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Idea for Boston College: Tom Thibodeau


It's no secret that Tom Thibodeau wants to be a head coach.  But for some reason, this guy just can't catch on as the head guy.  He's considered a defensive whiz, and he's one of the most intense people on the floor… and some times he's literally on the floor (that pictures is tame compared to what I've seen). 

So maybe its time for Thibs to pull a Charlie Weiss.  The former Patriots assistant kept getting passed over for head coaching jobs.  Part of it might have been how he interviewed… but part of it was the fact that he was always on teams that went deep into the playoffs.  Sure, his team allowed him to pursue jobs, but he also had to game plan.

So Charlie went to the college game, and became the head coach of Notre Dame.

Now, he didn't do particularly well there… but that doesn't mean the line of thinking was bad.

Tom Thibodeau is an intense guy… which might not work very well in the NBA… but it's great for college where the coach is king.  Boston College, meanwhile, has a very high opinion of itself and believes that its program is a little more prestigious than it really is.  So cherry picking an NBA guy with a great reputation would fit that attitude.

Plus, he's already got a good reputation in town.  If you know who he is, then chances are you like the guy.  People like me, who have little to no interest in Boston College basketball (and there are a lot of us in this town), would suddenly take interest.  We want to see how this guy will do as a head coach.

So Boston College gets an experienced coach who can teach tremendous defensive fundamentals.  They can take him from the Boston Celtics, which will give the program a big boost in general interest.  And they don't have to pay a premium to steal a decent coach from a mid-major.

I don't know what the folks at Boston College have in mind for their next head coach.  And I'm not sure if Thibs has any interest in going to the college game.  But I think it's in both his and the school's best interests to sit down and have a conversation.  It could be a win-win.

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  • Robby C

    I’m an Eagles and Celtics fan and Thibs was the first guy to cross my mind when Skinner left. He would be a great choice for all of the reasons you have mentioned. Glad to see more than one person was thinking this.

  • Tim


  • Isn’t the main reason for Skinner’s departure that his tyle of play was not exciting enough?
    Flip is looking for a coach that will bring an up-tempo, exciting style of play that will fill up the arena for the first time in years…. Thib doesn’t really fit the bill.