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Pierce Admits To Rushing Back

Via The Herald Insider

“For most part I’m healthy now. I played a lot of games I shouldn’t have played in, and I’m really starting to come around as far as my foot, knee and my hand. When you play less than 100 percent it’s tough, especially at the age I am now. I could bounce back when I was younger, but I learned a lot about myself this year with these injuries, and I probably need to take more time off when I have these types of injuries.

“Yeah,” Pierce said of whether he rushed back. “I was a little stubborn, since in the past I was able to play through it, and it really affected my play. It was a combination of everything. My knee, after all-star break I got it drained, and it took me a few weeks to get the strength back in that. Then I sprained my thumb. It was the little things that were happening to me.

I’m always motivated. This is a crucial time of year, trying to get some momentum and battling for playoff position. This is when you really want to start playing your best basketball.”

We knew it.

Sometimes Doc has to learn to say no to guys and almost give them too much time to heal.  Especially if they're one of the "veteran" players.          

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  • DRJ

    Yep, it’s on Doc (well, Doc and the team’s real doc) to get it right.
    The news here is that Paul had his knee drained sometime in late February, and that it took him time to get back in shape. This brings up some important questions, like:
    – what’s wrong with his knee that it keep needing drainage?
    – why did a simple drainage set him back so much? (it shouldn’t)
    – and most important — will that knee be ok until after the playoffs?
    This is how luck affects championships. The team lucky enough to stay the healthiest will probably win.

  • Lakerfan

    that doushe only came back early so he could play in the all star game and 3 point contest. what a selfish prick.

  • Jason

    I’m so sick of the “He’s ready.” then “Yup we rushed him. Sorry.” BS. This shit doesn’t fly. When you repeat the same mistake over and over again, you are learning impaired and I’m being kind. The medical staff, coaching staff and/or front office needs to be held accountable for this crap. Cost them the championship last year. Could do it again this year. How is this not a bigger outrage? DON’T FUCKING RISK TEAM GOALS IN ORDER TO GET A PLAYER BACK A GAME EARLY OR A FEW GAMES EARLY OR WHATEVER!!! How are you people this stupid … REPEATEDLY????
    And before anyone says “Doesn’t the player have a responsibility?” I will say that I do believe he does. However, he also has plenty of pressure to come back, produce, not be seen as slow to recover, etc. But the bottom line is his job is to perform and he will always lean towards playing. It’s everyone else’s job to decide whether he should perform and they continually fail to perform this basic responsibility at any satisfactory level. It’s astonishing.
    I was this mad last year, when KG came back for 4 games and then was lost again for the playoffs. That’s exactly what COULD have happened here with Pierce. These assholes are playing Russian roulette with the season AGAIN. Monkeys could make better decisions just by chance.