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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc can live with that

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"No, we just lost the game," said Rivers, when asked if Monday
constituted a step backward as his team's four-game winning streak was
snapped. "We're not going to overdo this. We'll let [the media] analyze
this and figure out why we lost. They outplayed us. They made shots,
moved the ball, attacked us. They were the better team tonight."

"We closed out the first half terribly," said Rivers. "We had a
[12-point] lead, then we had four or five turnovers. What we did was
give them hope. They cut it to five [at halftime]. Then in the third
quarter, we didn't get any stops and they scored every time down. Then
we stopped moving the ball and everybody was trying to make plays on
their own.

"That happens. I can live with that."

ESPN Boston – Slip-up doesn't bother Doc

I can live with it too. Last night's game was their sixth in nine days, and third road game in four nights. Anyone disappointed with a 2-1 road trip is crazy.

Ever since Michael Finley’s arrival, there has been a question of
what the rotation would look like if and when he got settled into a
role. The first part of that question has been answered, and Rivers
affirmed it last week, saying the veteran clearly had earned a spot.

Finley has struggled a little bit since scoring 15 points against the
Pistons last week, but he turned in a solid eight-point performance
against Utah in 14 minutes of action.
was the other obvious bright spot with 13 points, all in the
first half, and five rebounds.

The postseason will present an interesting puzzle for Rivers to solve.
Will he stay with all 10 players or will he shorten the rotation? If he
does, who gets left out? Right now it would seem to be a choice between
and possibly Allen if the matchups swung the right way.

WEEI – Just one of those nights

I vote for a 10 man rotation in the playoffs. I really like the second unit – Nate, Quis, Finley, Davis and Sheed – as a whole. 

On Page 2, Doc explains his ejection.


A frustrated Doc
was ejected with 1:11 left, picking up his first
technical for, in his words, asking referee Ed Malloy to continue
calling the game after witnessing what he believed was an uncalled
traveling call on Utah.

‘I then said, ‘That was the best call you’ve made all night,” said
the Celts coach, who mocked applause when Malloy pointed toward the

“I just wish I earned it. If he wants to throw you out for that,
that’s fine. I didn’t even swear. We’re in Utah. I appreciate that.”

Herald – Celtics dry up in Salt Lake

Can coaches have techs rescinded? Because that second T was a joke. Ed Malloy needs thicker skin.

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  • Perry

    Okay it’s one loss off a successful road trip. However, I have many points of access in my media room and on one of those screens was the Hawks/Bucks game. I admit taking to scoreboard watching these days. So I hope last night won’t be the game that we all say the Celtics going into the playoffs as a 4 seed pissed away.
    I was feeling awfully good about the starters re-entering the game with only 4:25 left in the second quarter. But they squandered away a double digit lead and came out flat in the second half.
    Rondo was manhandled by Williams. Nate is quick enough, but not big or strong enough to stop him either. So my question is…should Doc have called TA’s number earlier in the second half to slow him down?

  • I still don’t think TA is strong enough to handle DWill. He’s just too good.

  • XMan12

    The refs are funny..I’ve been watching all the games with the NBA LP and I must say its almost like the refs(really the league) build a narrative WWE style to make the games exciting. Thats where the inconsistency comes from, thats why the fans and players get frustrated and thats when I have to remind myself its not just called “NBA” its “NBA Entertainment”

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Frustrating loss, simply because we had our chance to get up a game on the Hawks. We really need the 3 seed, avoiding the Bucks in the 1st round then Cavs in the 2nd round is so key. Hawks own the tiebreaker so we need to get games on them when we can, there is only like 12 games left in the season..

  • Perry

    Agreed, and that’s not an indictment against TA, Rajon or Nate. It was just one of those nights where Williams was the aggressor. Rajon can get the best of him too. It just wasn’t his night.
    My point was if Doc plans to carry a 10 man rotation into the post season then what’s wrong with using another part of the arsenal if the situation deems it?
    Throw TA or even Quis at Williams for a few minutes. He only shot 5 for 14, but 11 for 11 from the free throw line. So he was getting to where ever he wanted to be. I’ve watched teams throw bigger guys at Rondo to slow him down, and sometimes it’s worked.
    On the other hand the entire bench played great. So who do you sit? Finley didn’t miss a shot. Quis was superb. Nate, Davis, Sheed? Do you go small and have Davis chase Okour off the 3 point line?
    This is my only problem with Doc. He has options now that he didn’t have in the past. But he is stubborn and sometimes does not look hard enough for the right combinations during the course of a game. At least he’s not playing Ray and Pierce 40+ a night, so we have to find the good with the bad.

  • DRJ

    Personally, I don’t like Utah’s game, and especially DWill’s. Imo, he charges A LOT. His idea of a good play is to put his shoulders down and bull right in, elbows out, ignoring everybody in his way, and hope/wait for the whistle. Not infrequently, he loses control of his body, or almost does. Last night, he got the call almost every time. In other games, with sane refs, he might not. Either way, I don’t like it. It’s… gross basketball. Nothing refined or clever or interesting about it. Even if it’s successful… I just don’t like it.
    I have no doubt that some of those drives should have been called offensive fouls.