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Don’t wave goodbye to TA, Scal, and Shelden just yet

So there we were, having a nice little conversation with Chris Forsberg on last night's show… talking about Michael Finley taking all of Tony Allen's minutes… when a thought hit me.

He might be coming back.

The Celtics have about $63 million committed to 6 players next year.  Which means they'll be well over the cap with a lot of holes to fill.  Guess what that means?

The Celtics will be looking for a lot of cheap options to play roles on this team next year.  A LOT of cheap options.  Especially if they bring Ray Allen back at whatever price he gets (newsflash, it WON'T be the league minimum). 

So Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine become viable options since they're (a) comfortable with the team and system and (b) not exactly in high demand around the rest of the league.  We'll see about Shelden, but he fits into the same boat.

So if you liked what you saw this year from the Boston Celtics… you might LOOOOOOVE what next year brings. 

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  • thetitleisours

    I wish we could find some young cheap guys with real hunger (e.g., not Landry) to provide a spark off the bench.
    Shelden is not “stale” yet but the other guys are.
    Since the big three cannot handle the load anymore I hope they are willing to take paycuts so we can bolster the bench

  • joe

    wouldn’t mind seeing Finley back for his vet presence.

  • walkben

    God help us if TA comes back. I don’t know if I can watch another season of our “defense specialist” go for pump fakes left and right.

  • KY Celts fan

    We got the MLE, which I personally would like to use on Udonis Haslem. He’ll be an UFA next year and MIA will almost certainly renounce him to give themselves all the cap space they can to make a run at Lebron. He’s young, rebounds, and is much more athletic then Big Baby. I like him.
    I think the most intriguing questions will be what happens to Quis and Nate. I think Nate will almost assuredly try his hand at free agency this summer, but I’m not sure what happens to Quisy. What kind of offer do we make for him?

  • nick

    we needa sign Travis Outlaw. Future All-Star player who’s had an off-year
    , keep Shelden, draft a good pick and don’t waste it like we did with Giddens. Scal isn’t an NBA player, he hasn’t been in 4 years. So chill with that, T.A?? ehh who knows, he has potential but we never see it consistently so im knda sick of him. but yeah Travis Outlaw could help us big-time, i’ve been scouting this youngin for a few years since he came outa high-school str8 2 the blazers..he reminds me of Reggie Miller back in the day ,meets T-Mac 2001.