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Andray Blatche done F’d up

Hey, remember when everyone was buzzing about how Andray Blatche was one of the hottest players in the NBA since the trade deadline?

Well… apparently that got to his head… because he refused to re-enter last night's game after Flip Saunders benched him for not getting back on D.

After blasting Blatche after the game for leaving his teammate hanging, he dropped this little KG reference on Andray.

"You what I'm disappointed in?" Saunders said. "I'm disappointed in
that since we started him, 60 percent of the offense is run through him.
Coaches aren't wrong, no matter what. When a coach wants to teach you
something, and you think you're above that because you've played 16 good

"I mean I [coached] Kevin Garnett [in Minnesota]. That guy, you'd say
one thing, and he's up there, 'What do you want coach?' He wanted to
get better every time. He never copped that type of attitude. That's
ridiculous. It really is. I am extremely disappointed. I am the most
disappointed I've ever been in 15 years with a player. Most

Flip's the same guy who compared Blatche's game to KG's in the first place.  So this is a huge message to a guy who might have let 3 weeks of good play get to his head:  I know Kevin Garnett… I've coached Kevin Garnett… and you sir, are no Kevin Garnett.

It's a shame, because this kid was getting his shot.  And now he screwed it all up.  This is the type of thing that hangs with you for a long time…. like Robert Horry throwing a towel in Danny Ainge's face in Phoenix…. or Scottie Pippen refusing to re-enter a game when a last-minute play wasn't drawn up for him.  This doesn't just go away.

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  • That has to be one of the biggest verbal slaps to the face I can recall a coach giving a player.
    Luckily for Blatche, he plays for the Wizards, and I don’t imagine Flip giving him the D’Antoni permanent-bench-seat routine.
    But it’s a wake-up call for sure. He’s either going to get it, or shut down.
    Either way, well done Flip!

  • Danno

    Flip Saunders going all Lloyd Bentson on his ass. LOL.

  • ja

    How do you think that would of played with
    Robert Knight . Blatch and him would be at each others throats .

  • Nice call Flip. Blatche.. beeeeyatch. This is one of those ‘drag his ass around the locker room’ by his teammates. The KG shout out is awesome. Reminds me of ’08 when we were worshiping his contributions not only to the team, but to everything.

  • *reds, that ‘how to change the starting line up’ poll… time for a newbie?

  • Good Call – I was thinking the same thing

  • Lee in Oregon

    You mean like Danny Ainge smashing a ball into Mario Ellie’s face from 3 feet away? Like that?
    Flip’s an ok coach who always seems to be in the wrong job at the wrong time.

  • I know, I know.
    I’ve been busting my ass researching dancers and putting together those polls.
    You all have any suggestions?

  • the next poll could be..what should the next poll be?
    A – Who is a better dancer, Ashley or Gino? B – Who wins a 40 yrd dash, Nate or Rondo?
    (weak, but the door was open)

  • Funny, your twitter theme got me PUMPED seeing KG in form. Got me thinking…
    What about a ‘remember who you are’ post for the home stretch? Pictures of KG doing the Cobra, Pics of Pierce nailing And-1 from the corner of the paint, Ray Ray hitting last second game winners, Rondo making folks get Rondo’d.

  • DRJ

    This one mistake could end up costing Blatche a LOT of $.

  • thetitleisours

    Isn’t this the same guy charged with a crime a few years back?

  • Joseph

    And b*tch flip saunders played him anyways. LOL.