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Dancer Madness: Brook pulls off upset

With March Madness going on ON the court… we're going through all
of the NBA Dance Teams and letting you pick the hottest dancer in the

We have our first upset of the tournament – Brook knocking off Caitlin in the West. While Brook is awfully cute, I thought our readers would reject her tame picture. In the East, Kaylin destroyed Carissa.

Brook (Jazz) and Kaylin (Hawks) join Jacqueline (Clippers), Jamie (Cavaliers) and Ashley (Celtics) and Lynna (Hornets) in the winners bracket.

Today's competition…

In the East:

Ashley – Miami

Ashley f


Jen – Bobcats


In the West…

Nikki – Denver Nuggets



Jenn – Memphis Grizzlies


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  • JD

    Alright, Jen from the Bobcats is smokin, but nobody is going to beat that Ashley chick. It’d be nice if we could flip the matchups, cuz Jen is hotter than both chicks in the second matchup. And Jenn from Memphis looks like she was once a man.

  • Danno

    Is that the best Memphis has to offer?

  • droopdog7

    Yeah, what’s the deal here? The first two are potential finalist while I didn’t want to vote for either of the second pair.

  • Ashley makes me feel all funny…
    I gotta say.. going through the East teams… I’m very impressed with what they had to offer. The West might have the better teams… but the East has the better dancers.
    I mean moves-wise. Totally.

  • mrchumpy

    big shiny globes…

  • KY Celts fan

    Ashley vs. Jen is the best matchup so far. I voted for Ashley somy because I thought Miami would win this thing from the beginning, but damn if Charlotte didn’t put up a good fight.
    And if that’s the best Memphis has to offer then I’d hate see the rest of the team.

  • KY Celts fan

    *simply, not somy. Damn Iphone

  • Alex

    Holy shit that Memphis cheerleader looks fugly. Omg.

  • Not all THAT surprised Brooke won. I think if we ran the stats back to last year we’d find that blondes do better with the Army. Where’s the stat-guy?

  • I had diversity on the brain as I picked through the Western conference teams. I thought you all might be tired of seeing well-endowed blondes.

  • DRJ

    Nah… too much plastic in those Eastern mountain ranges. Nikki’s the natural choice… I mean, have you ever seen a balloon that was already overfilled with air? Ever try to blow one up?

  • AP

    This competition is over. Just give the trophy to Ashley. Any other contestant will pale in comparison to her or to ANY other Miami Heat dancer.

  • DRJ

    That shot seems designed to make the subject look like a transvestite. The background, the lighting, the closeup view, the pose, the makeup (or absence thereof)… that is one horrible picture.