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Who is that athletic, small forward for the Knicks?


Bill Walker has scored more than 20 points in a game four times since the trade to New York. Of all the guys in the deal (Nate Robinson, Eddie House, JR Giddens and Marcus Landry), Walker is averaging the most points-per-game with his new team – 10.6. Oh yeah, he's also shooting 59.8 percent.

He's a good fit for the Knicks up-and-down style:

"I agree," an NBA scout said recently. "Being in Boston gave him a nice
foundation of how to play at this level. But he needs to be on a team
that gets up and down, like the Knicks. I don't know if Boston will
regret trading him, but he's definitely proving to anyone who had any
doubts, that he can be a good NBA player."

Walker was going to have a difficult time averaging 10 ppg playing just 3 minutes per night in Boston. In New York, he's playing 24.

That's all I wanted was an opportunity," Walker said. "In Boston, it
wasn't that numerous. They already had a set lineup. I can't blame
anybody for that. I used it as motivation."

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  • thetitleisours

    I am not sure that the Knicks will let him get away. I do not understand him being included in the trade. They could have found another solution to balancing the $$
    Replacement for Fin/House next year? Carroll continues hitting from 3

  • thetitleisours

    P.S. Too bad Almond picked your visit to not play well

  • I don’t think, (hope?), it will be comparable but reading this all I could think of was Joe Johnson for Rodney and Delk.

  • Will be fun watching Billy tonight back at the Garden..

  • Yeah… bad luck for me. I was really looking forward to seeing him light it up. I never liked the effort I saw out of him that day.
    How about Landry getting only 15 minutes? That’s not good.

  • thetitleisours

    He had a stinker of a game. I remember you said he had an poor effort when you saw him. Can he be waived?

  • MikeintheNE

    his knees are made of paper mache and he’ll likely get injured again. though i wish him luck – as long as he isn’t up against the guys in green

  • DRJ

    Unfortunately, I don’t think we will be able to sign Walker this summer – not if NY decides to exercise it’s team options on him. I’m not 100% sure, but I think they have 2 years of options on him, each for less than $1 million. They’d be nuts not to exercise them… assuming it’s true. Too bad… really like the kid.

  • droopdog7

    If I am not mistaken, don’t the Knicks pretty much have to renounce everyone so they can get the two Max Salary slots? If this is true, then I think that Walker is waived without a second thought.

  • DRJ

    The way he’s been playing? For about $800k? Wow… maybe… seems unlikely to me.