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T-Mobile hourly ticket giveaway, Part 2

We're giving tickets to Friday night's Houston Rockets, courtesy of
T-Mobile, game every hour, on the hour today between 11 am and 3 pm.

Each hour, we're going to ask a simple little trivia question that
requires, at best, the ability to use Google, but mostly involves
information already on RedsArmy.com.  The first person to answer
each question correctly gets a pair of tickets to the game.

If you've already won tickets to a game this season, you're not
eligible to win.  We'd like to give everyone a chance.

Thanks, and good luck.

Here's question #2:

What was Chuck's predicted score in the Celtics-Spurs game preview?

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  • Katie

    96-94 Celtics

  • c’s 96, spurs 94

  • mike

    96 94 celst

  • 11rings

    Celtics 94 Spurs 92

  • 96-94 Spurs

  • You win. I’ll need your email.

  • Great. Got it.
    By the way… the person pretending to be Katie is banned. That goes for anyone else trying to impersonate a winner. We don’t go for that shit.
    Congrats Katie.

  • cez

    Celtics 96 – Spurs 94

  • Corbs


  • Katie

    Thanks! I’m pretty sure they just tried to steal my email password too. I’ll be taking that down now.

  • Katie

    Ooooor if you could, that would be great.

  • Katie

    Thank you!

  • Done. Fuckers. Can’t just let people have some fun. I got it though. An email will go out tomorrow