy move that paid off. Sure, second unit stayed with the Rockets point for point in the 4th, but you have to understand they were playing the Rockets – a team of scrubs and backups. If the starters played the majority of the 4th quarter I think this would have ended in regulation with the Celtics winning by 8-10.
    Chase Budinger played his ass off tonight and on more than one occasion came up with a loose ball in a sea of green. I kept screaming throughout the entire game “Who is this guy”. He earned my respect.