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T-Mobile hourly ticket giveaway, Part 1

We're giving tickets to Friday night's Houston Rockets, courtesy of T-Mobile, game every hour, on the hour today between 11 am and 3 pm.

Each hour, we're going to ask a simple little trivia question that requires, at best, the ability to use Google, but mostly involves information already on RedsArmy.com.  The first person to answer each question correctly gets a pair of tickets to the game.

If you've already won tickets to a game this season, you're not eligible to win.  We'd like to give everyone a chance.

Thanks, and good luck.

Here's question #1:

On Monday, we posted a picture from the Spurs game that was originally from the site Both Teams Played Hard.  The photo was titled "This sums up Boston's title hopes".  Which two players were on the floor in that photo?

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  • Jeff

    kg and matt bonner

  • Jshuttlesworth

    Matt Bonner and KG

  • Katie

    KG andBonner

  • D

    KG and matt boner

  • KG and Matt Bonner aka the poor mans Scalabrine

  • bonner and kg

  • Matt A

    Matt Bonner and KG

  • do i win?

    Sam Bowie and Tiny Archibald

  • Dan

    KG, Bonner

  • You got it. I’ll need your email.

  • oooh… so close

  • jeffr

    im winning next

  • Jeff

    It is agnew491@aim.com . Sorry for the delay, I was in class.