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A referee’s guide to calling an Oklahoma City game

In an effort to clear up some of the confusion over the officiating in last night's game, the NBA has released this guide for how to officiate an Oklahoma City Thunder game, complete with photographic guidance.






Photo Credits: Elsa, Brian Babineau / Getty Images

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  • Okay, this is funny stuff. Take Durant out of the pictures, leave the captions, replace Durant’s name with LeBron’s and you have the “referee’s guide to officiating a Cleveland game” for April 4th. Saves some work for you. You can even post it now and it will still be relevant on the 4th.
    Funny shit!

  • Alex

    Haha, great article. A little bit exaggerated, but last night’s game was pretty damn near. I guess the refs did a good job following the guide.

  • Donald

    Ha ha this is great! It’s also kinda a sad commentary on the NBA as a whole and how they officiate games in regards to superstars. The Thunder are a fun young team that actually plays defense and has a likeable superstar. My question is should Davis Stern be accountable for his referee’s or would he just say I have no control over how certain refs interpet a foul.

  • Thanks guys.
    From the game, I actually didn’t have much problem with the refs. This is more just having fun with all the craziness I’m hearing today. Glad you liked it

  • This is hilarious stuff. I agree – definitely not blaming the game on the officiating.
    But this post is gold!

  • Donald

    @ Redsarmy
    I basically live by four rules.
    1.Never get less than twelve hours sleep
    2.Never play cards with a guy who has the same first name as a city.
    3.Never get involved with a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body.
    4.If KG is pissed about the officiating it’s probably true because he’s never been one to make excuses about them before.
    I know we all sound crazy but I think it’s because we should have won a game against a younger more athletic team which is what we have had trouble with all season.

  • How very true that is

  • I love your fourth rule. Thumb up

  • LMAO hahahahah these pics are EPIC
    Great Job!!!

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Awesome post and unfortunately Nick’s right it will be the same for lebron on the 4th.

  • DRJ

    LOL. I mean that!

    Sunday’s game v CLE means nada to both sides, so we MIGHT just see a reasonably officiated game. Not holding my breath… just think it’s possible. (How low we have sunk, eh)

  • Shawn-cvd

    Instead of a hidden egg hunt a new activity will be done this Easter. Spot the phantom foul featuring Lebron James will be a great way to pass the time.
    Love the Technical Foul on KG pic btw.

  • Didn’t have a problem with it?
    They couldn’t have made it more blatantly obvious that the NBA wants Durant to succeed.
    He’s a clean-cut guy – no tattoos, speaks well…. He’s a great marketing tool for the league. And the league is treating him very well.
    Last night was complete joke.
    Jeff Green was actually the one that beat us, and that was irrelevant to the officiating. But it just pisses me off when one player gets preferential treatment. I mean, if the refs treated Pierce like Durant, he would literally be at the line every single play. Every single play, and that’s no exaggeration.

  • the-green-forest

    Stop with all the excuses for this team. the celtics played poor defense in this game. yes durant got some calls his way. but the bottom line is the celtics did not play solid team defense for 48 minutes. this team always looking for stupid excuses, if its not injury. its the the refs making bad calls. i’m tired of it. they should just admit that they not good enough to beat good teams. and they have no chance of winning the championship this year. this team needs a major change doing the off season from danny ainge.

  • Shawn-cvd

    You just may be correct. We’ll see come play offs when the refs swallow their whistles more.
    Last nights game though…specifically the three FT’s to Durant and the sideline foul on PP after his drive a few plays later was a five point swing manufactured exclusively by the refs. Generally the two to one FT attempt discrepancy.

  • mrfenesse@aol.com

    this if the funniest thing I have truly have read in awhile. LOL

  • Nintendo_Jones

    Refs guide to officiating a Celtics game:
    If KG sets an illegal screen, it’s not an illegal screen.
    The Celtics bitching about reffing is about as rich as Kobe or LeBron bitching about reffing.

  • ByrdC130

    Wasn’t that long ago OKC had to put up with all the “you stole our team” rantings. Now it’s “the ref’s helped you beat the Celtics” Boy they’ve come a long way in a short time.

  • david

    wow, u celtics are a bunch of winy pussies! this article is embarrassing. lose and blame on the refs. epic fail

  • Jeff

    Kevin Durant is notorious for the rip move behind the the 3 point line.. I forgot who started that a while ago but KD has almost mastered it.. And we still put up with the “you stole our team” bullshit but in quick response i usually say, “should have voted for that new arena”.

  • Kevin G

    Very Funny. I love it. The best part of all the pictures is how the Thunder won. I enjoy this heavily. So just remember, you lost at home. You lost, we won. Losers, Winners. Thats the difference. I agree you can not get near durant. But hey its ok, a silver lining for you all is that the playoffs are coming up and you wont make it far enough to see a west team or durant ever again. Enjoy the summer 🙂 Oh P.S. Durant had 37 points.

  • Mike

    Hilarious and very true.
    The game with Houston proves…wait…uhh…never mind.

  • crikket44

    Um, Boston fans are so hypocritical. Like your asses never got any superstar calls. Sucks to be on the other side of the coin for once. I will give you two calls tops in that game, tops.

  • Generic Thunder Fan # 8

    This is hilarious. Well done.

  • kidFRESH

    Hahahhaa. Hilarious!

  • blindsay

    I like a good joke too, but I also watched the game. The Celtics were trying to “Beat Down” the younger Thunder to intimidate them, but the Thunder turned out to be tougher than they thought. They didn’t back down, the Celtics lost, and all they had left to do was to whin about it. BOTH sides were trading licks, the whole game.

  • Yourmom

    KG is becoming a parity of himself. Washed up and on one leg. You guys need to see the stats… 24 to 21 fouls called… only 3 more fouls called on the Celtics. Problem wasn’t the officiating, it was Boston’s inability to drive and they couldn’t defend Jeff Green. Whine all you want… you can’t blame the refs when you try to not to lose, rather than try to win.

  • Golden

    Kevin Garnett gets away with anywhere from 5 to 10 moving screens a game, but Celtic fans will jam their fingers in their ears and scream “LA LA” if you try to tell them about it.

  • DSS

    Hell, replace Durant and James with LBryant and you’ll have it right.

  • DSS

    Tim,Dude . . .! Did you even watch the game? If you had, you would have seen the fouls. Are you watching Game 4? If you were, you would see the Laker’s fouls are e3ven more blatant. The Thunder doesn’t control how many free throws they take. The Lakers do. Quit your damned crying. If you can call a blame better than the guys doing it, then lay them on the table and do it.