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Gerald Green is still dunking


Via WEEI/Jess Camerato

That's Gerald Green in a Russian dunk contest… throwing down some nasty stuff.  A lot of people threw down nasty dunks.  And all I saw from the judges was 10's… so I assume it was a big tie. 

Who the hell knows.  I just know they could have shown this video at the NBA dunk contest this year and it would have been a million times better.

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  • baltimoresbest01

    Pause it at 5:42… wow.
    And that last missed dunk attempt would have easily been one of the best ever, if he would have made it.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m impressed by both the music snd the # of Russians who bought tickets. Those of you who have the NBA league pass and watch non-Celtics games know about the thousands of empty seats at most games.

  • The Truth is Here

    Just once, only once, do I wish I could dunk like that.
    It’s a shame the dunk contest in the NBA seems to have lost it’s mojo.

  • Look at all those 10’s. I guess the “Russian Judge” has been unfairly maligned this whole time. He’s pretty liberal after all.

  • JD

    The guy who went after Gerald in the beginning reminds me of LeBron in the way he just rips through the air, dude has some incredible hops while going full speed at the same time.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Big Snoop!

  • Juan

    This puts the NBA dunk contest to shame!