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Your Morning Dump… Where this is exactly what we should have expected from Sheed

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"He's not the player athletically that he was in '04 or even in '05 or
'06,'' Billups said. "Mentally, he's always been a smart player and I
don't think he's lost that. But this is kind of how he was last year in
Detroit [when he basically packed it in]. I don't know what you all were

ESPN Boston:  Waiting on Sheed

We talked about this last night on The 2 Man Game, but I know a lot of you didn't listen so we'll get into it a little bit more here.

I fully expect Rasheed Wallace to change his game even more for the playoffs.  I think he'll just give that little bit more than will make a noticeable difference.  The comparison we've been making is to JD Drew in 2007… who basically sucked all year but then hit a huge grand slam in the playoffs and everything was forgiven.

You can listen to the discussion here:

So how do I know you didn't listen to the show?  Because we decided to randomly give tickets away to the April 2 Rockets game… and only 1 person called in to win.

You never know when or how we're going to give tickets away.  We had a lot of 'em last night… so that was definitely a missed opportunity.

Coming up, Page 2… where even Wyc thinks the Celtics were coasting

Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE/Getty Images

Celtics fans have been up and down with this team. Some days
they feel great, other days they feel down. What about you?

It has been up and down, you can’t hide from that. You have to be
honest with people, be honest with yourself. We’ve always felt though,
inside the team, that this team has a chance, and that was probably a
lull in the middle of the season, not from being lazy, but from being
tired or conserving energy. It’s like running a marathon, which I’ve
done, slowly, but I do them. And you’re going through Wellesley, you
haven’t even hit the hills yet, and you’re saying, boy, this is a long
haul, and I think that’s a little bit of what happened this year. I’m
not trying to make an excuse, that’s just my honest opinion, and I’m
really happy to see them playing better, and with more energy and better
defense right now. I don’t think they’ve been lying around, laughing,
saying ha-ha, let’s take a game off; I think they’ve been doing their
best to get ready for April, and here we are — we’re almost there.

WEEI:  Wyc Grousbeck on D&C: Full Transcript

What can we say at this point. 

It is what it is.  Or more to the point… it was what it was.

As far as Chuck and I are concerned, and this is another thing we said last night, what's past is past.  We're clearly not the same team we were a month ago.  It's a learning lesson for the team and fans.  From now on, it's about the present.

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  • DRJ

    If it is what it is, then what it is is entirely dependent on what “is” is 🙂

  • Alex

    I expected Sheed to be lazy but damn, I didn’t expect him to be THIS lazy…
    I thought Sheed going to a championship caliber team would have changed his behavior but I guess nothing can change Sheed.
    I’m praying he will play a lot better in the Playoffs.

  • Paul

    I hate that the Celtics are ok with mailing in the season. I’m sorry, but I pay thousands for season tickets. Give me my money back if you want to blow off the season.

  • Perry

    I’ve been pretty happy with Sheed lately.
    No I’m serious.
    His minutes are down (floated this concept months ago), and he has been taking less threes and techs. None us could say his signing worked out the we all thought it would, but still he has the mental edge against any second line player — not to mention the post up game we all love.

  • Alex

    I think you will be happy once you realize how the Celtics are peaking in the playoffs instead of peaking in the middle of the season.
    I honestly believe the Celtics could win this year but EVERYONE needs to be healthy (and Daniels needs to pull his thumb out of his butt and start becoming more consistent).

  • Green8Teen

    Best thing about ‘sheed being a big man off the bench: HE’S NOT MIKKI MOORE.
    Just remember what we had at this time last year every time you’re frustrated with him.

  • jared

    so true

  • paul

    I like what Wyc had to say, he’s honest but optimistic. The fans could learn something from him, but I’m still pissed about letting Powe and SkyWalker get away

  • DRJ

    Yes… and that’s exactly the main flaw in the concept, which (but for that flaw) is uniquely suited for the Cs, since they’re in the league’s weakest division, and they’re loaded with vets who need preservation.
    But if the fans want what they paid for… it’s a problem. On the other hand, I got a feeling you, and everybody else like you, will probably forget all this the moment that first drop of Gatorade hits the floor 🙂

  • DRJ

    No, Mikki wasn’t/isn’t even NBA material. That’s not what the team’s paying MLE $ for.
    But if he steps up in the playoffs, all will be forgiven/forgotten, I’m sure.