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Your Morning Dump…Where someone will be an odd man out

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The consensus is Rivers can’t stick
with a 10- or 11-man rotation during the playoffs. There needs to be
consistent minutes for his primary rotation so they can prepare for
their postseason roles.

seems like a short period of time but it’s a long time for us to come
together even closer, get a solid rotation down, just to get our
confidence in the right state of mind going into the playoffs,’’ Finley
said following Sunday’s 94-73 loss to San Antonio. “You learn from wins
and losses, more from losses, and [Sunday] was no different.’’

“Obviously I don’t think we can go with 10 or 11,’’ Rondo said. “He’s
done a good job every year. I think he knows his playoff rotation. I
think maybe he’s trying to find one or two more guys that he wants to go

Globe: Rivers still sorting out playing rotations.

This came up in last week's edition of The 2 Man Game.  Let's say Doc cuts the rotation down to 8 or 9.  Who sits?

Nate Robinson is definitely going to play.  So is Rasheed Wallace.  So that's 7 total.  Looks like Finley is going to get his fair share of burn, so there's 8.  Does he replace both Marquis AND Tony Allen?  Does it become a situational thing where if they need more of a defensive guy, they sit Finley and play one of the other two? 

And then there's the 9th spot… which might just be a battle between Glen Davis and Shelden Williams now. 

So someone who is used to playing might end up sitting come playoff time.  It'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

Coming up, Page 2… where Ray isn't worried

“You’ll see the guys in the gym tomorrow talking about it,” he said.

“I’ve been on teams that were so bad, at this time of year guys already
had their vacation plans made, and that’s what they would be talking

“But this team is so far from that, I’m not worried.”

“But we’ve been on a roller coaster ride all year,” he said. “We just
keep plugging. The bad games just crystallize what you want to do even
more. It makes us work harder.”

Herald: Celtics shrug off latest hiccup

After every disappointing loss… and Sunday's loss was about as disappointing as any I've seen this season… the Celtics keep saying they're not worried and they'll figure it out.

And that's great.  I don't want the team "worried."  But how can they go from a practice where Doc focused on almost nothing but ball rotation and not playing selfishly… and play a game where they disregard almost all of it?  Then they come out afterwards and admit that they got away from the system and say that if they had just done that they'd be ok.

Here's a thought…

Shut the F up about "if we only did…" and just do it.  We're all tired of it.  Am I gonna have to bust out the Yoda "Do… or do not… there is no try" quote again?

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    With all this talk about rotation in the playoffs, I think everybody is forgetting the man who makes all life possible, the man who is destined to bring more rings to bean-town. That man is Brian “Don’t call me Jeff” Scalabrine.

  • Perry

    Well this is a storyline I’ve been talking about since the addition of Finley.
    Of course Doc can’t use a 10-11 man rotation in the playoffs, so a few guys will be riding the pine. The good news is that Doc has options this year he didn’t have last year. The bad news is the Celtics of seasons past played with rigor and intensity every night. They just ran out of gas instead of passion.
    We can debate who will sit till the cows come home. I think it’s safe to assume the opponent will determine who that 8th and 9th guy will be. Don’t be surprised to see a Sam/Eddie scenario unfold either. Sam was getting the bulk of the minutes in the post season. Doc reluctantly, but eventually did pull him when his jumper wasn’t going down. Enter E. House who was instrumental in the Cleveland series.
    Doc could also juggle that 2 spot or wing spot by using Finley for offense and Quis or TA for defense. Don’t know why he didn’t use the length of Quis to disrupt Ginobili, but Doc does have problems feeling his way into a substitution if it’s not part of the game plan.