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Finley on Spurs: I want to eat their children

Michael Finley went on a profanity laced tirade when asked about the Spurs after practice today.  And by that I mean he answered every question about the Spurs in a professional manner.  But he still made it clear that this is more than a little more than your every day game.

"I still want to beat them, believe me," Finley said with a smile. "I
don't want to go out and roll over dead for them. It's still my job to
go out there and do my best to give my team the best chance to win the
ball game. Although we're friends, I want to destroy them. I still want
to beat them. That's not going to change. The fact that we're friends,
it's something we can laugh and cheer about before or after the game,
but that 48 minutes, it's all about business."

So no… Finley didn't say he wanted to eat anyone's children.  I just wish he did. 

I'll be at the game tomorrow with the boys from Project Spurs.  We're all gonna be partying in town for a couple of days.  So if you're around, you can probably find us on twitter.  Let's help show them what Boston is all about.

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  • the-pats-way

    that was a stupid article. what’s up with the wanting to eat your children. the guy is not tyson. even as a joke, that ain’t funny.

  • No, that was funny. I liked it.

  • I knwo this is not related to Celtics or Spurs. what does anyone else think about mav’s rookie beaubois’s 40 points 8 rebounds in 29 minutes today against the warriors.. yes granted its against the warriors but still impressive.
    almost every team has a good rookie cept the celtics they dont even get a chance here. the deep veteran rotation talk doens’t cut it. Rookie dejuan blair had a chance on the spurs team why can’t anyone have a chance on the celtics team?

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I agree.
    At first I thought I didn’t get some funny part of it (even if the sentence “eating your children” is never funny by itself), but then I read the article and listened to the interview, and in the end it’s just a big bad taste crap.
    ANyway: go Finley, go C’s!

  • JD

    you guys need to relax

  • the-FACTS

    who cares about beaubois’s 40 points for the mavs. hes not a celtics. i only focused on the celtics players.