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The 2 Man Game presented by T-Mobile: Win Nuggets tickets tonight!

T-Mobile has once again hooked us up with a bunch of tickets… this time to Wednesday's game vs. The Nuggets.  And we're giving a bunch of them away on tonight's episode of The 2 Man Game. 

So here's how it will work.  Visit our show page at 9pm.  Listen to our show.  When we tell you to call in… you do it, and you could win.

It's that simple.

Oh, and we'll be talking about the Celtics recent resurgence… whether you think they're back or not… how KG and Pierce are suddenly looking good again… and whatever else you want to talk about.  You know.. cuz it's a radio show and that's what we're supposed to do.

By the way… if you followed me on Twitter or were a fan of Red's Army on Facebook, you would have gotten the heads up about the ticket giveaway yesterday.

You would have also seen a picture of a guy wearing a hot dog costume at the Celtics game.

Hot dog guy

Just sayin'.

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  • I noticed the guy in the hot-dog costume too, but was kinda like, what the f does that have to do w/St Paddy’s? But I guess anything to get on the Jumbotron right? Have to say you guys are blowing up the spot w/the tickets-and to marquee games also. Nice.

  • Hopefully i can take some more pictures for I will be wearing the hot dog suit again. Maybe the Nuggets on Wednesday if i can get tickets some how

  • Any signifigance to the hot-dog costume..? or just to be zany..? lol..

  • just to be zany, haha. i wanted to see how many times i could get on the big screen. I was up there twice and i got on tv. And now im on here. Youll be seeing me again in costume

  • Shawn-cvd

    I had called in after dark and you couldn’t hear me. Oh well was just gonna clarify the play off seeding structure and a little C’s talk (what else?). I rarely get to call in due to my work schedule. Oh well sounded like people were having a good time tonight.

  • Shawn

    I want to tell you guys I listend to the show tonight just to win tix, and that was the first episode of the 2 man game I have listend to, but the work you guys do on redsarmy is awesome and I have prob hit your site about 5000 times since I first became aware of it in 2008, keep up the great work guys, and I will keep tuning into the 2 man game from now on, thanks.

  • Nick

    when can i expect a call for the tix i won