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T-Mobile Recap: Celtics roll Nuggets

The Celtics returned home and rolled the Nuggets 113-99.

Rajon Rondo had a triple double – 11 pts, 11 reb, and 15 assists. KG had 20 pts and 10 boards.

Things got dicey in the 3rd as Denver cut a 21 pt lead to 9. Because of Denver's explosiveness, I never felt confident.

Doc made the move to his starters earlier than usual in the 4th and it paid off. The Cs quickly pushed the lead up to 17.

Credit to Tony Allen. Pressed into duty because of foul trouble, TA responded with 13 pts, an emphatic dunk and tons of energy.

I'd love to recap the first half, but John and I spent a lot of time schmoozing in the T-Mobile suite and with ticket winners. Thanks again T-Mobile!

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  • DRJ

    TA was definitely a huge improvement over Quis in this game. Doc needs to rethink the whole Quis vs. TA thing, because TA sure brings a lot to the table.
    The most worrisome thing about this game was the weakness the Nuggets exposed in the Cs’ game. When they applied some fairly simple ball pressure on Nate, he basically fell apart, and more often than not gave up the rock. That was scary to see. Makes me think we don’t have the kind of backup PG we thought we had.
    KG was a little weak in spots on offense. Feels like he’s trying to avoid injury. But he was very energetic overall, and his D was excellent as usual.
    Other than that, a damn good game. Produced, directed and starring… Rajon Rondo.

  • Shawna

    It was all Rajon tonight, loved it. My favorite play tonight was that behind the back bounce pass. Nice. Pretty solid win except for that nerve wracking 3rd quarter. I was worried when Denver cut that lead to 9 and I didn’t get comfortably confident again until late in the 4th. That aside, it was definitely a good game.

  • FokYoMotha!!

    if you have something negative to say about this game then you’ve lost your marbles… im already hearing “denver was tired”… no1 made that excuse for us against utah(our sixth game in nine days) how the h3ll did a tired melo drop 30??? im getting tired of the band wagoners!!! you fockers sicken me!!! there’s nothing but negativity surrounding this team… you fockers act like the big 3 didn’t save us from 24 win seasons…. MotherFockaz!!!!

  • nick

    I continue to be disgusted with Marquis Daniels. Why are none of u Celtic fans commenting on Ainge’s biggest blunder of the off-season. At least Sheed plays good half the time. Queez throws out a good game once every 3 weeks. And all u want 2 crack on me for liking Matt Barnes, wel Daniels couldn’t hold Barnes’ jockstrap. U know Doc is fed up too when he’s playing T.A over him. Thank god this guys only on a 1 year deal

  • FockYomotha!!

    pardon me… i meant UNGRATEFUL motherFokkas!!!

  • sigh

    Cs fans conveniently forget… Quis was lights out until his injury my guess is he’s probably still injured and trying to get his rhythim back which is hard to do when he’s not playing alot of minutes

  • sigh


  • greenbeand

    take the W and sleep in late tmrw. it was good to see both units clicking. obviously they still need to get healthy and doc will prolly needs to find 7-8 man rotation.

  • DRJ

    And he might not get a lot of PT going forward, now that TA has shown that he can be so very valuable in those minutes. This is a problem Doc will need to solve before the playoffs.
    One thing he can think about is pulling Nate and having Quis bring the ball up when the other team starts applying ball pressure as they Denver did tonight so effectively against Nate. If he does that, he’ll need Fin out there (at least) to help space the floor.

  • TA

    i kinda think its a disgrace that sheldon williams is on your banner but you still refuse to put TA up there despite him doing everything we asked of him this year. tisk tisk.

  • sigh

    true…if quis can get his rhythm back him and TA on the floor can be a defensive nightmare for teams but the offense would probably sputter… nate is supposed to be a point guard so i dont know what’s up with his dribbling hopefully it was just one of those days

  • sigh

    why isn’t anybody talking bout a vintage 20-10 from kg???

  • ‘Quis has been very good this year, I agree. Their is really no negative points to bring up w/him. He missed some games, but we all knew (including Ainge) that Quisy misses time every year. Quis is a solid player-period.

  • Nick, Matt Barnes plays for the Orlando Magic, not the Celtics. GET OVER IT. Please. Thanks.

  • Ticket struggled offensively, but still gets 20/10. I’ll take it. And P-Dub looks like he is finally peaking. Hell yes. Big props to T.A.-this kid has been through so much w/the surgeries, trade rumors, fans calling for his head-it’s great to see him really contributing. If Doc can find a good balance and use him and Quis according to match-ups and opponents, that would be great. I love the way we are re-establishing some swagger at home-that is going to be KEY come playoff time. And yeah, how come Tony’s pic is not in the mural? Never noticed until it was mentioned tonight..

  • the-green-way

    i agree with you, i was hoping that ainge signed matt barnes. but he didn’t. matt got more size, his a better defender and shooter than marquiz daniels. i don’t think danny ainge is going to resign daniels in the offseason. i hope not.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Pierce is back, plain and simple. The guy is playing great basketball, like he was doing early on in the season. I’m not to sure with some of you saying KG struggled offensively? Were we watching the same game, I thought he was as aggresive as he’s been all year and looked like he had a lot of lift on his shot and rebounding. I so NO negatives with KG tonight, I thought it was one of the most inspiring from him since Christmas time.
    I gotta agree with nick on this, Quis has been pretty disappointing almost every night he’s out there lately. He has one great game every once in awhile it feels like, and even then I don’t see him having a major impact on the game as a whole or the outcome.
    Nate may have struggled with ball pressure some tonight but Ty Lawson may be the only player in the league that can match Nates quickness, so that doesn’t bother me in the least.
    Rondo is once again PURE GOLD. Instantly in the 2nd half after the Denver run to cut it to 9 they put Rondo back in and the whole game changed back in our favor. He has such a strong effect on the game with his ball pressure and passing, one of the best I have really ever seen.

  • Perry

    I wouldn’t be so fast to kick Quis to the curb. Who knows if TA will crack the rotation or just continue to be a specialist?
    What we do know is different guys are stepping up on any given night. Could be Nate one night, Daivs the next, or TA tonight. The most satisfying part of the win was they shook off the cobwebs and didn’t wilt when Denver made their run.
    It did seem like Kevin was avoiding the loud finishes and settling for lay ups at the rim. But he was moving great tonight, very active on the offensive boards, and I’ll take 20+10 as another positive sign. One point about Nate. He did a big three after the Nuggets cut it to 7. That was a momentum stopper. Just a great win.

  • DRJ

    Re KG: He missed a LOT of bunnies tonight, and his lift wasn’t there on either offense (including those bunnies) or rebounding. But his overall energy was great, and so was his D. Hopefully, he’s just being super-careful not to jump in a crowd, etc… wouldn’t be surprised, since every other aspect of his game was so very strong.

  • TA is gay

    except hit layups or foul shots

  • DRJ

    Very interesting remarks from Doc: http://www.csnne.com/pages/celtics_video – just find the right box.
    Doc talks about how great TA was in the beginning. Glowing stuff. Said Quis wasn’t bringing enough energy. Body language negative on Quis. And there was no question that TA was awesome in this game, and Quis has been mediocre for a lot of games now.
    And there is a LOT of terrific insight in that 8 minute clip. Must-see TV.
    (One thing he says is that neither he nor Danny knew about the rule giving the Division winner the tie-breaker regardless of record – until just a couple of days ago. Thinks that will change by next year. And a lot more…..)

  • dinomike

    stopit da celtics are the deepest team n da league what other team n da league wood not want the cees problems that dummies r talking bout

  • droopy

    finally we are looking how we did in the beginning of the season! friday night lets continue it against the kings. gino on the jumbotron. celts win 114-90

  • George

    Until the Celticss prove they can stay with a team like the Lakers in the rebounding department I won’t get too excited.
    I’m a Celtics fan juat so you know I’m not saying that because I like the Lakers. I BLEED GREEN!!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Um…We just beat all sorts of good rebounding teams in the past two weeks. Matching up with Flakers will be no problem should we play this brand of defense.
    Also the Lakers will not get outta the West if Bynum comes back from his injury all tentative like he’s done in the past.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Great win!! Nice to have a little revenge for what the Thuggets did last month. I love how the national media STILL bags on the team every chance.
    TA just may have found his way back into the rotation. He did it by playing the horny D, hustling and crashing the boards.
    Interesting that Doc suggested there would be no way he’d play the second unit at once in the play offs. That means the team could be only 8 deep. Or it could be a deflection. This team doesn’t need conventional wisdom… it needs the opportunity to be a team! During our inspired play of late some one off the bench has stepped up to contribute in our wins. Also the rest is important so the Big Three have energy to close out games. PP and Ray are not as effective being asked to play hard on defense and offense for 40 minutes a night.
    I predict Doc will field ten players in the first round and then take it from there.

  • For the “The refs played for the other team” folks. I’d say the officiating was awful this game against the Celtics. You could see the frustration on the players faces, even read some lips when the calls were mounting. I’d say this game is strong evidence that the refs can’t/don’t influence losses as much as you might think. Yes it’s frustrating when we lose and there is iffy officiating, but if you are willing to not bitch about it when we win, perhaps you should zip it when we lose. Players, and sometimes coaches, lose games, not refs.
    (All in my humblest of opinions, of course.)

  • Perry

    I would expect that rule to be changed especially since the Atlantic arguably is the worst division in the NBA. It’s a huge break for us because that 3 seed in all likelihood will sidestep Milwaukee, Atlanta and Cleveland for two rounds.
    To your point about Doc’s presser. It is clear now Doc, by design, wants those who are not getting minutes to know he hasn’t forgotten what they can do. He used the word ‘hungry’. His words reflected a trait of momentum. That’s what this team is building on for the remainder of the regular season.
    The question of partitioning minutes for TA over Quis is not the issue. What’s important is every guy riding the pine remains hungry, and is ready to play. Each has unique attributes. Now it’s up to Doc to make the most of his roster. Last night, by default, it was TA’s night. What pleased me was Doc stayed with him for the entire fourth quarter. Message sent.
    Even without Kevin, last year the Celts never took the foot of the pedal. As a result they ran out of gas. This time around Doc has the horses.

  • DRJ

    Don’t agree. This game was the exception… Cs would have blown them completely away if the refs had been semi-sane. Refs do influence a LOT of games, including deciding winners. That’s one of the NBA’s biggest problems, for a lot of us.

  • DRJ

    And btw… there WERE complaints about the refs, even though our team won. The game is damaged regardless of who wins.