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Your Morning Dump… Where Sheed contributes


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

Unsung hero: Rasheed Wallace didn't have a great shooting night (again), connecting on
just 3-of-8 shots, but he chipped in seven points and nine rebounds over
19 minutes with a team-best plus/minus of plus-13.

ESPN Boston – First Impressions

Pierce's 4th quarter heroics. Ray Allen's sharp shooting. Rondo's defense on Aaron Brooks. All worthy of top billing in the morning dump. Not on this day. We're going to praise Rasheed Wallace.

9 rebounds in 19 minutes? Find me another Celtic who topped those numbers at any point this season. All 7 of his points came during a 5 minutes span in the 2nd quarter. Two
buckets in the post and a three pointer. Sheed had 4 boards and one assists during the Celtics 10-2 run at the end of the 3rd quarter. Throw in two blocks and one steal and you have the perfect 'Sheed stat

On Page 2, how the old Cs got the best of the young, athletic Rockets.

The Celtics didn’t look like an old
bunch trying to run with the young guys. Instead, they stopped the young
guys from running. They played stellar perimeter defense and forced a
3-point shooting team into contested treys.

Houston missed 12 of 17 from long range
and the Celtics limited their turnovers (11) to limit Rockets fast-break
points. What’s more, the Celtics scored more points on the break (20)
than the Rockets (13), so the old men at the schoolyard showed the
youngsters about controlled tempo.

Controlled is the key word. The Celtics
didn’t run at every opportunity. They pounded the ball in the paint, ran
their offense, continued their recent emphasis on ball movement, and
spread the wealth with shot selection.

Globe – Old formula works to perfection

So Gary Washburn, you're saying the Celtics have a chance to beat younger, more athletic teams in the playoffs?

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  • Perry

    So Sheed did heed Doc’s warning?
    Davis was also a menace on the boards. Maybe the best game they’ve played as tandem all season.
    Actually the most encouraging sign was the energy level increasing whenever the Rockets made a run. Also encouraging to see was Pierce drawing fouls at the basket. You know he’s back in the groove if that part of his game is back.
    Second straight game where both Pierce and Kevin’s point production increased with Rondo focusing less on his offense. Could be a pattern developing.

  • Shawn-cvd

    If Sheed can just board, play proper D and keep his fat ass in the post we’re gonna be alright.

  • DRJ

    Interesting point. Part of that is simple arithmetic. I mean, it’s a zero sum game. Somebody has to take the shot in every possession. If it’s not Rondo, it’s going to be somebody else, so whenever Rondo takes fewer shot, the other 4 (well, 3 really, because they’re the shooters) will always shoot more, and hit more. The real question is whether that’s better FOR THE TEAM, or vice versa.
    Since Rondo’s FG% is high, there’s probably no difference in actual points scored, if that’s all you look at. But there are other issues that indicate it’s better for Rondo to distribute more than shoot:
    – Letting everybody else worry about scoring allows Rondo to focus more on his D. This is particularly useful when playing teams that have high-scoring PGs. Like Houston. And many of the other good teams in the league.
    – Distributing the ball early and often allows each of the Big 3 to get warmed up early, which should tend to increase their effectiveness.
    With Rondo playing tight D and the Big 3 all hitting, who’s gonna beat this team?

  • Perry

    The answer is nobody.
    Not LeBron, not Kobe, not even ZaZa.
    I’m with you 100%. I can see that swagger re-emerging in the Big 3. It looks to me like they’re on their way to figuring out how to adjust their aging bodies to the attributes of their teammates. It’s a comfort level. First, Ray uttering a sigh of relief after the trade deadline. Now Kevin and Pierce working their way back They all understand the bench is deep, so the chemistry appears to be evolving at the right time.
    I’ve had a theory, which may explain some of the problems since the 23-5 start. Because of injuries Rondo was forced to assume a larger role after Kevin went down. When you consider Ray’s issues (before the trade deadline), and then Pierce missing time, naturally Rondo became the default scoring option.
    I think he handled himself great as a primary option while remaining true to feeding his teammates, but he’s still searching for that rarefied air that Nash, Magic, Tiny, and Couz played under. I think he’s on that path, and chugging along at a nice clip. This is the stretch though where I think he has the ability to master his floor game.
    Rondo understands one day it will be his team, but the treasure chest won’t be opened without the Big 3 playing at a high level. He understands his offense may be needed on certain nights, but more importantly his needs to get the studs the ball where they need it to score. This is the pattern I see, and it couldn’t happen at a more crucial time.