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‘Sheed: “Manure did his thing… “

Via ESPN Boston:

"Manure did his thing," said Wallace, who earlier this season dubbed
Toronto's Hedu Terkoglu, "Turkododo" while complaining about his
flopping. "He opened the floor for them, we tried to trap him, but he
made the basketball pass to the open man, or they made the extra pass
after that. It's basic basketball. Honestly, man, there's not too much
more to say about that. We tried to do a good job on him, but he got
off. He got loose a little bit on the first half."

A guy who has played like crap all season is cracking manure jokes following an embarrassing 21-point defeat at home?

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  • Alex

    Sheed is embarrassing himself.

  • JD

    Sheed is a goddamn idiot

  • Oh man, you already used the “played like crap” line so I’m not sure if I have a witty one liner to add. Well played.

  • Ringo