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T-Mobile Recap: Outquicked, outworked


How often did Hubie Brown say "outquicked and outworked" in the 4th quarter? 13 times? I wasn't counting, but he said it every time the Spurs beat the Celtics to a loose ball or grabbed an offensive rebound. And that was a lot.

Manu Ginobili (28 points, 7 assists) and Richard Jefferson (16 points,
11 rebounds) destroyed the Celtics.

The Celtics trailed by just one at halftime. But the guys came out with ZERO energy in the 3rd quarter.

On defense, the Spurs were passing the ball around the perimeter like the Globetrotters and the Celtics were chasing like the Washington Generals. On offense, the ball was "sticking" as Doc likes to say. The Celtics shot 37% and 7% (1-14) from 3. They scored 30 points in the 2nd half.

The lone bright spot for the Celtics was Shelden Williams – 13 points, 5-5 FG in 11 minutes.

The Celtics effort was so weak and the shooting was so poor tonight, they wouldn't have beaten the Nets.

The first quarter was so promising. Paul Pierce and KG each had 8 points as the Celtics led 23-19. Fourteen of the team's 23 points came in the paint.

The warning signs appeared in the streaky 2nd quarter. The Spurs came out strong and found themselves up 10 after a 16-3 run. The Celtics closed the half on a 13-4 run to cut the deficit to one.

Rasheed Wallace had 7 of his 8 rebounds in the 1st half.

Spurs 94 – Celtics 73 | Box score | Recap


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  • KY Celts fan

    Aagh. To lose is one thing, to get blown out at home, again, is another. Barf.

  • BRADinLA

    The only thing that makes me feel better about this game is knowing that the Lakers only scored 75 points the other night. Otherwise, it was a hard game to watch and reminded me of earlier in the season.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Yep, it was really hard to watch.. 🙁

  • Glad I missed it…

  • Every time I eat a philly cheese steak the Celtics play like crap.

  • BRADinLA

    Then stop eating them for Christ’s sake!

  • goddamn that was embarrassing and u know whom i blame for? well its obvious the problem is rasheed. he’s soooo goddamn lazy he shot most threes than any of his teammates tonight and he’s listed as center!!!!!! wtf how many centers do u shooting threes all night and get one rebound in a half?! I say we should just bench him for the remainder of the season. screw his switch on/off theory. he’s off all the time period lazyass

  • Count, I worry for your health. You’ve eaten a lot of Philly cheese steaks this year.

  • ATerry

    Benching ‘Sheed would be ridiculous.
    I liked what Donny Marshall said (and I rarely do) after the game. He was saying the Celtics didn’t look like they wanted to be there, Sunday night at 8PM, no energy blah blah. Ya it’s frustrating for not but do we really think they will be disinterested in the playoffs? Or even in the last week of the season with the 3 seed on the line?
    Read this blurb from an ESPN the Magazine article authored by an anonymous NBA star named “Player X”
    “Guys talk. We definitely notice players on opposing teams who are the drinkers. You can tell by their physique, whether it’s a beer belly or just a little extra body fat. A guy may be strong as hell but if he’s not cut, it’s a good bet that he likes to booze. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few guys who will remain nameless who can hide their habits, but everyone around the league knows who parties and who doesn’t. The NBA is a pretty small community.”
    A.K.A. – Rasheed, Big Baby, even…Scal

  • Embarrassing. One bright-spot: Shelden 11 pts in 11 minutes. Other than that, digusting.

  • Tony Allen’s Lawyer

    possibly the dumbest post ever.

  • Ok Benching Sheed would not necessarily provide the solution to lethargic behavior of the team. But come on, so far he’s been nothing but a huge disappointment and he’s a veteran on this team. Great role model? Hardly. He can’t even get in shape. I’m starting to think that the celtics would be so much better off this season without rasheed. He can play on some other team who don’t give a damn like the nets. hed be perfect for them. chucking up threes anytime he wants. goddamn loser. he’s shown no heart to compete whatsoever.
    Its a pretty disconcerting idea that the celtics are disinterested in getting the third seed. Lets just hope that the magical switch is on and ready by playoff time.

  • nah it pales in comparison to yours

  • DRJ

    Sheed’s the one I’d say ‘for sure’ about.

  • DRJ

    I missed the live game and watched the rerun, knowing the result. That tends to give you more perspective, it seems… I found myself looking closer for reasons.
    This game reveals little about these two teams’ playoff prospects. Cs lost for 2 main reasons, and some minor ones:
    1) Biggest reason: Cs missed their shots. Not just 1 or 2 guys…EVERYBODY. And not just contested shot… WIDE OPEN ones too. The single exception: Shelden Williams.
    Why did they miss so many shots? No particular reason. It happens.
    Usually, the Cs can fall back on their D and hope to stay in the game. Didn’t happen tonight because of the 2nd reason.
    2) Second reason: Spurs hit their shots. Even the crazy ones, even the Hail Marys. And not just Manu, (almost) EVERYBODY hit shots. And not because the Cs’ defense was particularly bad, it wasn’t. They just got hot. It happens.
    Btw… Ginobli did not, as some have (elsewhere) said, “beat our 12 guys” single-handedly. He had a good game, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly great. Here’s a useful comparison: Most would agree that DWade is a better player than Ginboli. Much better. When the Cs last saw Wade, on Feb 3, he hit 11/16 shots (69%), including 2-4 from the 3pt line. In this Spurs game, Manu hit 9/19 (47%) and 2-8 (25%) 3-pointers. No comparison, right? Wade’s performance has it all over Manu’s.
    Yet the Celtics won the Heat game rather handily. The difference? Against the Heat, Cs shot 49% from the field, and hit 6-16 of their 3pt shots. In the Spurs game, they shot a horrid 37% overall, and an absolutely ridiculous 1-14 (7%) from the 3pt line.
    3) Another, more minor reason for the loss was Rondo’s mediocre play. He failed to make Manu pay for leaving so much real estate between them, and was in general a bit slow, even lackadaisical at times. Bad game for Rondo makes a Celtics win very, very hard… even when they’re otherwise playing well. (Yes, the whole team came out slow in Q3… but they soon woke up. They didn’t actually throw in the towel till Q4, when it was clearly time for it.)
    So that’s it. No big deal. Even in the playoffs, even the best teams have bad games. You can’t win them all. They can learn from this game (e.g., figure out the best response when the opponent backs off Rondo as Manu did). And move on.

  • bright news: the prediction for the end score was right, the spurs did in fact score 94… so i guess thats the one victory we can enjoy tonight

  • Why does it matter, or make one bit of difference what LA did the other night?…lol

  • The Garden was rockin to start, as were the C’s. The second half was a complete blur. Every time I looked at the score I couldn’t believe how bad the deficit kept becoming. It almost didn’t seem real.
    I dunno, all sorts of things about this one but Manu flat out made the guys look slow.
    Was John there, thought I saw you by section 8.