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Your Morning Dump… The real reasons the Celtics lost


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Instead of good team defense, switching, jumping out on screens, and
using their bodies and not their hands, the Celtics decided to reach
their way to victory and it didn’t work. They were so focused late in
the game on Durant that twice in 78 seconds they allowed Jeff Green to
drain 3-pointers that made the difference.

What should annoy them is how they were outplayed at their own game in
the second half. Durant scored 20 points after halftime, Paul Pierce
recorded one free throw. The Thunder grabbed 24 rebounds and turned
those into 10 second-chance points, the Celtics collected 16 rebounds
and just two from the bench after the break.

Globe – Reaching out for answers

Gary Washburn has a sobering column about the Celtics performance last night. Was the officiating awful at times? You bet it was. But any time the Cs allow 109 points and lose, the lack of defense should be the #1 storyline. For an offensive game, the Celtics put a measley 43 points on the board in the 2nd half.

As for the lopsided officiating, the Celtics had 25 fouls to the Thunder's 21.

On Page 2, Doc is fed up with all the negativity in this town.

“You don’t have to be (optimistic) because I am,” he said. “I look at
our team, and we played one bad night. We were playing great up until
two games ago. Were you optimists three games ago?

“Either you’re on the bandwagon or you’re off,” Rivers continued. “I
tell guys that all the time. That’s the way I think, and that’s how our
team should think. I’m not going to spend time trying to convince you to
dislike us or like us. Our team just has to keep working.

“Should I worry about a team where you guys don’t think we can win

Herald – Doc Rivers derides bandwagon

I'm having a hard time deciphering these comments. Is Doc upset with the media? Since it's impossible to read his tone, he might not be upset at all.

While the Celtics play over the past month has me believing this team can make some noise in the playoffs (although I wouldn't bet my Redsarmy stocks on a championship), I can't blame media/fans for being critical at times.

Doc is obviously frustrated. And when coaches are frustrated they lash out at the easiest target – the media.

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  • Alex

    The Celtics played well against the Thunder and deserved the win.
    No one will ever convince me about this though. The game was robbed by the refs and that’s final.
    It’s as if the Celtics can no longer do their 2008 defense because it is now too physical for the NBA Year 2010.
    Damn man, I wish the NBA was as physical as it was back in the day.

  • Alex

    Just woke up… Gotta get my coffee.

  • Donald

    “As for the lopsided officiating, the Celtics had 25 fouls to the Thunder’s 21”
    It’s not so much that the fouls called were close in numbers it was the way the refs called those fouls. Durant get’s fould while driving at the top of the key and he’s awarded 3 free throws. On another play (please forgive me I forget the guy’s name on the Thunder I believe he has a beard) was driving against Daniels and he was awarded 2 freethrows. Then there was the “all ball” against Pierce. That’s 7 freethrows that should not have happened and we lose by 5. That’s what is aggrevating me, and no one (except Heinsohn, and Gorman) on tv (especially Donny I failed in the NBA) Marshall will even bring it up!
    I still say the silver lining is that we competed in a fast paced game against a younger more athletic team and should have won.

  • DRJ

    Washburn, for whatever reason, ignores the fact that Green got open, at least the 2nd time, only because of an illegal screen, ignored by the refs (again). I thought the Cs’ defense was on par last night, not awesome, but not bad. I’ll take it if it comes with a 60% FG% in every game from now on.
    OKC scored 109 points, yes. But 81 of those points were from field goals, while 28 came from the charity stripe, courtesy of the refs. I don’t understand what the 109-point stat proves in this debate.
    Complaining about Paul not scoring, when the team shoots 60% for the night, is… well, a little strange. They obviously had their offensive game together last night. Who gets the credit for scoring points is as it should be on this team: irrelevant to everybody.
    I’m no Doc apologist, far from it. But imo he’s right this time. And Washburn is apparently one of the media pessimists he’s talking about.
    But it’s all good. The loss itself is nearly meaningless. And I think this will piss them off to no end… including what the refs did, and most especially all the media guys calling them “old” now. I’ve never seen KG do what he did last night… he’s truly pissed, and I think he’s going to make other teams pay for it.

  • DRJ

    To elaborate on this point:
    It’s the NATURE of the fouls and the FTs handed out that count. As a perfect case in point: KD gets 3 FTs for getting fouled behind the arc even though there was no semblance of a shooting motion, which was very obvious. Paul gets fouled in the EXACT same way a couple of plays later, gets the whistle (so the fouls “even out”)… but no FTs. If you’re going to steal a game, as these refs did, this is how you do it. So people will say “but the number of fouls were close.”

  • Donald

    Imagine if Perkins set that 2nd screen? It would have been called an offensive foul. Also your right. Who ever does the scoring is irrelevant if the team is shooting 60% from the field and they get 54 points in the paint which by the way is being extremely aggresive and should warrant more than 17 freakin freethrows!!!!!

  • Donald

    On a side note I’m listening to the worst Doc Rivers interview on WEEI.
    85% talk about Durant and how awesome he is.
    5% About how they bitched to much last night and that’s why they didn’t get the calls.
    10% About Tiger.
    Worst. Interview. Ever!

  • Perry

    Just heard it. You’re right.
    Next time you want a Durant fix wait for the big screen production staring Breen/Van/Jacko.
    They need someone to blush over when Lebron and Kobe have the night off.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I like Durant but his preferential treatment will ruin his image in time to me. He’s a match up night mare so he will draw a lot of fouls but I’m sure thirty percent of his free throws are gifts. Which would mean KD should be averaging 27 points a game. Efing league propping up their stars and tarnishing the game.

  • thetitleisours

    Only spin I see is that the ref’s helped us improve our draft position

  • bob coosy

    Yes thats what it is is a conspiracy. When you’re reduced to blaming the refs for their tailspine you know that a realty check is needed before the “real problems” can ever be addressed.