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Dancer Madness: Jamie, Jacqueline move on

With March Madness going on ON the court… we're going through all
the NBA Dance Teams and letting you pick the hottest dancer in the

The Clippers Jacqueline and the Cavaliers Jamie easily advanced into our winners bracket (joining  Ashley (Celtics) and Lynna (Hornets). 

Today's competition:

In the East…

Kaylin – Hawks

Kaylin 2 

Carissa – Bulls


In the West…

Caitlin – Portland Trail Blazers



Brook – Utah Jazz


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  • Alex

    Carissa looks like a mother…

  • exactly a mom i would love to Fu#k

  • Manup

    all other pics irrelevant.

  • JD

    Carissa’s face is a little weird in that picture…. and its not fair that Brook only shows her face, while Caitlin shows off her whole body. I voted for Brook anyway, cuz she is smokin and she has to have a bangin body too (being a cheerleader).

  • KY Celts fan

    Voted for Caitlin over Brook, simply because I had more to work with. I think if I had a full picture of Brook, I would have gone with her, but I can go with what I have.
    And Kaylin hands down. Seriously, why would you choose the Bulls chick?