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Giddens: “Feels like I’m living again”

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If you missed it on The 2 Man Game last night, we brought up a tweet from JR Giddens last night.

@SheldenWilliams Lol u kno giddy I can shoot and
attack pll now lol feels like I'm living again no more shackles

This was part of a conversation between Giddens and Williams.  Shelden said JR cracked him up with the trash talking.  JR fired back by saying he'll try to drop a highlight on Shelden's head when the C's go to New York.  Then he dropped the "no more shackles" line on him.

It's funny to see… but like we said in the show last night… this is a young kid trying to make a name for himself.  That's not going to happen on a defensively minded veteran team.  He needs the Mike D'Antoni system so he can just jack up shots.

If you didn't hear all this on the show last night… then I'm horribly disappointed in you.  But that's OK… you can make it up to us by listening to it here.

Magic happens on that show.  ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg joined us at the last minute to talk C's… and we gave away a bunch of tickets.  And if this guy can win tickets… then we can come up with no other conclusion than this show is magical.

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  • DRJ

    I think it’s gonna be a short life. Don’t think JR can cut it in the NBA.