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Your Morning Dump… Where Danny knows KG isn’t the same

Kg rebound

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“I think now he has to be a little more sound fundamentally,” Ainge
said. “He’ll have to do it more, because he’s not the same athlete. He’s
had some adjustments to make, for sure. KG’s got to do a better job of
keeping guys in front of him because he can’t catch up. But that’s the
case with everyone on our team.”

The question is whether Garnett can perform as well as the Celtics
need him to in the postseason.

“Yes,” Ainge said. “Absolutely.

“The bottom line is he and Paul (Pierce) and (Rajon) Rondo and
Marquis (Daniels) and everybody, I mean, it’s up to all of them to play
great. I don’t think KG is going to carry us by himself, so I don’t
expect him to. But KG is making his shots and playing the good team
defense. Other guys have to help him, too, for us to be successful.

“I just think we give KG too much credit, and we give him too much
(scrutiny) when things are not going right for us.”

Herald:  Danny Ainge: KG can't do it alone

Danny makes an interesting point right off the top of that quote.  Mega-star guys like KG can get by on their ridiculous athleticism for a long time.  They are fundamentally sound, but they're not often as good fundamentally as other players because they don't have to be.

So KG has to do some work now on things that he used to be able to ignore.  In the meantime, everyone on the team has to step up, because ALL of our superstars aren't what they used to be.  So everyone needs to play a little better to make up for it.

Getting old is a bitch, huh?

Coming up, Page 2… where Doc is going to be hearing it from Nate today

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Rivers, a Marquette product, and Robinson, a Washington product, have
certainly broken down the matchup over the past couple days with some
verbal sparring. Rivers stressed before Wednesday's game against the
Knicks that Marquette
had to win that game to avoid hearing an
earful from his backup point guard.

"We don't bet, of course," Rivers said with a smile when asked if
the two had a friendly wager on the game. "But we have discussed the
Marquette spanking of Washington [Thursday]. We have definitely talked
about it — and Nate has talked about it quite a bit, as you might
imagine. We
have to win that game, that's very important."

ESPN Boston: Bragging rights for Doc, Nate

Nate yelling You didn't, Doc. 

Now you're going to see this in your face….

… a lot….

… and for a long time.

And you're nuts if you don't think these guys have money riding on these games.  Doc's buying Nate something… dinner, a Rolex… something.

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  • DRJ

    You know, I watched KG closely in the Knicks game, and I couldn’t find any instance where he was clearly less than 100%. I mean, going back to the 2008 playoffs, I couldn’t tell the difference. And besides, if he’s getting better all the time, at some point he gets all the way, doesn’t he?
    I dunno… I guess Danny sees things a lot of us don’t see. Can anybody here list SPECIFIC issues that KG shows/showed that he still has?

  • Perry

    No discernable problems on the offensive end. We don’t see the high flying acrobatics at the rim enough, but then again no one can block his turnaround jumper either — and that jumper remains wet.
    I haven’t noticed the leg dragging issue, but it’s clear he doesn’t move side to side as well. He’s been beaten off the dribble a few times. He might have been expecting baseline help when R. Lewis blew by him, but since then I do see him playing off his man more to compensate.
    So okay, what Danny said is no great revelation. You can’t expect a player coming back from this kind of injury, who has logged in these kind of minutes, to be 100% at this point of his career. Kevin has nuanced his game. So did Jordan. Didn’t stop the Bulls from winning championships.
    Because he’s learning in real time how hard he can push himself his teammates have to adapt. Could be a byproduct of the choppy play we’re seeing.
    What’s noticeable to me is back in the good ol’ days he’d be soooooo jacked by the opening tip Doc would sometimes have pull him early.
    Yeah, he’s more under control these days. Perhaps his new, smoother demeanor has something to do with the team’s inconsistency. I’d wish he would go back to the barking dog he is. Sometimes he does — other moments he’s passive. True enough, everyone will have to step up cause it’s not the same. No reason why they can’t.

  • DRJ

    Agree he was beat a few times, in situations that required him to move laterally quickly. But that was a while back. I just didn’t see anything in his LAST game that was different from his 100% self. And if he’s going better, at some point he actually does.
    Ok… but maybe he wasn’t challenged either. It’s certain that he will be challenged in the next few games, and we’ll know.

  • Perry

    Yep, for sure. Looking forward to learning more this weekend!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    KG does not have the leaping ability that he once has. He has lost a huge part of his vertical leap, I am not expecting him to get it all the way back. It’s not like he can’t dunk, he can still jump but not to the extent he was known for. Rebounding to KG was easy because he is so long and he can jump higher than pretty much any guy his height. All he had to do was jump higher and he got every board, well that is now gone and his rebounding has suffered greatly. He’s not exactly the strongest PF so he has trouble straight up boxing out and muscling for rebounds and now that he can’t jump as high he has to do more of that, something he’s never really had to do.
    Go back to the championship year even, I can remember him outjumping Gasol for rebounds all the time, and in the reg season he was outjumping Bynum for boards as well, that is all gone away and I don’t expect that part to really come back

  • DRJ

    Agree about the jumping thing. In the Knicks game, I thought his jumping looked great, like back-to-normal great. That’s the thing. But… maybe I was seein things. Dunno… we’ll see real soon now… games will be tougher… and the real KG will be there.

  • Cam

    Just was watching the 4th quarter of Celtics Cavs game 7 on espn classic last night. KG was seriously beasting. He was playing Lebron one on one at times and holding his own, he was making big, big buckets throughout the 4th quarter (I forgot that Pierce didn’t score every point in that game), he had like 14 boards, and they were showing on the screen that he was leading our team in scoring for the playoffs at 20. I forgot how much of a beast KG was in that playoffs since Pierce just shined in the finals. He just looked smooth and didn’t have a gigantic weird brace bandage on one of his legs.
    At least if we go up against the Cavs a gimpy KG can still do whatever he wants on offense against Jamison who’s only defense is fouling (didn’t know he was that insanely bad on defense)

  • thetitleisours