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Doc threatens players with Shelden Williams

we kinda alerted the other bigs, if you're not getting the job done, we'll go with Shelden. If he's not, we'll go back to you, but I think right now, with our team, it's a good place for all them to be in. I thought it was good a few years ago with Leon [Powe] and [Glen Davis]. I thought it brought a sense of urgency that, other guys want to play. That's a good thing for our team. We kinda fell into it, but it's great that Shelden is there and he wants your minutes."

ESPN Boston: Shelden wants your minutes

This is pretty much directed at Glen Davis, because there's no way Perk, KG or even Sheed will lose out to Shelden.  It seems to be working.  Glen is boarding like a maniac and he's kicking out more.

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  • D

    I hope Williams does get Baby’s minutes. Davis is a black hole on offense. Can’t shoot or finish at the rim. Last night he missed a bunny a 5th graded could have made against New york. Plus it seems his fouls (mostly dumb ones) have increased per game. Williams knows what he can add can’t do on the court. Davis seems to think he can do it all. Can’t stand him.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Well at last nights game Glen was playing horrible and the fans were booing him because every time he touches the ball he is a black hole and tries to get his own shot which would in turn be blocked and/or missed or a turnover SO doc finally benched glen and shelden came in and played great. I think Shelden should be getting babys minutes no doubt about it. I think at this point he is the better player

  • Ben

    I think Williams plays great with Rasheed, they played great at the beginning of the season and I think that is exactly what we need to get back to.

  • MikeintheNE

    Amen. Sheldon deserves to get some time. Not a fan of Baby this year. He’s regressed since last year – big time.

  • Amen, Doc.
    This is exactly what I was referring to with my comment in the earlier post. We need some hungry players to push and motivate the vets.

  • JPD985

    I wouldn’t call Davis a vet and Sheed knows he is not going to be benched in favor of Williams.

  • DRJ

    Maybe it was also directed at Sheed. If we get to the playoffs and Sheed either (a) doesn’t change, or (b) flips his switch and we find out the battery died last year — I could see Doc putting him aside and going with Shelden.

  • Shawn-cvd

    If Sheldon is used the play off roster will grow to 11. Or Baby could be odd man out and trimmed back down to ten.
    Much like Finley Sheldon should be playing NOW so Doc can evaluate him during real game situations. We get what Baby brings…let’s see if Sheldon does that and more.

  • As Mike Gorman said last night, if it wasn’t for Glen Davis the Celtics might never get an offensive rebound. I want to say this a fake threat to ‘Sheed. Doc wouldn’t never really sit him and just a bit of added motivation to Perk and Baby.
    Btw, great title!

  • Perry

    This is not a spontaneous reaction from Doc. It’s rather well calculated and cleverly timed. If we omit Kevin and Perk off the endangered species list we’re left with three capable understudies. Naturally there aren’t enough minutes for all three to contribute or are they?
    Doc is plainly telling the media he’s keep his options open. So if he needs more rebounding or energy on any given night he might call Shelden’s number. None of us understand why Shelden’s minutes were cut in the first place. It’s probably because when the season started Davis was the number four guy on the depth chart whereas Shelden was signed as an insurance policy. But I agree with you guys about Shelden earning those minutes when Davis was sucking his thumb. On the other hand I’m not ready to let him ride the pine either.
    Just because he’s struggled offensively doesn’t mean he’s not doing the little things his teammates have not done consistently all season. We know what his attributes are, and I think the biggest one this season is something this team has lacked…toughness.
    As I’ve said before when the playoffs start we could see a notable player on that bench log in a few DNPs in one series only to rise again in another. Same scenario happened with Cassell and Eddie during the championship run.
    This season it’s real competitive at the 4/5 spots, and 2/3 spots.
    Finally Doc has a natural ball handler to spell Rondo, but we could also see Nate paired with Rondo.
    Doc knows that his roster 6 thru 12 is solid, so he may substitute more by situations and not by a set rotation.

  • aaron

    whats the question here?
    doc cant coach. this is the same guy who plays wallace 20 min + a game and lets him jack up 4 plus threes a game

  • Debbie

    Doc needs to sit Davis on the bench and let sheldon play i have watched Davis play you can tell he is not into the game. so let sheldon play and sit Davis big butt on the bench for once.he sucked in last night game against Houston.would love to see sheldon play in davis place.