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Your Morning Dump… Who were those masked men?


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But it's clear that the Celtics need it most out of Pierce and Garnett.
The stats tell the story. When Boston started the season blistering hot
at 23-5, either Pierce or Garnett led the team in scoring in 15 of those

With both Pierce and Garnett struggling to find their rhythms since
returning from in-season injuries, Rivers suggested last week that he'd
sit both players if that's what they needed to reenergize for the

The mere suggestion — which Garnett openly admitted
he wanted no part of — seemed enough to jostle the pair into playing
better. Since Rivers' proclamation after an awful loss to the Grizzlies,
Pierce has averaged 20.5 points per game (three points above his season
average), while Garnett has averaged 15.3 points per contest (a point
higher than his mark for the season).

ESPN Boston – Persistence pays off for Pierce

Even against competition as piss poor as the Knicks, this is a good sign. Why? Because in previous games against mediocre talent, the Truth and Ticket didn't look this… youthful.

The Celtics put their foot on the Knicks throat in the 2nd quarter. After a sub-par performance by the 2nd unit, KG (8 points) and Pierce (13 points) dominated.

Could it really be coming together as Doc says? Pass me some more Kool-aid.

On Page 2, Rondo is shooting less and passing more.

In the third quarter, Rondo was
strictly in passing mode, totaling five assists as he concentrated on
getting Garnett and Paul Pierce involved. Rondo had seven of his 12
assists in the second and third quarters, coinciding with Pierce’s 29
points (all in the second and third). Garnett produced 14 of his 22
points in the second and third, the most crowd-pleasing a fast-break
dunk off a Rondo behind-the-back feed for an 83-57 lead with 5:27
remaining in third quarter.

of the Celtics need to fill their shot quota to be effective, and it is
up to Rondo to dole out attempts. The Celtics talk about taking what
the defense is giving, and letting the numbers take care of themselves.
But things do not always work out so smoothly, and Rondo’s role includes
spreading the wealth of shots.

don’t think it’s tricky,’’ Rondo said. “When I feel I need to score and
be aggressive I try to do it. But otherwise, when we’re rolling I don’t
have to take shots, that’s fine with me, as long as we win. Getting
assists is better for me than scoring.

Globe – Rondo took a pass

I don't care what Rondo says, he has the toughest job on the team. His priority is to spread the ball and find shots for the Big 3. When one or more of them isn't producing, he has to change gears and shoot the ball. Sounds easy, but it really is a delicate balance because it doesn't take much for the offense to stall. 

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(Image courtesy Boston Herald)

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  • Perry

    I’ll expound on your point. Rondo is finding himself in a tougher position now versus the championship season. Two years ago he was young pup quarterbacking the Big 3 without the leadership mantle now thrust upon him. He played the role of ‘grasshopper’ perfectly. Fast forward to the present and it’s more of a dichotomy as to what role his team requires on any given night. Does point production matter? Does he need to take over a game? Or can he just concentrate on dishing as he did last night? I think he’s getting hang of changing gears. Still he has to put the brakes on trying for the Sportscenter highlight pass when the easy pass will do.
    Look I know the Knicks stopped the Mav’s and won two straight on the road, but let’s state the facts. The facts are they have no legitimate size in the paint, so the they had no chance to impede the Celtic game plan. NY made it so easy for Rajon to feed the post. Kevin got the ball where ever he wanted it. Nevertheless, 51 points combined from Pierce and Kevin was good to see. Great effort from Perk too. What was with all the air balls in the 4th quarter?

  • The Truth is Here

    I think Rondo really deserves a lot of credit for making this change. We all know he can be a playmaker, but right now, I would prefer him to pass. The people around him are still good, and still have egos. Rondo was forcing it. Honestly I would much rather see Rondo looking to pass than score. I think a combination of his play coinciding with the big three starting to step up, it appears as though the Celtics will at least be a formidable opponent for their first round matchup.

  • Only thing I was not happy about last night was all the dunks and layups. Knicks dropped in 44 points from in the paint. Not good. On a lighter note, hats off to all the lovely ladies at the Garden last night. Nice job w/all the sexy little St. Paddy’s Day outfits…

  • The On/Off switch they’ve developed is truly frightening. Even if we’re not the 08 squad, we still should have been dominating these lesser opponents all year long. It’s nice to see that they seem to finally have gotten their act together – and based on that sentence you can see I’ve downed my pint of Kool-Aid this morning – but I’d like to see them run the table heading into the playoffs.
    In an ideal world, this offseason Danny would go get a young, hungry player to push everyone in practice and bring out, and maintain, the competitive nature of the veterans all season long. Think a Tyler Hansbrough type of big man that will challenge KG’s manhood in practice and won’t back down. We need that fire.
    Unfortunately, even if Danny got him, we know Doc would never play this fictitious player so it’s a moot point. But the severe lack of motivation we’ve witnessed this season is terrifying.

  • green8teen

    UGH Tyler Hansbrough? There are 100 other big men I’d rather have. How would he challenge KG’s manhood? KG would eat him. We already have the type of guy to fit that role, and its Perk. He truly has a never back down attitude and actually has some talent to back it up.

  • A solid ‘W’, Big Three were cheerleaders the whole 4th quarter, and St Paddy outfits.. all good. Good momentum going into the road trip.
    Agreed with KWAPT, too many points in the 2nd after a solid first but that’s somewhat splitting hairs.

  • I’m not saying Tyler himself – just a motor player like him that treats practice like it’s game 7 of the finals – essentially someone to bring our attitude back to where it was in 2008, and constantly push the team.
    Yes, Perk can be the in-game enforcer, but I’m talking about a behind-the-scenes player that can ignite our veterans the same way KG did when he first arrived.
    All I want back is the fire, and I think a young, hungry banger is the type of player Danny could bring in easily and get another solid year from our vets.

  • Rondo is not guilty

    This is not about Rondo scoring less it’s more about the big 3 knocking down their shots!!
    Rondo is a pass first point guard and we all know that he rather rack up 20 assists and 0 points than 20 points and 0 assists…
    If Pierce and KG and Ray were knocking down their shots left and right Rondo wouldn’t have to try score that much, but when Pierce is 1 for 13 and KG goes 0 for 9, or Ray is 0 for 5 somebody has to put the ball in the basket!!!
    The discussion here should be about getting consistent performances from the Big 3 to alleviate Rondo’s burden and not “Rondo should look to pass more than score for us to win”…

  • CelticJay

    Stop thinking about who scores…. that really isn’t the key to this team advancing. Sure it’s sexy when someone scores 25-30 points with a lot of fancy assists, etc. etc.
    The ONLY way the Celtics win a Title is if they return to the sifling TEAM defense they showed in ’08. Not just a lot of good man-to-man D, but team rotations, physical & intimidating play down low and for goodness sake WE HAVE TO OWN THE BACKBOARDS!!!
    All the offense will flow naturally, and there still is NO team that can stop us when we lead with intense D. The challenge this year is the lack of mobility with KG. We took for granted how great a defender he is because he covered up for a lot of mediocre defenders or blown assignments. Let’s hope he gets stronger. For now, the guards have to rebound and Perkins has to be a beast. Please keep Rasheedoff the floor because he has no clue how to play team defense and sacrifice everything. His laziness has rubbed-off on some of the younger guys. If necessary, move KG to 6th man and start Shelden Williams at the 4; move the high energy guys up in the lineup and use Finley to spread the defense. They can win it all, and I honestly think they will. It will be SO SWEET!!