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KG fined $25K for this little diddy

Via Adrian Wojo of Yahoo!:

The NBA fined Boston's Kevin Garnett $25,000 for
criticizing offiicals and taking Michael Jordan's name in vain.

Would KG have been fined if the comments didn't exclude the expletive? Our posting of the video (which found its way on to every major sports blog in the world) sure didn't help the cause.

Sorry KG – we'll make it up to you.

(Warning: NSFW language)

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  • Pretty funny. Despite his frustrations with the refs, it wasn’t all their doing. Regardless, the Celtics did show me they still play with heart..

  • Danno

    Every time the NBA fines a player or coach for stating the ABSOLUTE TRUTH about how the officials handle a game, they lose even more credibility as a professional sports league. What KG said was perfectly accurate. Durant DID almost have more fouls than the Celtics entire team. And they were treating him like some superstar. and that goes against EVERYTHING the rules of the game are about.
    At this point, The NBA is no longer a Competitive sport. It’s Sports Entertainment. They might as well have Vince McMahon running the show nowadays.
    It’s really not any different.
    You guys who run this blog and lots of others keep saying “Let’s stop bitching about the Refs.” but you know what? That’s fucking BULLSHIT. That is fully blinded acceptance of their fraudulent calls. It does the league and every single fan a disservice by telling everyone to “shut up and take it”.
    Why should we, as money spending, team supporting, ticket buying, PAYCHECK FULFILLING patrons of this league be forced to keep our mouths shut while we get blatantly ripped off by suspect, scam artist officiating? It’s plainly obvious taht the “fix is in”. Now I don’t mean game outcomes being fixed, but more along the lines of what Tim Donaghey was doing. Effecting Over/Unders or point spreads. Keeping it close whenever possible.
    I’m tired of it. I don’t spend $3000+ per year on my season seats for this garbage. Every time I watch a losing game I feel like I walked into a BMW dealership to buy a new car, and I am then forced to drive off the lot with a 1979 Ford Pinto with BMW decals stuck to it. It’s Bait and Switch. What they are perpetrating is against consumer laws, and is a criminal act.
    I mean seriously, – every other league seems to get it Right. The NFL especially. They really take the time to get everyone together and correct things when one rule or interpretation thereof seems to be counterproductive to the playing of the game. Same thing, to a lesser extent with MLB. Sure, we all realize there will be a human error factor involved. But that can account for one or two bad calls in a game, not an ENTIRE GAME being completely prejudiced in favor of one team.
    And it’s not just our beloved Celtics, either. It happens all over the league, to and/or for every team. There is no rhyme or reason to it.
    I’m disgusted. I received my Playoffs tickets in the mail yesterday, and really didn’t even care. I already know what the outcome will be, and so does anyone else who might have been paying attention to the trends in officiating this season. It’s a Foregone conclusion: “We’s gonna get robbed.”
    We, as loyal fans should get some kind of massive, grassroots protest/petition going to force out David Stern and the entire collection of idiots the NBA currently has officiating games in 2010. But my fear is that most are just too “casual fans” to make any kind of commitment to it, and it will be a flash in the pan with no real impact.

  • DRJ

    You need to tell us how you REALLY feel, Danno.
    As a season-ticket buying fan, you have even more right to complain than most. If someone with enough money and patience chose to, they could bring a class action lawsuit, and it would be a case. Not easy to prove — but you could put a LOT of people on the stand under oath and penalty of perjury, and ask a LOT of tough questions. With LOTS of video evidence. The truth would come out, I think, eventually. There are too many people involved for it not to.
    I agree that the NBA is by far the worst pro sport in its officiating. If not for my serious love affair with this version of the Cs, I’d have abandoned it a long time ago, because it’s such a transparent joke so much of the time.
    But hope springs eternal. Mine is that these playoffs will be cleanly refereed. This year in particular — with so many already declaring the Celtics dead — I want to see what they can do with a fair shake. If they win it all… their story will go right up there alongside that of the ’69 Celtics in the pantheon of sports legends.

  • KY Celts fan

    Called it!

  • Dude Bro Guy

    Nice work on the youtube clip. This think definitely went instant viral.

  • Hey – this rant is awesome. Hope you don’t mind but I’m publishing it to the site.

  • KG ain’t the KG of old… unfortunately.
    I fully expect him to pick up his on-the-floor intensity come June.
    If not, your boys’ll be out quicker than KG can curse again.

  • Couldn’t agree more Danno!