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T-Mobile Recap: Crunch time domination


Did I jump into my hot tub time machine and land back in 2008? 

The Celtics outscored the Mavericks 27-11 over the final 8 minutes of the 4th quarter. Thanks to clutch shooting and suffocating defense, they turned an 82-75 deficit into a 102-93 win.

Rajon Rondo was clutch. He scored 10 of his 20 points (10 rebounds, 5 assists) during that stretch. He went past Jason Kidd and scored in the teeth of the Dallas defense on three successive possessions late in the game.

Paul Pierce (29 points, 10-17 FG, 5 assists) was brilliant, yet again. His 3-pointer with 1:44 left and subsequent steal and assist (to Rondo) were the daggers.

Ray Allen (21 points, 4-8 3FG) was steady all night. Kevin Garnett struggled offensively (8 points on 3-9 FG) but delivered with 9 rebounds, 5 steals and steady defense on Dirk Nowitzki.

The bench (13 total points) nearly cost the team this game. They could not get into an offensive rhythm.

Is this the most impressive (back to back, on the road, against the hottest team in the league) win of the
season? Yes it is.

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  • I go to the University of Texas… getting to wear my Rondo jersey on Monday to rub this weekend into the faces of my Rockets and Mavs fans friends is going to be unbelievably satisfactory.

  • DRJ

    Amazing performance by the Cs. They won despite the refs’ efforts to prevent it.
    Btw, KG looked very good, better than last night, even though his line is not great. And Paul… no need to say anything.
    So… are we convinced yet? No major problems left to fix, folks. This team is just about ready.

  • JD

    OK, its all up to the C’s now. We know they CAN compete for a championship, that they certainly have the ability to contend with any team in the league, despite the naysayers. The Celtics just have to play with this kind of defensive intensity in the playoffs, and they can beat anyone, including the Hawks and the Cavs. It truly is all about effort for this team, and right now, it looks like all the cogs are falling into place.

  • Alex

    I am actually convinced the Celtics are back.
    The way they played tonight… it just felt like the 2008 Celtics all over again.
    I really hope they keep playing like this heading to the playoffs. They will be ready to kick some booty.

  • DRJ

    I actually don’t care if they pull back for some games between now and the end of the regular season. They’re ready. That’s all that matters. What a difference, eh.
    I don’t even think this is their best yet. Close… but these games STILL don’t really matter. It’s gonna get even better in mid-April.

  • KY Celts fan

    Everything’s coming up Milhouse!
    I’m pretty giddy right now. Big win by the Celtics! Plus dominance by my Wildcats and a loss by Kansas! Awesome!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Good win, Dallas is a good team, still not LA, Cleveland, or Orlando but a good team and a good win. I like what i’m seeing from the team, all playing there roles and Pierce back to being healthy makes a whole world of a difference.
    Still waiting to see the bench step up in a big game, but that will come. Overall I think we are on the right track, I don’t want to say we are back and we still have a lot to improve on and grow from but they are atleast moving FORWARD not stuck in neutral or even worse reverse.

  • DRJ

    Yeah, bench was not great tonight. Didn’t matter. And the bench HAS had it’s great games… games they saved, even. So they’re capable. And the Cs can use the remaining few games to tweak all that stuff. The big things… look good to go.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah the bench has been big all season, can’t wait to see what this team looks like when both the starters and the bench are clicking in the playoffs!

  • DRJ

    Blowout 🙂


    I can imagine someone – KG/Pierce/even Rondo – standing at the front of the plane as they left for this trip saying “forget all the shit that’s gone down – all the innuendoes, the poor play, the shit coaching, the injuries, the fans booing – THE SEASON STARTS NOW! No more – ‘save it till the playoffs’ – fuck dat shit – right now mofos!!! (actually I can imagine KG saying it the most!….)”
    Great win for me – my wife is in hospital with our prem baby trying to come out at 30 wks…hang in there girl!!! – will get to u after I give my C’s some props!!!
    Thanks to the boys for cheering up a head spinning weekend

  • DRJ

    Good to see a man with his priorities straight!

  • DRJ

    Couple of quotes stand out:
    – Paul said: “I probably played a few games I shouldn’t have played,” because he was injured. And he went on to say that he knows people were saying he’s done, he’s old, etc… but he feels these games have given the team (and him) the confidence back, and they’re ready to roll.
    – Doc was asked if he thought the team was playing at playoff level now, and he said that “they’re close”, and that “they have”… “but the playoffs aren’t here yet.” Which I take to mean that he thinks they have another level that they can still go to, over and above today’s level. How good is that to hear?
    – Doc also said he thought Paul was getting his confidence back and played great, and that KG is looking better every day. I guess he reads RedsArmy.com, eh?!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    You know we have beaten LA, Cleveland and Orlando this year?

  • Chief3233

    I have had an amazing day!! I got to UNI and that game was the best i have seen in my life…SO INTENSE!
    And what else is there to say about the C’s, they have finally started playing better and it’s such a joy to watch!!

  • Boston Man

    Your game score predictions were half right!

  • Nice to see positivity in Celtics-Nation! I echo everything you state in this recap! GO CELTICS!

  • I only got to see the fourth quarter of this one, and I was very impressed with the way the C’s held their composure. When Dallas went up by 7(?) I thought, “Oh crap, this is the point when they have hung their head and stop playing.” It was good to see Rondo take control when the team needed some buckets.
    A really good win last night. Statement made. Confidence boosted. The guys are starting to get it together. Wouldn’t it be nice to finish #2 and match up with Charlotte in the first round, and let Cleveland and Atlanta beat each other up in the second round?

  • Shawn-cvd

    This game had a great play off atmosphere. Loved the hustle and tough play The C’s drew SO many fouls! Truth was dominant in the paint scoring and getting to the charity stripe.
    Actually Pierce deserves his own paragraph. The assassin we need PP to be was on display tonight. He drove into double and triple teams with incredible success. His outside shot was shaky but he showed that he is still an elite offensive player who will find a way to score.
    Butler played great for the Mavs. A masked Jason Terry was murdering the Green. And Dirk was just phenomenal. Dallas is in the title hunt for sure.
    Hey Rasheed! When the shot clock is winding down and Dirk is on you it’s time to shoot it! You’ll force Dirk to contest and he just might end up fouling you. Instead you put it on the floor for a 24 sec violation. Oh yeah and you also let Dirk school you one on one. Also stop chucking threes!!
    Perk looked good in the first half. Aggressive and made those bunnies. He also completed a three point play in the second quarter.
    PP and Ray Ray were bricking big time from outside in the first half. Worse than that was Rondo missed constantly in the paint. The Celts could have been up by 7-10 at half time if some of those shots fell.
    Forget Finley’s play tonight. Fins must feel right at home playing all these Western conference teams recently. Regarding his play tonight it wasn’t very memorable.
    Our second unit struggled horribly on offense. Nate was holding the ball for 3…4…5…6…7 seconds at a time killing our shot clock. I respect Doc for resting all our starters at once. It allows the C’s to have them out there fresh and rested to close out the game.
    Rondo had his fingerprints all over this game. Those three buckets in the fourth was a complete exploit of J Kidd. It was nice to see the OTHER team looking old at the end of games for once.
    Speaking of age I was shocked to learn that Milwaukee was the fourth oldest team in the league. It was Mavs, Celtics, Magic and then the Bucks. The announcers said how the top five teams in average age regularly made the finals. Today we just might have seen a preview…
    As good as the win was so was the Celtic’s demeanor. They had the swagger today. Who’s gonna beat them four times should they perform like this? 🙂