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T-Mobile Recap: Celtics beat Knicks


The Celtics raced out to a 35-19 lead after the 1st quarter. The defense was tight, the offense was fluid (and the beer was flowing in the T-Mobile suite).

The Celtics reserves were unable to stretch the lead. Michael Finley (2 pts, 1-9 FG) had one turnover which had me calling him TA.

The lead 'dwindled' to 8, but the Celtics starters turned up the pressure. KG had 8 pts (22 pts, 9-11 FG, 4 reb, 4 assists) in the quarter. Ray and Paul buried back-to-back threes. By half the lead was up to 19.

The Cs came out of the locker room like they downed 5 hour energy drinks, especially Pierce and KG. They stretched the lead even further… 27 points midway thru 3rd. Pierce headed to the bench with 29 pts. The Celts closed the quarter on a Quis floater at the buzzer. Ball game.

Gino hit the jumbotron with 2:54 left and the Celtics up 108-89. John missed it as he was looking for the cork screw for the white wine. The final: Celtics 109 – Knicks 97.

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  • AMP

    Hope you guys had fun in your second home! I couldn’t believe Pierce’s production tonight. We haven’t seen that in a while, but also I didn’t realize just how good it was till I heard the stats after the game. He can be a quiet contributor…one of the least atheletic-looking, yet most athletic players.

  • NineSevenEight

    Didn’t notice it until just now, but that Eddie House tribute in the banner is a class move. He may be gone but his efforts are definitely not forgotten.

  • John and Chuck – I saw you two waiting in line in the premium seating line as I was walking in the garden, it was funny I’m with my girlfriend and I saw u guys and recognized you and it took me a second to put together that it was you guys from Red’s Army! Great game, loved seeing Gino and a big Celtic win on St Patty’s Day

  • DRJ

    Hadn’t noticed it either. Good one. In b&w.

  • Celtics have been on a roll lately. As Rondo is probably saying right now, they aren’t playing against great competition, however, momentum like this tends to start long win streaks.

  • Hey im the kid who was in the hotdog suit tonight. Is that picture you took of me going up? Also anyone who i took pictures with tonight, tag me on facebook. Thanks. Nasty game tonight, KG and Pierce were unstoppable.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Happy St Patty’s all!! Great win! More good news was that the Hawks lost!
    Seems like KG figured if our weakness is rebounding might as well not miss. He finished 9-11.
    Sheed finally parked his fat ass in the paint and was very effective in the first half. He also passed up on a wide open three (!!!).
    Pierce was just nasty tonight. That’s the form he had before Christmas. That’s the form we’ll need from him this post season.
    This team will decide who beats them four games in a row this play offs. Huge road trip coming up. Celtics need to continue to tune the engine. Go Green!!!

  • Pharisee

    any one else notice giddins, throwing up shots at will

  • DRJ

    Did you see Sheed airball 2 in a row, one from each side of the hoop? Ouch. Man, I sure hope there’s some juice left in the battery when he flips that switch of his. If not… we’re gonna be a lot smaller than we’d hoped. Semih Erden, where are you??!?!

  • Robby C

    Still no love for TA in the banner?

  • Shawn-cvd

    Yeah, I know, and combined with Finley it was it was three air balls in four Celtic trips to the offensive end. Normally I would find that offensive but it was St Patty’s day and we were demolishing the Knicks.

  • BigMck

    We just posted your picture. Why a hot dog suit?