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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc sees it even if you don’t

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“I keep telling them what I see,’’
Rivers said. “I don’t care how frustrating it gets for me, I see it. If
you see it or not, I see it, and I’m going to get it out of you. I said,
‘I don’t know how. We’re going to keep working at it. But I will get it
out of you. I see it.’ ’’

message he has repeated inside and outside the locker room is that this
isn’t the Celtics team from two seasons ago. In just two years,
personalities and roles have changed. The supporting cast isn’t the
same. Marquis Daniels isn’t James Posey. Nate Robinson isn’t Eddie
House. Rasheed Wallace isn’t P.J. Brown.

These Celtics have to discover who they
are over the final 16 games of the regular season.

“I tell our veterans, whether they know
how to win or not, we have to learn how to win with this group,’’ Rivers
said. “Your past success has no guarantee on what you’re going to do in
the future. Our group has to understand this is a new group we have
together and we have to figure out how to win with this group. It
doesn’t matter what the experience is.’’

Globe: Rivers flows with confidence

Maybe Doc and I have been drinking the same Kool Aid (it's the one laced with absinthe… which explains my optimism and that picture).  Because each of us, apparently, have been called crazy when we say we see "it" within these Celtics.

Now… lately its been especially frustrating to watch these guys give maximum effort one night then little effort the next.  But I've been saying that I see it too.

The one thing that keeps coming up here and there is in that last part of the quote. The team's history clouding the team's judgment.  We've said it around here before.  Just because you were on a championship team in the past, doesn't mean you're going to be on one in the future.  Just because you kissed the leprechaun, help up a trophy and lit a cigar doesn't mean people are just going to lay down and form a human bridge so you can get to the next Larry O'Brien trophy. 

That, my friends, might be the biggest obstacle for this team.  Once they realize that not only will people not quiver in fear… they'll reach down and play out their minds against them… THAT'S when we'll see the Celtics team we expect.

16 games left.  There's still time.

Coming up, Page 2… Where TA's keeping a good attitude about things:

Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

“It’s evident what’s happening, so all I can do is be a teammate and
cheer my teammates on and not be a cancer to the team,” Allen said.
“Some people might think that’s what would happen, but once I pledge to
say that I’m all in, I’m all in. I’m a loyal guy.

“So if this is what they feel is best for the team, I’m down with it.
Ain’t no complaint. At this point, it is what it is. All I can do is
sit back and continue to cheer – and stay ready. You never know.
Anything can happen.”

Herald: Tony Allen hopes time will come

I still think Tony will get minutes when it counts.  This will end up being more of a situational thing for Tony.  But right now, it's about getting Fin worked into the offense and getting him acclimated.  It's sort of a crash course for him. 

But in the end, he's not the defender Tony Allen is… so we'll see TA in late game defensive situations.  We could see a turnstile at the scorer's table as TA and Fin do the offensive/defensive subs thing in the last couple of minutes of a tight game.

So good for Tony for saying the right things.  It's actually impressive.  Maybe in years past he would have had a different public tone.  Then again… he is looking at trying to hook on with another team (assuming he's not back next season)… so he can't make too many waves or else no one will want to sign him.

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  • G4L

    Absinthe.. huh! Haha!
    I love the optimisim, but I can only base my opinion & views on what I see. & what I see is a team that plays on and off & cant close games out(or sometimes start games off).
    With that said I think the C’s will make it to the Second round of the playoffs, its up to them how far they can make it past that point.

  • Perry

    Is it me or has Doc been sitting more this year than previous years? Maybe a little Grand Marnier found its way into his Kool Aid? Maybe DRJ is right on about the veterans not caring about the regular season. Problem is you hear this mantra more often when they lose to elite teams rather than in a victorious blowout.
    But I do think your point is well taken, Can’t rest on past laurels. No longer do teams fear you.
    I an not a Doc basher. I love the man. But I too am growing bored. I’m tried about hearing how practice is crucial, how we need get a rhythm, how we need to play more consistent…I’ll stop now. Here’s my answer. You guys know what it takes, so do the extra stuff that champions do.
    Doc is partly to blame too. His substitution patterns have been questionable at best. Despite TA and Shelden playing solid and with energy, he gave up on them way too soon, and it appears he’s ready to pull a Pitino and use a 10-11 man rotation come playoff time.
    As I’ve said before. This team’s problems stem from a loss of identity and chemistry — not heart, and not boredom.
    In fairness to Doc he has had to deal many moving parts over the course of this season. Yes Rondo and Perk have grown up and are assuming more of dominant role on and off the court. But it’s still Kevin’s team. Pierce must play better and become that clutch offensive juggernaut and defensive stopper. As they go so do the fortunes of the Celtics.

  • DRJ

    Great post. Totally agree with every word of it.
    TA apparently understands that this is Fin’s crash course. Impressive. And the thing about switching between those two depending on Off/Def needs… right on.

  • Anyone else drunk yet???? happy ST PaTTY”S day all!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G4L

    I know everyday is a holiday for you, but you must really treat this one extra special! Happy St Pattys.. drink some Irish Car bombs today!

  • Lex

    A couple of thoughts.
    First, you look at the bench on the floor, and you say to yourself, shit, that’s a hell of a lot of talent. Then you think, boy, I have more fun watching the bench than I do the starters.
    Second, you have an a ha! moment. The starters ain’t so good. Well, are they?
    So it comes down to this:
    Against bad teams, if the bench plays great we win. If they play ok to bad, we’ll struggle or lose, depending on how the starters are playing.
    Against good teams, the bench has to play good to great while the starters have to play great. Otherwise . . .

  • G4L

    This is just little off base.. but the picture to the left of Marisa Miller gets me everytime! Now go about your business.

  • Orb

    Agreed. I keep thinking though that they should switch the Miller and Andrews shots. It would give it more of a vertical logical progression. Perhaps I’m overthinking it…

  • Shawna

    Yeah me too but probably for different reasons I’m guessing.
    I generally think “Ah the things I put up with cuz I love this site so damn much” 🙂

  • What the hell is Doc doing in that picture?!

  • We appreciate it!
    you know… we really should put up a gallery for the ladies.
    Where are all those shirtless pictures of me……. I know I had them around here somewhere………

  • He’s probably calling the ref a taint

  • Shawna

    LOL. Oh damn, sorry. That wasn’t supposed to be funny was it?? 😉

  • No… no it wasn’t
    [single tear…. slow zoom… annnnnnnd…. scene]