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Your Morning Dump… Analyzing the 3rd quarter woes

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Even in recent wins, Boston has allowed teams to hang around or rally
in the second half, making things far more difficult than it sometimes
needs to be (see Friday's win over the Kings).

The Celtics have
scored in the teens in the third quarter of three of their last four
games, and haven't topped 26 points in the third quarter since March 12
vs. Indiana (31). Twenty times this season the Celtics have scored 19
points or fewer in the third quarter.

ESPN Boston – Celtic break after intermission

More 3rd quarter suckage (I'm breaking out the technical terms) from the Celtics last night.

Last week, John Schumann of used fancy statistics to back up what we all know – the Celtics have a tendency to sleep-walk through the second half.


Is it laziness? A disinterest in the regular season? If so, why wouldn't those reasons apply to the first half? Is it as simple as age? The old bones aren't responding after halftime? Someone give me the answer, please!

On Page 2, a case for Shelden Williams to join the rotation.

Speaking of proving a point, Shelden
Williams has escaped the end of the bench and is giving the Celtics
productive minutes, more so than Davis.

Rivers has nine games left to establish
his rotations and Williams should be part of the mix. He may not have
Davis’s post game but he plays more levelheaded. Davis missed five of
six shots and needs to become a better finisher. He is apt at grabbing
offensive rebounds, but also apt at getting his putbacks blocked.

Globe – New lesson for old team (Gary Washburn)

For all his faults (lack of size, inability to finish in the paint), I've applauded Glen Davis' effort since the All-Star break. Yes, he rarely passes the ball out of the paint after securing an offensive rebound, but I love the hustle. That type of desire can be infectious. But Gary Washburn makes a good point, Shelden Williams is steady. To me, the upside of Glen Davis is more valuable. He's more likely to have breakout games than Shelden.

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  • Alex

    Glen Davis is a black hole.

  • Perry

    Let’s give credit to the Spurs. This is usually the time of year where they put it on cruise control. But, Pop won’t be resting his key guys for fear of slipping to the 8th seed. So the Spurs are motivated. By the way, they beat Cleveland Friday night. Have to admire the way they swung the ball around the perimeter. Their ball movement would have broken any defense down. Ginobili rejecting KG…amazing!
    Okay so it’s one bad quarter, but what about the one that ensued?
    Here’s the way I see it.
    This team just does not play with that competitive, mental edge they’ve played with in the past.
    Used to be they would get down double digits, or have that bad stretch only to roar back. The Celtics of old were like rattle snakes. This bunch seems to take that punch and stay on the floor. It will be interesting to see how they respond Wednesday night.

  • Alex

    This team… one punch does it for em. If they are down by 15+, you can just forget about it.

  • Adam Goodman

    Shelden Williams should be given the same treatment Ton Allen has received. If he earns the minutes, he should receive the minutes. And Shelden has earned the minutes over Glen Davis.