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Rondo goes “around the world” to Tony Allen

Rondo was pulling some Mix Tape ish with the ball last night.  I keep saying it… he's a caged greyhound… a Ferrari in a 30 mph zone.  I love the guys on this team… but soon enough the team will build around Rondo and give him some more high-flyers to finish for him.

THAT will be fun to watch.

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  • DRJ

    We now have three super-athletic types on the team. Rondo, Nate and TA. Anytime two of those 3 are on the court together, cool things should happen. Don’t think we’ve ever seen all three at once……

  • AboveTheRim

    I was thinking last night, enjoy Rondo’s style of play while you can. To a degree, we begrudge him for not having a jump shot to round out his overall game but since he doesn’t have the jump shot, we take for granted how hard he goes to the hole and how often he does it. The kid takes an absolute pounding hitting the deck all game, every game…he’s young so he jumps right back up every time but eventually Rondo will develop that jumper and begin to rely on it instead of getting slaughtered going to the rim. He’ll still be nasty and I don’t want any other PG but we’ll reminisce about the days when he’d fearlessly take it to the bigs in the paint with zero regard for his body.
    Just sayin…enjoy the “jumpshot free” Rondo while he’s young, fearless and frankly has no other option but to take it to the rim. When the jump shot comes, we’ll miss the “Old” Rondo who took it to the rim every time becaues he couldn’t shoot.

  • this is like porn for me…i’ve watched it at least 20 times haha
    gotta love what that man does with the basketball

  • jared

    what a seriously talented ball player. I guy I would gladly drop my cash to watch play were he not a Celtic. He really is an artist of special quality, which is why id rather have him than Williams or Paul, stats and all. Hes just a special dude. Hes our point guard and our bridge, and hopefully he carries the winning tradition into the new era a la John Havlicek.

  • Sam

    You have a good point, I wasn’t at all surprised to see him at one point when he was getting his rest at the end of the third literally wrapped up in ice, he took quite a beating in the Denver game especially, but as you said popped right back up everytime.
    He’s going to be even scarier when he adds a jump shot to his game but until then, I’ll watch what he’s doing and enjoy it more than words can say.