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Pierce suffers another stinger


According to the Celtics Twitter page, Paul Pierce suffered another stinger in practice today and is questionable for Wednesday night's game against Oklahoma City.

WEEI.com has more information on how the injury happened:

For the second time in three days, Paul Pierce injured his right
shoulder. This time, the injury happened midway through Celtics practice
when he ran into a back screen and fell to the ground. Rivers said
trainer Ed Lacerte said if it’s just a stinger, Pierce should be fine to

“He actually got hurt again,” Rivers said. “It’s a stinger. It was
the same exact reaction. It looked worse today. Eddie said if it’s a
stinger, he’ll be fine but you get concerned because it’s a game and a
practice, exact same thing.”

“That’s something you play a guy five minutes and that can happen,
Rivers added. “There’s nothing you can do about that. The good news is
it’s not a shoulder separation or anything and probably the worst case
is he misses a game or two, at worse. That’s not all bad and obviously,
you’d like to have him and it’s not a lower body injury.”

WEEI is also reporting that Kendrick Perkins should be back on the court for Wednesday's game.

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  • DRJ

    Did anyone mention that Paul is feeling numbness and/or pain down his arm? Looked more like pure shoulder pain in the game… so looked more like a simple muscle pull at the time, rather than a “stinger.” Either they’re using the term loosely, or he does have a real stinger, which means a nerve coming from his spine is being stretched or pinched… looked like a stretch in the game… and he is having shooting pain/numbness in his right arm.
    Either way, it should be a minor issue. Just bad timing to take Paul out now just as he’s getting his game all together.

  • Alex

    I think this stinger thing is gonna slow him down now…

  • DRJ

    Well… it’s gonna be up to luck. If lucky, it will never come up again. If it keeps happening, it could turn into something more serious.
    But luck is ALWAYS a huge factor in the playoffs. To win, you must be lucky enough to have your main players stay healthy. I think this is probably even more true for the Cs this year than for most teams/years.

  • Joseph

    Paul Pierce continues to be the biggest p*ssy that comes out of Inglewood. Let me guess, he needed a stretcher this time.