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Better soul-crushing facial: Amare or Wade?

Whaddya think?  Amare from last night?

Or D-Wade from November?

Comment away.

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  • D Wade. He’s smaller so it’s more spectacular.. you expect it from Amare
    it’s real, and it’s spectacular

  • Beastondo32

    ya im going with wade… there was more anger behind the dunk than amare who just kind of jumped over tolliver… Wade all the way

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Wade – made side show bob his bitch and thats always good for extra credit in my book.

  • WADE for sure… that was a straight up dunk and its on that fag “ANDY” tha’ts a bonus too

  • Alex

    Wade, definitely. Just because I hate Andy Varajao and the fact that Wade is shorter than Varajao.
    Also… I don’t see how great Amare’s dunk was. Sure, he dunked on the guy but damn, if I had his body type, those should come easy for the guy.

  • Gary

    Wade’s was way better. I didn’t even find Amare’s all that out of the ordinary, am I wrong?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Amare’s was big, seeing a guy that big who can jump like that is pretty spectacular but still gotta go with DWade… That dunk just straight up punked varejao, and I remember watching the game and Lebron was so embarrassed for andy he didnt even help him up

  • greenbeand

    this video is exactly why you do not want Amare on your team. he actually fumbled the previous play and was lazy to run back for defense

  • Here here!

  • since everyone mentioned sideshow bob, I have a whole new appreciation for that dunk. And agreed fully with greenbeand, Amare underachieves too often.

  • Bill

    Wade’s dunk was sick, but when you look at the time and impact of each dunk, Amar’e is straight sicker.

  • droopdog7

    I thought Rose’s dunk on the Euro earlier this year was better than both.

  • Shawn-cvd

    DWade’s. The subject was “better more soul-crushing facial”. The extra curricular activities seal it for Flash. Amare does the cliched jersey pop. Wade strolls over to Sir-Flops-Alot and steps over his dejected carcass. He also did it so smoothly and subtly he was not called a T for taunting.

  • KY Celts fan

    Wade. No contest. I don’t see anything that spectacular about Amare’s. Best dunk this year was Corrie Brewer on Derek Fisher. Nasty.

  • Shawn-cvd
  • When comparing the two, I think Wade takes the cake with the tie breaker being the dunk was on Varejao. Amare’s dunk was pretty nasty!

  • Lets not forget about this one…

  • Dude Bro Guy

    You forgot to post LeBron’s soul-crushing chasedown block on Rondo.