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Clap for him… clap for him… clap for him….

(NSFW lyrics)

How can you judge the present?  By comparing it to the past.

And Rajon Rondo is comparing pretty well.  Tonight, he'll break Bob Cousy's record for assists in one season.  And we'll all stand and clap for him.  It won't be the last time.

This kid is having an amazing season.  And the insane thing is he's got plenty that we can look at and say "he could do better here… he could do better there…" 

He's playing amazingly well… and he can get a lot better. 

Who says our future isn't bright?

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  • Adam Goodman

    Absolutely correct, or future is not so bleak. But there are also some unfortunate quirks in Rondo’s game that I don’t think he is ever going to fix. He’s a very cocky kid, and I can’t see him ever taking the interest to cut down on the lazy passes or improve his one on one defense. I think Danny Ainge is going to end up building another “superstar by committee” team like we have now. I’m thinking 2004 Pistons-esque.

  • JD

    I’m gonna have to disagree with Adam, I think Rondo is a piece we can build around. True, he does have flaws, but some can be fixed. He is still young and has time to mature, so I think his lazy passes will be cut down over the next few years, especially as he handles the ball more and more and as he learns the value of a possession. And his one-on-one defense has improved from last year, in my opinion, and Doc has said the same as well. And of course, the elephant in the room is his jumpshot, which he just hasn’t had the opportunity to practice within games because the whole offense is predicated around 4 things- getting Ray the outside jumper, getting Pierce the ball, getting KG in the post or Rajon going to the basket. Practicing the jumper a million times outside of games is all well and good, but it will never get significantly better until he has time to use it in the game. Once again, he is still young and has time to improve that jumpshot.
    But in order for the team to be successful in the Rondo-era, it can’t be all Rondo. As we’ve seen in New Orleans, even when CP3 is playing at his best, they cannot even make it to the third round of the playoffs, because their entire team is built around one guy. David West does not cut it as the second best player on a team. What Danny needs to do over the next few years is go out and get a wing who can create his own shot and score at will, a-la Rudy Gay. Then fill in the pieces from there with a sharp shooting 2-guard (not Ray Allen, but a guy who can hit an open three pointer) and a solid power foward who can play a little pick and pop (once again, not the second coming of KG, but maybe a guy whose a little like David West). THe point is that if Danny can just find one more star to put next to Rajon so he doesn’t have to do everything like Chris Paul does, then this team can contend with Rondo leading the way.