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Your Morning Dump… Where Sheed isn’t jacking as many 3’s

Sheed for 3 Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

In four of the last seven seasons, Wallace has taken
fewer 3-point attempts per game in March and April, than he took for the
season as a whole.

But his drop-off this month has been the
steepest 3-point shooting dip of his career.

Although he's
averaging 3.97 3-point attempts this season, he's only taking 1.83 per
game this month.

Wallace said his 3-point shooting isn't
something he's consciously trying to cut back on.

"It's just
happening," Wallace said. "Just playing."

CSNNE: No more long shots for Sheed

I almost feel like we need to make a check list of all the things that drove fans crazy earlier this season that are sort of going away now.

  • Doc no longer overplaying of starters:  check
  • Celtics no longer collapsing and losing leads: check
  • Rasheed Wallace playing inside and limiting all those 3's: check

Hmmm… it's almost as if the earlier part of the season was an opportunity to work some things out and now they're putting it together.

Alright, I know, that's a ridiculous over-simplification of what's happened this season, but it's the ridiculous over-simplification that most closely suits my argument over the past few months… so I'm sticking to it.  The reality of the situation is the Celtics, due to injuries, new players, and yes, some coasting, spent months out of sync.  Now they've got their full squad, guys are healthier, and with the playoffs around the corner… they're stepping up their games a little.  Sheed included.

Say what you want about Sheed so far, but we've seen him play great in the post.  We've seen him play great on D.  He has it in him.  He's starting to do it.

So maybe… possibly… Sheed is becoming the player we expected him to be.  He just spent months driving us absolutely nuts, first.

Coming up, Page 2… where Baby is embracing his role too

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

 “I have to bring energy, play defense, take what the defense is giving
me, do my role and set picks,” he said. “I have a knack for the ball,
being there the right time at the right time, reacting to the ball. Some
people just have the ability to do that. My strong point is offensive
rebounding. Go back up, try to get a foul, try to get an and-one.”

Herald: Key role right up Glen Davis' alley

“Over the last two weeks he’s been
very consistent, and that’s who we need him to be,’’ said coach Doc
Rivers. “It’s important that he does that.

“That’s who he actually has to be in order
to be a good player. You can’t be a finesse player. That’s not who he
is. When he tries to do that, when he goes in the game with preconceived
ideas of scoring or whatever, he’s not as good. But when he goes in the
game and says, ‘I’m just going to play as hard as I can and see what
happens,’ then he’s a good player for us.’’

Globe:  New role, and on a little roll

I know I've said it before… but Glen Davis is one step away from being awesome off the bench.  There's no doubt, he's our best rebounder right now… especially on the offensive boards.  I will give him props for that.  And Ray Allen made a good point the other night about how giving up offensive boards can be demoralizing for a team (the Celtics should know).

BUT… second chances don't come around very often.  And while Baby is eating up clock and making the other team work harder for longer by getting the board… he HAS to recognize when he's surrounded and kick it out.  It's better to just restart the play in that situation.

If he's got a guy 1-on-1 after the rebound… or if he's got some open space… then fine.  Go up with it.  But he's got to be better at recognizing situations.  As soon as he does that, then he'll be the most important guy off the bench for the Celtics.

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  • Perry

    The most encouraging sign has been the focus on defense. Despite taking a few body blows over the past two games, collectively they maintained energy and that desire resulting in stops. After the loss to Cleveland, Ray made a comment about the team never quitting. No question that it’s carried over.
    I give Davis high praise because he has been addressing energy and rebounding.
    Even though Sheed had bad offensive night in Dallas, he played better man to man defense. Not sure if was about his little squabble with Dirk, but the numbers pointed out this morning are very positive.
    To a man, each has settled into their role. Success begins with the Big 3 for sure, but Rondo is showing great recognition. When Ray and Paul are hot he’s putting them in the best position to score. When his team needs scoring he steps up. All good signs.

  • I have been impressed with baby davis the last few games. Guy is working and just carving out space in the paint for those boards. I agree he has difficulty with the put backs but also he gets zero love from the refs and gets hacked always in those situations. Need his energy against the likes of andy varejao and birdman.

  • One point I was wondering about is that with the big three healthy going into the playoffs this year, how much will rondo step up? Will there be a series where he just dominates like he did the Bulls last year?
    Can’t we put sheldon, Davis, nate, finley, and quis as a unit off the bench, and make sheed share minutes with KG or Perkins? Hopefully that’ll solve the rebounding issue.

  • Perry

    The answer is he doesn’t have to dominate if the Big 3 are playing at the high level. Case in point; Friday he played the role of defensive stopper and shut down Brooks. In Dallas he had a greater offensive role scoring 20 points. Conversely against the Knicks at home, only two points and a ton of dimes.
    So Rondo is recognizing what his team needs on any given night and is delivering in spades. One day this will be his team, and he will have to dominate. We may see him take over games in spurts, but the overall success of this team remains in the hands of the Big 3.
    I’m with you on Shelden, but it appears Doc is going with this 10 man rotation omitting him and TA. They’re just going to have to stay ready if Doc calls their number.

  • greenbeand

    for the celts to be effective sheed has to play in the paint and krypto needs to fly

  • Thanks for your insight man! Yeah we gotta give Rondo credit for not trying to do too much and still give maintain a ‘pass first’ mentality. THough it doens’t take away his offensive ability.
    I know its useless to say this now, but imagine instead of resigning sheldon, the celtics waited on Leon POwe, whom DOc would play and is a good rebounder. That would be huge. Even if he doesn’t, its still a plus not having him contribute in Cleveland.

  • signing***
    my bad. yeah we should’ve resigned Leon Powe