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T-Mobile Recap: Celtics get Okur’d


Fueled by the unstoppable Mehmet Okur, the Jazz beat the Celtics tonight 110-97.

Yes, Deron Williams (22 points, 11 assists) and C.J. Miles (23 points) both had solid games. But Okur was the main reason the Jazz outscored the Celtics 33-19 in the 3rd quarter. He drained three 3s, scored on a tip-in, blocked a shot and collected just about every rebound.

The Celtics tailspin started late in the 2nd quarter. They led the game 54-42 until Utah scored the final 7 points of the quarter. The Jazz then ripped off the first 9 points on the 3rd. By my math, that's a 16-0 run.

The Celtics couldn't make shots and they couldn't get stops – a fatal combination. The offense didn't regain its rhythm until midway through the fourth quarter. Paul Pierce had 2 points (0-6 FG) in the second half.

How bad was the offense? The Cs finished with more turnovers (18) than assists (15).

The Celtics held a 21-13 rebounding advantage at the half. In the second half, Utah out-rebounded Boston 27-16.

The Celtics bench played extremely well… in the first half. Glen Davis (13 points, 5 rebounds) drew a charge and scored 5 points in his first 60 seconds on the court.

Doc Rivers got tossed with 1:11 left. Ed Malloy teed up a second technical as Doc applauded the first.

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  • JD

    Disappointed, but going into this game, I wanted either a win here or a win against Denver…. so they better kick the Nuggets’ ass.

  • That 1st quarter was one of the best we’ve played all year, but as has been the mantra of this team this year “48 minutes…”. Props to Davis tonight-that kid was a monster off the bench. Turkey of the night (again) is ‘Sheed though. He could’ve really went at Mehmut and possibly got him in some foul trouble, but I think he only took him down low once. Phooey. Hoping to be at the Garden for Nuggs-will be a very fun game.

  • KY Celts fan

    Eh, 2-1 road trip. No big deal. Utah is a beast at home, and I feel we already proved what we needed to this trip. Focus is on Denver now.

  • Fickle Celtics Fan

    Should we start panicking again/writing this team off?????? R they going to get swept in the first round you guys????????

  • DRJ

    Great effort to start, then a B- or C the rest of the way, starting from about 5:00 in Q2. That’s about right for another meaningless game on the road, 3rd in 4 nights. Jazz played most of the game like it was do-or-die time in the playoffs. Whatever… doesn’t mean anything. This loss doesn’t bother me.
    The refs bother me though. Much worse than usual in this game. I guess “sarcasm” is tech-worthy offense now in the NBA. Rondo didn’t travel when it was called on him. Williams fouled Rondo umpteen times – charging into him with elbows and shoulders – never got called right. Paul on the other hand got hit while driving several times, got the call only about half the time. These were just terrible referees.
    Whatever… bring on the Nuggets.

  • greenbeand

    lets not forget the previous 8 quarters were some of the strongest this season. their chemistry and drive was evident tonight. if they can’t score than they need to play lock down defense.

  • Mikey

    What Doc Rivers did was awesome. I am so happy for him right now, and it was just as good as a W. Screw these refs. Doc had the best reaction I’ve ever seen by a coach. It was amazing.
    I didn’t watch the game, because it wasn’t on TV.
    I did see the hanging on the rim though by Boozer and that should have been a T. And by reading DRJ1’s comments I’m sure they got jobbed the rest of the game too. Think about what Nate Robinson did at the end of the game against the Pistons and got a T for hanging on the rim. Nate barely did anything. Boozer looked like a monkey. And I guess the refs like that.
    This championship season is everything it should be. The pathetic media, whiny announcers, and loser refs, doing everything in their power, costing the Celtics 8-10 wins during the regular season on total BS calls. Celtic opponents playing every game like its Game 7 with all 5 starters playing 35+ minutes every night against them. And the Celtics battling back, playing great basketball. Doc showing the perfect sarcasm to these stupid lying refs. Put Banner 18 up now. Doc’s reaction basically sealed the title for us.
    Stick it to the NBA.
    Thank You Doc.

  • Mikey

    Stick it to Celtics blog too. Bunch of hypocrites.

  • Shawna

    Ha, Turkey of the night indeed. I think the key word there is definitely “again”. When my husband (who is no where near the fan I am, nor anywhere near coordinated enough to be considered athletic) starts talking about how Rasheed looks like he would on the floor then I’m thinking it’s an issue 🙂
    But I’m not all that mad about this loss, we did play some good ball in the first half. And I’ve been seeing flashes of the ’08 C’s in the past few games. Looking forward to the Nuggets game too.

  • Mikey

    DRJ1 wanted to respond to you on your comments on celticsblog.
    Everything you type is correct, basically 100% of the time. vinnie is a fake, dude is not a celtics fan, probably a lakers or cavs wannabe. some of the so called “mods” on celticsblog aren’t celtics fans either, I wouldn’t trust them either.
    Bottom line is that dude vinnie is typing the opposite of what you type no matter what you post to try and annoy you and make you type, to make you think you are not correct. You are correct. I 2nd that. Basically agree with everything you post. vinnie is a liar. 1.he claimed to be a fan for 40 years, if that is the case he is a total liar, anyone who ever followed the Celtics that long knows the regular season is not that important and anybody who watched Bird or Russell play would never insult or type “Perkins stinks” 100 times on a computer. there is no such thing. Not only that Celtics step up in the playoffs big time. 1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93 all should have been titles year, 2010 team is kind of like those teams in that everyone wrote them off all year, then when they played great in the post season the refs ripped them 1.1991 McHale goaltending Game 6. 1992 Reggie shirt pulled back no call Game 4. 1993 X-Man getting in Bob Delaney’s face end of Game 4. Only difference is 2010 Celtics have more talent and will win title. 2.vinnie claims to go to the games. that is bs, he probably lives nowhere near Boston. and if he had tickets he wouldn’t rip on the team he goes everyday to watch. there is no such fan in sports. Maybe on another team, not on the the Celtics, this is the greatest franchise period.
    On the issue, I agree. The Utah game is meaningless. Utah thinks its Game 7 to win the gold medal. every team that plays against the C’s do. The Rockets and Mavs game were not meaningless, because at some point Celtics have to win on the road against top teams. Had they lost to HOU and DAL, then the Utah game becomes more meaningful. Once they win, they can relax, if they start losing alot, they have to step it up. That is how the regular season works for HOF veterans with rings.
    The Lakers don’t have to do anything in the regular season either. They are defending champs so have to step it up a bit.
    Every other team besides the Celtics and Lakers, and maybe Spurs, have to work hard in the regular season. Why? Because they haven’t won anything and none of their players have proved anything. Garnett, Ray, Sheed, & Paul aren’t going to lose their job, their rings, or their HOF status. People like Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Jameer Nelson, Melo, Jamison, Bogut, GForce, Caron, D Will and jerk boy from Cle etc aren’t going to necessarily lose their jobs if they play poorly, but their status and legacy in the NBA will be damaged if they don’t play their heart out 100% of the time. No Celtics player has to play like that. That is the advantage we have being 17(18)titles in the win column.
    When you look at the 2010 playoffs, 3 teams will have rings going in BOS LA SA, and everybody else is going into uncharterd territory, so those 3 teams have the advantage, SA doesn’t have maybe as much talent so that gives the edge to us and those people over there in lala land.
    So keep up the good work, all those other fake posters are trying to annoy you, like the media, espn and the refs do. They try so hard and use underhanded tricks because that is their only chance and they hate the Celtics. Celtics are going to win the title anyway.

  • Amen man Can’t wait until the playoffs and see celtics play their best and destroy the eastern conference.
    Great analogy and celtics and celtics fan never give up!

  • DRJ

    Thanks, Mikey. They don’t bother me over there. I’m basically grinning most of the time as I argue with/answer them… I know how they are. I just don’t like it when they take over… so at least there’s somebody getting the story straight, and calling them on all the nonsense they post.
    I’ve heard Doc say it too, even tonight. From now to the end of the regular season, it’s about “getting better.” I.e., practice, tweaking. It’s NOT about winning or losing games. (Though when you play right, you tend to win… but that’s beside the point.) I think he even said that exactly. And he’s right. All this is prep for the playoffs now. And they’re entitled to pull it back a little in their 3rd game in 4 nights, on the road.
    We’re good. Next.

  • Shawn-cvd

    What I learned from the box score…
    Doc is ACTUALLY limiting the starters minutes (!?!?). I noticed this ever since we got Fins. This would have been the type of game that Doc would have overplayed PP or Ray earlier this year. This is the best news by far. It proves how meaningless this game was to Boston. If Doc felt we HAD to win he would have played the big three more. Doc didn’t want to be putting in huge minutes tonight so he got himself tossed…
    With the opportunity afford them the bench played extremely well. They scored 48 points of which maybe 8 were in garbage time. If Baby is gonna play like that he’s gonna be huge for the C’s.
    Watching the game it seamed like the Jazz was hitting EVERY outside shot. That wasn’t the case though as they missed 2/3’s of their three point attempts.
    Hey Boozer! How bout you stop hanging from the basket so we can get back to the game. He probably wanted to rip the hoop off so it could be hawked on Overstock.com.
    Can’t wait to watch the rematch with Carmelo and CO…

  • Annoying game, won 4 games in a row and played a great first half and then all of a sudden they thought they were the greatest thing since sliced bread and got punched in the mouth…reality check