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New Boston & That Sports Babe

RedsArmyAdmin March 17, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off on New Boston & That Sports Babe

Need something to pass the time before you head out to get bombed on St. Patrick's Day?  How about an hour of Boston & That Sports Babe?

Our guest last night was Bomani Jones of's Page 2 and The Morning Jones on Hardcore Sports Radio.  Bo explained to us how the Celtics are like your uncles… how the Lakers aren't exactly the favorites anymore… and why there's no way in hell anyone really wants to play for the Toronto Raptors.

Also, he basically calls me out as a crazed fool for saying the 50 degree weather in Boston lately is "nice."  

We also discussed the insanely hot Milwaukee Bucks, how the Rockets and Grizzlies are just out of time, whether Chris Bosh is a whiner… and we gave a moment of silence for the end of "Agent Zero."

Is it the best hour of NBA talk you'll ever hear? 

Maybe… maybe not.  But it's gonna kill an hour at your soul-crushing paper-pushing job… so quit yer bitchin and listen.

Now THAT'S a sales pitch.  Don't know why I never made it in marketing.

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