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KG drops an F-bomb on Comcast

For those who missed the live post game press conference on Comcast, here's Kevin Garnett's reaction to the officiating.

(Warning NSFW language)

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  • Alex

    I have to agree with KG.
    This game was completely robbed by the refs. Period.
    Bloggers can avoid tainting their image and not say anything about the officiating, but fuck that, I’m going to say it loud and clear.

  • NineSevenEight

    Telling it like it is. Celtics hung in for as long as they could with the Thunderefs. KD doesn’t NEED any extra help THANKS!

  • Perfectly said Big Ticket! Priceless!

  • DRJ

    Let’s be clearer about who those bloggers sucking up to The Man are. They’re not the ones running THIS site…

  • The refs didn’t leave Jeff Green wide-open in the corner twice though. The Celtics did.

  • Alex

    Oh, I was actually talking about the other bloggers I visited. Not RedsArmy 😉

  • Alex

    Offensive foul on the second three pointer. Watch the replay.

  • Bingo.
    KD got some questionable calls.. but the Celtics faltered down the stretch.
    Sure.. the refs deserve some blame… but the Celtics lost a tight game to a good team.

  • Could not agree w/you more. Champions don't make excuses.

  • DRJ

    Disagree. Imo, the Cs outplayed the Thunder in this game. They earned and deserved the win, which was stolen from them by the refs.
    Of course, they could have still pulled it out with even BETTER play. But it shouldn’t have been necessary, and wouldn’t have been in a fairly officiated game.

  • DRJ

    These champions are pretty pissed off after playing what they thought was a great game and then having it stolen away by the refs. Over and over it happened, in plays big and small, throughout this game… no calls for the Cs, phantom BS calls for the Thunder
    When KG, Paul and Doc are all talking the same thing… it’s likely they’re right. I believe they are, tonight.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Completely agree with you DRJ! Yes, no one really wants to hear excuses and yes they may have had a few lapses in this game but that happens in EVERY GAME and if called correctly the Cs play would have overcome that.
    I never like to gripe about the officials but dismissing them tonight is just foolish, that was a horribly officiated game and the Celtics have all the right to be frustrated.

  • The refs were bad, sure. But you have never have control over that. Pierce scored 1 point the entire 2nd half. ONE point.
    Is that the ref's fault too?  This team has failed to execute on offense and defense all year and it's frustrating. Losers blame the refs and make excuses. I'm tired of the excuses.

  • DRJ

    You’re right… losers look for excuses. I have never seen KG do that. I believe this is the first time.
    Point is… SOMETIMES, it actually happens that the refs steal a game. And when it does, it’s OUR DUTY, imo, to call them on it. As loudly as possible. Because the team can’t say much without getting slammed by the league (as KG no doubt will). So it’s as Doc said to the press in his interview… he told them that THEY should voice THEIR opinions (leaving unsaid but clearly understood that he couldn’t without getting fined).
    We bloggers are the last line of defense. So even if the media fail to make the obvious points about this game, we should. I don’t care that some people will accuse us of “making excuses” or “whining”, etc… truth is truth, and we need to speak it. Like KG did.

  • DRJ,
    You’re my hero.
    I couldn’t agree more. KG wouldn’t risk a fine like this unless it was real. The league is certain that Durant is their next superstar (and I am in my final semester at the University of Texas, so I’d be very likely to be biased for him) and therefore watching this rags to riches team will sell more jerseys.
    Absolutely infuriating.

  • DRJ

    And… I don’t understand “failed to execute on offense.” Cs FG% was 60% for the game. You could probably count on one hand the number of games lost by teams that shot that well.

  • Mikey

    Hey everybody go to sbnation power rankings. I rip the NBA daily now over there. Don’t like to type much. I hate the NBA and refs and journalists. I destroy them on sbnation power rankings. Can’t post on celticsblog. Can’t post on espn I got banned there after the Nuggets Cavs game in Cleveland it was so fixed.
    Read my comments. I’m the best, along with KG of course.
    Yo honestly I hate these people right now. I can’t stand espn, f these announcers. They are liars. I don’t even know where to type, or what to do. I’ve been reading comments now for about 5 hours after the game.
    nba is liars.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I now understand why the Celtics have no interest in fighting for home court advantage. The benefit use to be the homer call. That’s how the Refs use to use their influence. And flawed as that was at least it was consistant.
    Now with national media and the addiction to pampering personalities instead of upholding the integrity of the game a new can of worms have been opened. The Celtics win despite the officiating. If the games were called fairly the C’s would definitively have at least one more win. And imagine if they were solidly in the Celtics corner? We’d be four games ahead of the Hawks easy. Two to one FT advantages have no place in the NBA especially in games so evenly matched such as the one played tonight.
    To follow my beloved Celtics this season I bought a Broadband League Pass. I am on the fence on whether I’ll give the NBA my hard earned money for next season. The product is flawed and while I’ll bag on the refs I always could fault the C’s for some aspect of their game. Not tonight. In a way that may make the Celtics MORE intriguing due to the fact that they win despite the zebras. It’s frustrating…

  • I feel you, I really do Dr. J. And I agree there were some terrible
    calls. I just think that that is something that's out of our control.
    I also could care less about what anyone thinks as far as whining etc.
    What I said was that we have failed to execute on offense & defense &
    I was alluding to the lack of big stops last night down the stretch,
    missing shots in the last few minutes & our captain disappearing for
    the 2nd half. I am a big a fan as any & also hate to see bad calls
    effect a game. Did they weigh heavily in the fact that we lost-yes.
    But there are other things we could've done better.

  • DRJ

    Agree that there were things they could’ve done better.