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“He’s going to win a playoff game for us”

Nate lay up 

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Doc Rivers was on WEEI this morning, and he had some pretty glowing things to say about Nate Robinson:

"Nate is a guy who has the chance to be a one-game sensation," Rivers said "He's going to win a playoff game for us."

And he added that he loves the team's chances.

"Listen, this is the same team that was 25-5. And I don't lose sight of that. I'll let everybody else loses sight of that, but I haven't. I know we can reach back to that level. … Everyone forgets conveniently, the stretch that we struggled in, we were not right. We were not the same team. Now we're healthy. We've added pieces. Nate [Robinson] is going to help us. Mike Finley is going to help us. Like I told our team, we're not going to defend ourselves. we're just going to go out and play. We have to prove that. As a group, I can tell you, our team belives that."

That's a lot of confidence in the team and the new guys.  The team is finally starting to blow out the bad teams like they're supposed to.  Are they turning that corner?  Maybe we should wait to see how they do against the Rockets, Mavs, Jazz and Nuggets before we answer that question.

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  • Right on. The old ‘measuring stick’ cliche applies here.. we’ll learn more about how this pre-playoff push is going after this little swing.

  • greenbeand

    yeah like it or not that trade made this team better, hopefully a 6th and 7th man step up

  • Pharisee

    Someone please tell me why Nate is playing such few minutes (16) a game? How does Rivers expect him to contribute in such a small role? 8 minutes vs cleveland , give me a break. Needless to say I need more Nate now. Not sure if that alliteration was necessary.

  • Shawn-cvd

    This is good news!!! One of these rounds in the post season the C’s will only have to win three games because Nate will win us one. LOL that previous sentence sounds sarcastic. I felt the same way when we got Nate. He’s such a dynamic player there will be a few games where he’ll poor in 20+ points off the bench.

  • DRJ

    Wanna remind you guys that Doc said the EXACT same thing about Stephon Marbury – “He’s going to win a big game in the playoffs for us – you just know that.” (March 25, 2008)
    Just sayin….

  • DRJ

    Correction: 2009 (of course)