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Horrible idea about to ruin the Hall of Fame

A lot of people don't seem to like how people are elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.  So chairman Jerry Colangelo is coming up with ways to fix it… including fan voting.

Fan involvement may begin as soon as next season with the
groundbreaking move to include public balloting. That may spark an
emotional connection that didn't exist before, but it will come at the
risk of turning off insiders worried that the Hall of Fame will turn
into a popularity contest.

Colangelo's solution: The fan balloting
(Colangelo hopes it will top a million votes the first year) will
count, but with less value than the returns from past inductees, people
within the game and media members that have traditionally made the
decision. Colangelo has yet to determine the level of the fan voice in
the compromise, and other details must still be worked out before the
board of directors signs off. But the plan is expected to be approved
and could become part of the process as soon as the 2011 vote.

still has to be weighted very, very heavily to people within the
industry," Colangelo said. "But I'm trying to push more focus, more
participation with fans. That's a very good thing."

Dear GOD please don't let this happen.  I don't care if it's a millionth of a percent fan voting.  I don't want that Pandora's Box opening.

Just look at the annual "I can't believe this guy is getting into the All Star Game" debate.  I'm sorry, but we fans are way too emotional to make decisions like this.  We play favorites.  For every Dennis Johnson we push through to the Hall of Fame… we'll get a Robert Horry.

And don't think that we won't see an Horry argument.  People are already making it and it makes me sick.

So please… no fan voting.  It's a horrible, horrible idea.  Maybe one of the worst I've heard.  Getting into the Hall is special (and lucrative for the inductee)… I don't want some ridiculous popularity contest to skew any of the results.

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  • Well, I guess they couldn’t water down the league anymore than it has been so they’ll start to water down the hall of fame.

  • What, you don’t think Yi Jianlian deserves to be in the Hall of Fame? 😉

  • Vernon Maxwell

    What’s wrong with Robert Horry? He probably has been apart of too many championships to be considered. His “big shots” certainly don’t warrant a HOF nod.
    And yes, that’s all sarcasm. Of course Horry is a HOF candidate.

  • Yes let’s have the fans vote. Then we’ll act shocked when Kurt Rambis and Seen Nader are enshrined.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Definitely the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard…..brought to you by everyone who voted for AI in this years all-star game. (and KG for that matter)
    ps to Max- the Fresh Prince was a very good pro who happened to make some great shots on great teams but is NOT hall-of-fame material.