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The Emulation of Rondonation

By Jay (MrTrpleDouble10)

Rajon Rondo is capable of doing a lot of things with a basketball.  When he’s fully engaged in a given game, he’s without question one of the few players that are alone worth the price of admission.  We’ve seen him perform some magical moves while dribbling and/or passing.  Recently, he added this slick around-the-back-to-himself dribbling trickery.  But his signature move is the behind the back fake-pass, then glide in for the lay-up

Apparently it’s catching on with other players in the NBA.  I doubt many fans out there tuned in to the enthralling matchup last night between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Oklahoma City Thunder.  You might have just to scout Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in anticipation for tonight’s matchup with the Celtics.  I REALLY doubt that you observed the 107-89 shellacking that the Milwaukee Bucks gave to the LA Clippers.  Why are these games relevant to the Speedy Sorcerer?  In the video below, check out Andre Iguodala’s move at the 0:40 mark, then watch what Brandon Jennings does at the 1:55 mark.  As the great C & C Music Factory once sang: “Things that make you go hmmmmm?”

While there may be a bit of homerism on my part, it’s not nearly as blatant on this recent poll regarding fan MVP voting.  The question is: Which player should be behind LeBron James in the MVP Watch?  Check out the graphic below for the current tally.


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  • Jason

    Dwight Howard MVP? I still don’t get that. The guy has unquestioned natural gifts and I say gifts and not talent intentionally. He’s very tall, very strong and can jump very high. After that, what can he do? Basically he knocks over or jumps over someone to get all his points. Does he really do anything special to get position on O or D? Does he really have any moves? Is his footwork really any good? Can he shoot? All the answers to those questions are basically no. Also, and I think there’s causation here, he basically plays with a happy-to-be-here attitude. I’m glad he’s a happy guy, but you also have to be a competitor. You’re a big force to be reckoned with and you own the lane. you have to have an edge during games and that also has to carry into your practicing, developing your game. I swear if Howard had half of KG’s fire, he’d be Wilt (or better) no doubt. Yeah, just being Dwight Howard as-is is still a very productive player, but for years it felt like he’s still not as good as he could or should be. Imagine what someone with Howard’s tools could do to the league if it also came with actual basketball skills. Remember how devastatingly destructive Shaq was in his prime? That’s where Howard should be. I can’t fathom where this Howard for MVP talk comes from.

  • While Rondo is an incredible ball handler, I’m afraid everything he’s doing has been done many times before by several other players, dating as far back as Pete Maravich.
    There’s clips of non-guards, such as Dominique Wilkins cupping the ball and faking it behind his back only to dunk.
    You’re going to be hard pressed to prove to anyone who has watched the game, that anything that Rondo (or anyone else) is doing, is original or a point of inspiration.
    It is nice to see old moves brought back for trickery purposes… fun to watch, that’s for sure.